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by Marcia Wieder in Inspiring Stories

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  2. Leave a comment on the blog - If you could spend the day live with me, what would you most want to create or change?

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6 responses to Claim Your Tickets Here

  1. I know I can not change my past. So how would you put a dream into words to give it a chance to come true, even it’s not possible biologically: to become a mother? I would want to explore ideas with you on how to live something similar to being a mother.
  2. I was there! There is much to process and such deep insights. I really like your emphasis on going inward to work on integrity and establishing practices. I sensed you are really shifting in your work because of your internal work. I am going to add meditation to my schedule when I speak publically during the break (as you said you did at lunch). Thank you for the day! I learned a lot.
  3. Please leave me a comment on what you most want to create or change in your life.
    • Heather said: Reply
      I want to create a thriving coaching business with workshops as well. The thing I would want to change to make that happen is helping bust through this fear as this is a dream that I have wanted for over 7 years and keep shrinking away from it.
    • Remember me Marcia? The guy with the anxiety, depression, ADHD, and maybe a few other things, and with lots of dreams!!! I would absolutely unrelentlessly create an even more powerful and well known Marcia Weilder. What you have done, are doing, and will do deserves more attention because of the worldwide potential and because of the dreamteam that you already have established. And through your great coaching, contacts, etc., I would passionately go after the millions and millions of people who are affected by mental illness and/or great stress. I have learned tremendously from many great minds, including yours, Dr.s, internationally known Psychiatrists, psychologists, and many others. Most of all, through my own determination, I have the huge battle of mental illness and I am WINNING! Some of my book is done, quoting some of these top minds, motivational minds like Less Brown, and demonstrating how I have greatly improved my own mental challenginges, and over 100 ways for others to do the same. We would began to create hope in the lives of millions of sufferers, and together, we just might make a million dreams come true this year!!! Brian Thompson
    • Hi Marcia. I am on the current Successful Dreamer course, where you answered my question about studying for a PhD. I am working on this following your suggestions and intend to reach a decision by the end of the course (I’m pretty clear already but want to follow the suggestion to the letter!). I am clear about my higher purpose – i.e. on a spiritual level, but would like to get clearer about my Purpose in the material world (at the base of the triangle that you spoke about in the second lesson). Best Wishes! Bob

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