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Good Riddance!!!

by Marcia Wieder in Blog

Good Riddance!!! So glad you're gone!!!

Watch this video now:


I have a provocative thought for you—sometimes what you let go of is as powerful as what you go after. So what used to be in your life that is no longer there that actually fills you with gratitude? What are you thankful for getting rid of? What did you learn from letting go?
Please share your thoughts and let's move on together…and Happy Holidays to you and yours...Marcia

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2 responses to Good Riddance!!!

  1. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this, Marcia! Your video is really helping me to realize that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m proud to say that I’ve given up my reluctance to ask people for help in growing my business. While still a bit discomforting, I’m able now to ask my network of friends, colleagues and clients for testimonials and referrals. By giving up my fear about it, I’m setting myself (and my business) up to have a rocking 2014.
  2. richeli said: Reply
    This may sound petty, though I am happy to have let go of my attachment to long hair…don’t know why it took so long. Short hair is freeing and liberating and a heckuva lot easier to take care of…

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