Professional, Prepared and Inspiring Is Why Marcia Makes a Great Guest or Interview!

When you’re looking to develop a show on a specific topic or subject, you need to book the right guests fast. But, how can you be sure a guest is going to be knowledgeable, engaging and a good match for your format? Decisions, decisions!

Well, Marcia’s got a great store of experience on topics we can all benefit from: those of improving our lives and those around us. Her message is simple, yet the discussion that ensues, will get your audience thinking. And dreaming!


Marcia Wieder's most recent Sizzle Reel.

Marcia receives standing ovation at TEDx

Marcia receives standing ovation at TEDx.

Marcia on Oprah

Marcia on Oprah.

View from the Bay - Jan 2010

Marcia recently appeared on ABC television's View from the Bay and discussed Overcome Your Doubts.

View from the Bay - Feb 2010

Marcia as a guest on View from the Bay discussing Passion & Dreams.

Marcia Wieder - San Diego Living

Marcia as the "Dream Survey" Spokesperson (38 stations).

eWomenNetwork - July 2010

Marcia was a keynote speaker at an eWomenNetwork National Conference in Texas.

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