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A Floating Dream

by Marcia Wieder in Inspiring Stories

How True Champions Accomplished a Wild Dream That Impacted a Country

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Can you remember a time when a loved one, a friend, a colleague or your team at work faced a challenge that seemed insurmountable — and you were called in to help make it happen? Please share it in the blog below. Sharing your triumph will light the fire all over again… and help you remember the power that’s inside you when you are willing to give. I look forward to reading your posts!


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48 responses to A Floating Dream

  1. I was blessed when I saw this ‘Ministration’.So,I took it to the Businessmen’s fellowship of my church and people who also watched it prayerfully were inspired by the lesson. It took me back memory lane while I was still in the University,I remembered that I told my mum that as I was going to the school if I do not make it even as a student;I said I was not coming back home.As a student,I was determined to work,make money and pay for my school fees.With God on my side,I started a petty business which God enlarged and before I left school,God had changed about 4cars for me and I also had about 28branches of my business point.To God alone be all the Glory!
  3. This is an absolutely amazing story. It is also inspirational and I am thankful to have seen this video…
  4. Jeff said: Reply
    Leave it to the kids to teach us adults a good lesson about truly living! Note to self… next time your son asks you “Why Daddy?”, ask him why HE thinks it is so… No more trying to control his burning flame of curiosity… Fan those flames and take notes! Thanks Marcia! Brilliant and timely reminder…
  5. Kathleen said: Reply
    Sooooo beautiful! Much gratitude for sharing this with all of us. It reminds me that when we love what we’re doing and doing what we love, all things are possible, and no dream is too big (or too small). The video has brightened my day and my heart!
  6. The people of Thailand are amazing. It just reinforces “If you have a dream, go for it.” You can do whatever you choose to do. Amazing! I’ve been to Thailand many times. The people of Thailand never cease to amaze me.
  7. Hi Marcia Many thanks for sharing this. What an inspirational story. We will, We can, We have! Wishing you all more health, wealth & wisdom!
  8. Thank you so much for sharing it, Marcia! It’s a beautiful, inspiring and moving story. Let’s hold on to our dreams…..
  9. farzaneh said: Reply
    it was nice
  10. Noé said: Reply
    What can I say? Too many of us stop at the first or second stumble block, but people like these are amazing examples to stay fighting the good fight in pursuing the dream of our life! Wow! I’m 66 and still runing forward, pressing towards the goal! God be blessed!
  11. What a beautiful inspiring story to brighten my day. Although in a small fishing village with limited resources these boys had an innate understanding of this powerful equation:PASSION + VISION = FRUITION How marvellous is that and how truly amazing we human beings are. With gratitude for sharing this video with the world.
  12. I love seeing people overcome obstacles and achieving their dreams! Thank you for sharing.
  13. It sure is good and encouraging to the underdogs!
  14. timitric said: Reply
    What a great audio this was. It was so inspiring. I live today to say that this year I have been through so many obstacles in my life dealing with my health. I was told once to don’t be afraid, just believe and I always will remember that when I’m going through something or feeling afraid about something.
  15. Tamara said: Reply
    The will of human spirits to create and achieve is definitely something to be championed. I always love seeing something that brings me to tears. I believe that making our dreams come true is what life is all about.
  16. Anke said: Reply
    This is wonderful! Another example that you should dream BIG!…..always.
  17. Wonderful! With DREAMS and God – all things are possible.
  18. Beverly said: Reply
    Very good! Thanks for sharing. If we could put our fears aside and just try we would be surprise at what we can do. WE should learn from children they do not worry about losing, they think about winnig and that is why the win.
  19. Truly inspiring! Believe in yourself no matter what!
  20. Thank you Marcia for continuing to bring inspiration and renewed hope to the world and my inbox! This positive impact is driven by the incredible story and the professional video that carries the message across the globe. I am dedicated to serving folks to show up and shine with their stories. If I can be of serve to your community, I welcome you to visit to see how I can be of service to you through photography and video. What a season of re-invention we are in!
  21. Jeannine said: Reply
    fabulous…so much possibility anywhere/ anytime
  22. Dorothy said: Reply
    Thank you for sharing your lives with us. “All things are possible.” You have proven this word from God, that we are magnificent and capable human beings and can accomplish all the dreams and hopes in our heart when everything looks impossible. Thank you!
  23. This is so inspiring Marcia! Thanks for sharing. Where there is a will there is a way…
  24. Dream, jump in with both feet & live in action to make your most cherished dreams come true!!! Thank you for sharing, and for infusing the world with the inspiration and vision of how to make dreams come true!
  25. Laura said: Reply
    Wow – thanks for sharing, this is an amazing and inspiring video of what’s possible when dreamers gets head to heart congruent. They did, we can, we will, we are!
  26. Love it, Marcia! Thanks for sharing.
  27. susan said: Reply
    If you can dream it, you can do it! We all have the capacity to dream big and make a difference
  28. Darlene said: Reply
    Such an awesome video, what we can learn from kids. They look at all the obstaces in life as challenges and move forward anticipating the journey, we as adults need to do that also. That entire village should be so proud of those boys.
  29. Jo Lyn said: Reply
    I love this story. I’ve seen this before but it’s worth seeing again & again to remind us that no matter what adversity, challenges or obstacles that lie in front of us, we can ALWAYS make our dreams come true!Determination, tenacity, focus & a get out of my way I’m coming through attitude prevails every time!
  30. Hello Marcia, Thank you for your email,just receiving it made my heart sing,just the realization that someone remembers that I have a dream.I had almost forgotten it myself.I’ve had to put my dreams “on the back burner” so many times,it’s almost a habit.So many other things occurred and they took presidence over my dreams.I LET that happen,by losing faith in myself and in my abilities. I want to write my book,that’s always been my dream.I want to write several books,all fiction,it’s easier to accept fantasies,rather than realities,but I will never write a biography.It would be a horror for me to relive some of those realities,they were often very terrible times.I shudder,just thinking about trying to put the words together,much less on paper,but the truth is,that IS the book I should write.It’s what makes me who I am.I AM A SURVIVER and I’ve overcome many obstacles in my lifetime,more than anyone could imagine. I have manic depression and I’m bipolar, that’s like saying,”my cancer has cancer” and sometimes it makes me nuts.I laugh and joke about it,but there’s nothing funny about it.Many people have no concept of the complex nature of either,the disease or the illness,whichever term deems more appropriate at the time,it depends upon with whom I’m speaking and if I can find the correct words to describe them,meaning the mental problems,that I live with every day.I have a very good vocabulary, but how can I describe what I don’t understand either and I’ve endured it for sixty years.Medication is always the answer the professionals give,but it’s NOT the solution to the problem.I used to take 20 or more prescription pills a day,to control the symptoms.I had many pills for anti-anxiety,anti-depressants and lithium to stabilize the mood swings and yet,I was NEVER stable,I am NOT stable to this day,but NOW I refuse to take pills that do nothing to help solve the problem.I was given electro-convulsive shock therapy,that put me into seizures until it put me to sleep,but it never took away the feelings of fear,dread,shame,dispair,feelings of worthlessness or thoughts of suicide.I’m not dilusional or see halucinations,I don’t hear phantom voices in my head and I don’t have multiple personalities hiding in me somewhere.I just don’t like me a whole lot,I don’t like the problems I have or the problems that I cause everyone else to have to endure.No one else knows what it’s like,to be a prisoner in my own head and in my own home,except someone like me,but they’re all still taking the pills or took themselves out of the picture,permanently. I must apologise for taking up so much space here or your time for reading this,Please forgive me.It’s like trying to move a mountain with faith,”the size of a mustard seed” and my words got taken along with the momentum,the size of a Mack truck.Does that make sense to you,does any of it? I don’t think I’ll win any awards for it,but that IS the story I should write.Thank you for bearing with me.
  31. First of all, that’s an awesome video! I love soccer and the story resonated well (though it’s the first time I heard of this club). On Christmas break 2008, I was the group leader for a team of student volunteers to Maryland/Florida. We do lots of community outreach distributing lifestyle literature, empowering other youth at juvenile detention centers and schools and fundraising for causes in Africa. However, on past programs like this, no single group ever distributed over 7,000 literature nor raised over $75K. So I challenged our group with that goal for the next 3 weeks of the Christmas break. They were so motivated and inspired to break this goal that in just 10 days, the Maryland group alone broke this record! At the end of it all, Maryland team distributed over 10,000 pieces of life transforming literature and raised $127K. Combined with the Florida team, we raised just over $200K and set a new record for literature distribution. To this day, our volunteers still share those stories and use it as a reference for what is possible. Just like the kids in this video, when we work TOGETHER, we can certainly achieve more. Even the impossible. Thank you for inspiring many people to achieve their BIG Dreams. God bless.
  32. Gail said: Reply
    I was moved to tears, it has really inspired me to not give up on my dreams, regardless of the limits I may see. Thanks for sharing Gail
  33. This is truly inspirational. These kids made a way out of a no way. They had a vision created a plan, worked very hard to make their dream come true. I’m going to share this with my children and friends and family.
  34. don said: Reply
    teamwork, perseverance, common goal and willingness to do whatever it takes. Great way to get your dreams. Thanks for finding another good example of the power of dreams.
  35. Huey said: Reply
    It just gos to show that you can do anthing you set your mind on you can do it. Thanks God Bless
  36. My heart was excited for them. Lately, I was so scared because my paralegal had written up a summons to help me sue someone who had taken some money from me. Well, this paralegal left town and I was feeling abandonment from him. I was thinking how can I proceed on without his help. Out of sheer desperation, I got on the internet and located two paralegals who told me to go to the superior court myself. I did and rewrote the entire court documents myself. Yes, I broke through and will be serving a summons today for a fairly large sum of money. I am very discouraged with my dream.I haven’t lost all hope but my drive has been minimized. I need help in marketing. How do I get help again?
  37. Debbie said: Reply
    Wow! What a true inspiration. Don’t let anything get in your way. “If you can dream it, you can do it!”
  38. johonon said: Reply
  39. Sandra said: Reply
    This is an excellent video of true Spirit and what you can achieve when you tune into Spirit and follow your heart. Truly amazing!!
  40. Wonderful… inspiring and a must for everyone to see.
  41. Fantastic – so inspiring and life-confirming. Thank you so much :o)
  42. Deborah said: Reply
    Inspires me to take action on my dreams
  43. JOHN said: Reply
    Simply wonderful…This confirms the saying that:” if you think you can, YOU CAN.”..We can really make our dreams come true…And I srongly believe that I’ll achieve my dream;Thanks for the video.
  44. linen said: Reply
  45. what a beautiful collective empowerment
  46. Karen said: Reply
    Thank you. This story brought me to tears. If those boys accomplished what they did with the little they had, why not me? I have so much more to start with. KG
  47. Rayhanna said: Reply
    Wow what an inspiring video… We sometimes think our challenges are there to make us weak but instead its there to teach us to become stronger and better….You have one life enjoy it to the fullest with positivity and abundance.Stay blessed always Rayhanna South Africa
  48. Ingrid said: Reply
    Everybody can do a diffrence!

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