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My Exciting Birthday Resolve

by Marcia Wieder in Inspiring Stories

My Birthday Resolve, and Your Gift!

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1,015 responses to My Exciting Birthday Resolve

  1. i want to thank you for the hope i feel when i take the time to read your info.on inspirational living. i also pray i can complete this task re;things i do and don’t like. here it goes.i don’t like worrying about my financial future so i need to focus on acouple of my passions one is growing and selling palms and unusual plants. two,is i’m happy when creating small pieces of silver jewelry.i just don’t know if i have enough time to make my dreams a reality with this economy and my monthyl debt and supporting my family combined. i sit and think of ways to make a living and than depression takes then i move my thoughts from my passions to need to make cash now ways of thinking to make income.i’m 59 and don’t know much about computor operations.i have a great mind for thinking up ideas and generally just get overwhelmed with thoughts of i just don’t have the time. do you have any suggestions.
  2. Stop procrastinating and inventing excuses NOT to move forward Have more confidence in my abilities Get a plan! My dream is to own an Art Gallery combining bespoke picture framing.
  3. Kathy said: Reply
    1. Stop letting a negative person affect my beliefs. 2. Be more positive in my thoughts. 3. Believe in myself. My dream is to build a big dog training center where dog trainers can use to hold events and training classes. I do feel that this would make me happy but it would take tons of money and that is something I do not have.
  4. Leona said: Reply
    hello, Stop: worrying about the future – all is well. wondering if I will ever have a partner again. Start: Being to be open to the next avenue of prosperity and abundance – and work. Allowing love into my life.
  5. To be a happy person and give myself only positive self-talk To give other people hope and inspiration to dream BIG through a new method for removing fears and self-doubt To share our (my husband’s and my) expertise in inventing products with other entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams To live the Four Agreements—be impeccable with my word, not take anything personally, not make assumptions, always do my best
  6. Hi everybody… Fellow dreamers and visionaries. I am saying no more to what the doubter wants. I am saying no more to waiting for my dream to happen and I am saying no more time and money restraints. Happy birthday Marcia:))) I feel a great amount of gratitude that you have appeared in my life… Who manifested who:) What really matters to me and I am speaking through my heart isssss inspiring others, being inspired and travelling:)))
  7. Hi Marcia, I am one of the million people you want your help. I am 73 years old and want to really succeed in presenting an outreach program to people who grieve losses. You don’t have to say much, maybe a one liner will be enough. God Bless
  8. Sara Woo said: Reply
    I want to: 1. Stop procrastinating and not being focus 2. Stop worrying before taking action 3. Stop doubting realize my dream of starting a social business in a third world country
  9. I want to stop working for free.I’m M.F.T intern and love helping others.I have been single mom for 13 years and know how hard it is to make money and be a good parent.I want to help as many as women to feel good about themselves.My son just finished first year of collage and now I have time to focus on my dream and be successful.I love people and God has blessed me with a giving heart.I just need to learn to find balance in helping others and being able to make money.
    • Hi Guity, I can relate to being a single mom and how hard it is to be a great parent when you are the sole provider and have so much already on your plate. Congratulations for getting your son off to school! I wish you an exciting journey as you redirect your focus back to your dreams.
  10. I am a un published author and spiritual artist. I want to serve my highest good and God’s purpose for me.
  11. Chris said: Reply
    What i want to stop doing? 1. Worry about not having enough money 2. Worrying I won’t find my dream career before it’s too late 3. Worrying about what the future hold for me
  12. What I want to stop doing? 1. stop eating so many deserts-eat more vegetables-eat one small sweet-a child’s sweet snack 2. stop traveling home 7 hrs one way-find a job at home and move 3. stop misplacing things-delete paper and organize paper trail
  13. What do I want to stop doing? 1. Working hard only for others to be recognized. 2. Complaining about things I know I could change. 3. Not making time for me. What do I want to do more of! 1. Learning 2. Traveling 3. Helping people feel better about themselves.
  14. svetlana said: Reply
    1. Check my feet, do a blood test. 2. Ask my doctor about types of exercise for me 3. Join a weigh loss group
  15. 1. Stop holding on to papers!! GET RID of clutter! 1. Start exercising 25 minutes/day on stationary bike. 2. Start being PROMPT Being an On time person! 3. Start following up with contacts within 48 hrs!
  16. Alma said: Reply
    1. Stop procrastinating 2. Eat healthy and exercise regularly 3. Dwelling on the past
  17. 1. I would like to stop gettting frustrated and angy when things are not going how I expected. 2. stop not getting in touch with people 3. not dong excersice
  18. Talia said: Reply
    This is challenging as I tend not to focus on my own goals, but more on those of my husband and 6 year old son, so… Stop: Undermining my own self-confidence, being afraid of participating in and committing to community work, stop holding my own feelings in Start: Focusing on follow through of my own projects, becoming more decisive and expressing my own desires Thank you
  19. Kathy said: Reply
    I need to get my gambling addiction to take a very long holiday and forget to come back. My finances are now in the toilet and I need to turn this situation in my favor. Any help would be so gratefully accepted. Thanks for reading this.
  21. Darlene said: Reply
    Done with placing my life on hold for any reason, especially my career! No more proving myself to individuals that are not mutually open. Silencing myself for sake of possible misunderstanding in all situations, I will be bold, remaining open to all!
  22. Niki said: Reply
    Hello, would love to do this…out of town traveling. Happy T-Day
  23. Gracelin said: Reply
    A good many valubles you’ve given me.
  24. Thanks for your encouraging words i would like to change my life and live a happy life and live my dream but it has not come true due to little savings, but am hopeful that one Day i will live my dream
  25. Mike said: Reply
    I want to stop smoking, it does’nt make me happy,and its hurting my family as well. i would also like to stop talking myself or procrastinate myself from what I truly want in my life. And to stop wasting my time on stupid little things and start using my time in what makes me happy.
  26. Diana said: Reply
    NO More: Living a reactive Life. Allowing others to use me. Allowing myself to settle for the bare minimums. Gossipimg, Criticizing myself, Complaining and empowering my doubts and fears. I am going to reach deep down and find the source of all this and pull it out at its roots. Once I conquer that I will take the next steps.
  27. Larisa said: Reply
    I dont want to complaining,procrastinate,putting down my self I want to be doing my purpose driven work! Be happy in marriage, travel the world. Larisa
  28. Aubbrhea said: Reply
    No more worrying about everyone and everything, no more giving away my power!!!
  29. Barb said: Reply
    Stop: Giving up my fear of giving and start giving fully of myself. Focusing on grievances that distort my vision – choose and move! Choosing to feel stuck – ask myself questions when I am feeling this way and choose again. Start: Choosing the highest thought. Becoming more of a visionary and connecting the dots. Putting LOVE first in my life and not being too busy building my future to be loving right now. Love is my highest power!
  30. Diane said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating by making my priority list and doing what I am dreading the most first. Having positive quotes to repeat, ex “just do it” “Excuses no more”. Help others to realize their dreams by not judging others.
  31. Bernice said: Reply
    I will stop wasting time,trying to do every thing myself,and planing each day I will work on my dream to eat healthy each day and excercise daily. I will work on business for at least 3 hours each day
  32. Bernice said: Reply
    I will stop wasting time,trying to do every thing myself,and planing each day I will work on my dream to eat healthy each day and excercise daily. I will work on business for at least 3 hours each day
  33. Tina said: Reply
    I will stop piling things on horizontal surfaces. I will stop saying yes when I want to say no. I will stop draining my savings. I am looking forward to getting more exercise, breathing deeper and eating more vegetables in 2012. Happy Birthday Marcia.
  34. Mary said: Reply
    I will stop putting off my bookkeeping.
  35. Ellen said: Reply
    What a great session tonight, Marcia! Thank you for inspiring us to reach for and achieve our dreams. What I’m going to stop doing, besides procrastination, is not being a victim to family issues which has robbed me of my power. While I can’t change the situation (daughter and 2 wonderful granddaughters living with me), I can change my “state” to one of gratitude that I have these gifts from God in my life, take a deep breath when challenges come up, take back my power and be of service to them and God.
  36. Liz said: Reply
    Stop doing= Negative Self Talk, taking the blame for everything, and not taking time to recharge my batteries. Start doing= Be my own best friend, own what is truly mine, and recharge my batteries (guiltless).
  37. Lynda said: Reply
    Stop doing: procrastinating, giving in to fear, feeling bad about myself Do: write ebook, dance, train dogs
  38. Ira said: Reply
    Marcia – just watched your 10/18 webcast and – I HAVE ALWAYS JUST ERASED YOUR EMAILS – I get a ton and I just happened to click and check in tonite.. WOW – even MORE Wow: I had paid for an online seminar tonite with a coach I sometimes work with and – plugged into your hour instead – and I am BLOWN AWAY.. will DEFinitely be back, with dreams in hand. Bless you and thank you (and – we have 3 small dogs,Pugs, and loved your guys. Thank you thank you thank you!!
  39. Elaine said: Reply
    I’m wanting to start on my dreams and looking to connect with some others who would like to create a mutual support team. Is anyone here interested? Please let me know if you are!
  40. FRAN said: Reply
    I will stop worrying, dweling on negative thoughts, and taking things personally. I will start living my dream, letting go of fear, and trying things that will get me closer to my dream. Fran
  41. Robyn said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! One of your dream Goddess with Athena’s Home Novelties. I just got married and relocated to Jacksonville, North Carolina due to my husband military duties. I left a fully loaded business back in Boston, MA. I am struggling to rebuild my business here in North Carolina and having some regrets & doubts on the move not the marriage. I want to regain focused, structure and renew my commitment to myself and my business.
  42. Jayme said: Reply
    One thing I’d like to stop is putting things off till later. Second thing to stop is being tired. Would like to start getting things done in a timely fashion. Helping people!! Happy Belated Birthday Marcia
  43. Anita said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating, get organized, completed course work! Eat healthier!
  44. Rusty said: Reply
    to no longer run in circles doing things that don’t matter……
  45. Helen said: Reply
    Happy Bday and thank you! I would love to learn more to be able to help people feel good and be healthy. I need to stop worrying about being a failure and I need to use my time more wisely.
  46. Marcia said: Reply
    Holey moley, I read every blog post and now know exactly what to teach tonight. see you there!
  47. Amy said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one! Stop Doing: 1)Letting other people’s expectations of me hold me back from getting what I deserve. 2)Live my life with the people who love, respect & appreciate me. 3)Not worry what others think and let go and be myself! Start Doing: Love & appreciate myself; move toward the present & future and what it is that I want; Value myself & talents & get paid what I deserve for it! Live in the NOW not in the Past!
  48. Cynthia said: Reply
    stop: no time; can’t afford; will: take (at least) small consistent steps towards dreams/goals
  49. Gloria said: Reply
    3 things I would like to do more of are working more helping other with holistic health, get better in organizing and travel. Stop stressing over my son eating a lot of fast foods.
  50. Susan said: Reply
    I will stop being to critical of myself, being afraid to take that first step towards abundance, & stop letting others make me feel I’m not worthy. Instead, I’m going to be more positive with self and set small goals that I know I can reach and share my abundance with others!
  51. make me happy helping people to batter their life make me happy to see the people at home happy and no may me happy when I have no energy and I’m in pain I have an sleeping disorder, and doesn’t stop me
  52. Judy said: Reply
    To MARCIA I want to grow in network marketing. I want to Help other people realize that Vitamark is a great company and has so many great products that can help them stay healther and live longer. I want to stop arguing with my self as to which way to go. The decision that I have to make is hard. I want bigger dreams for myself. I will not be on this call tonight please e-mail me the video. Judy Cook
  53. Samira said: Reply
    Things I am ready to let go of include guilt, fear, and indecisiveness. Three things I am inviting more of into my life include welcoming Love into my body mind and soul, a clear mind and memory, and personal Freedom to BE ME. (((Thank you Marcia)))
  54. Tarin said: Reply
    I would like to stop waiting for things to happen, learn how to make hard decisions and quiet the negative thought patterns that run me.
  55. Flo said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thank you. stop procrastinating: start and complete my projects get healthy and loose weight and get more flexible become certified as an alternative healthcare practitioner Flo Eskin
  56. Marsha said: Reply
    I want to stop putting my artwork last on my list.
  57. Cherie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thank you. stop procrastinating: start and complete my projects get healthy and loose weight and get more flexible become certified as an alternative healthcare practitioner Flo Eskin
  58. Carol said: Reply
    Stop putting others first at the cost of myself, procrastinating, wasting time.
  59. Lisa said: Reply
    Lisa: No more worrying, no more fixing things or people, and no more guilt! Time for freedom, ease and transformation!
  60. Nick said: Reply
    Stop: getting distracted, self-limiting, questioning Do: get excited, make time, do it
  61. Margo said: Reply
    Three things that don’t make me happy: worrying; being self-critical; wasting time and procrastinating I would like to be cancer free; make a difference, be a positive influence; and stop being a pack rat – get organized and clear out my closets and storage space
  62. Marianne said: Reply
    Stop being a procrastinator, stop worrying, stop feeling tired all the time. Do: Take walks in nature for inspiration, live truly and love unconditionally. Happy birthday, Marcia!
  63. Annette said: Reply
    Stop worrying, stop fearing the worst. Start being happy, start earning money (lot of it), start loving myself
  64. Nan said: Reply
    What about “That which I resist persists?”
  65. Kathy said: Reply
    1. Stop mourning over the past, and fearing the future, wishing that things had been different 2. Stop telling myself that I’m too old, that it’s too late now for me to change. 3. Stop letting work, doubt, panic, and fear get in the way of pursuing life as an artist. 1. Start letting go. Live now and not for some imagined secure future. 2. Start believing in myself and in the goodness in others. 3. Start painting.
  66. Kevin said: Reply
    I want to stop procrastinating and more exercise. I want to find a new life partner who can be my friend, friendship is important to me. I want to be a GREAT father to my sons and daughters. I want to be HAPPY with my life.
  67. Vid said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia!! Looking forward to tonight’s webcast. Thank you for doing this.
  68. Betty said: Reply
    stop thinking about my past relationship stop giving in to my whims stop being afraid. dream big dreams move forward into my new passion of coaching and healing help others to move forward with me
  69. Ericka said: Reply
    3 things I WILL stop doing: -Being afraid that I will receive bad news -Thinking about the past -Delaying my happiness because I think i need to change many things b4 finding it 3 things I WILL start doing: -Connecting to people I know and new people that can bring great, beautiful things into my life -Investing in my health -Trusting that i will find my passion and my dreams
  70. Ramona said: Reply
    Ramona: Stop criticizing myself,stop watching so much TV, stop being a packrat!!I would like to be more active in making my dreams come true, action to workout and get my body in shape,stretch my knowledge
  71. Barbara said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, I need to stop playing it safe. I lived and worked in others expectation that I’m ready to find my authentic self and wear it proudly. Then work on my procratinating. Three things I dream of: My authentic self and what I have to offer helps others in a big way. Deliver my message of “What’s in Your Cookie Jar”. Have more than enough financially to be debt free.
  72. Jill W. said: Reply
    Thanks so much for your offering. Can’t wait to hear more from you Marcia! See you tonight!
  73. Nathi said: Reply
    l would like to stop taking a back sit and be the person l know was created to be,the head not the do with speed and resolve.Happy birthday…
  74. Sandy I will stop wasting time because I’m not organized. I just moved and I will get a desk and filing system setup right away. Start- I will spend time each morning dreaming and being in bliss. Thanks.
  75. Donna said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating, get on top of projects & paperwork. Make time for ME and the things that make me happy and believe that I am worthy of all the things that bring me joy.
  76. Donna said: Reply
    Start…exercising, finishing projects & have more fun. Stop…procrastinating, silly habits & cheating on eating what I know isn’t good for me.
  77. Sherry said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating, stop gaining wait, finish cleaning out my house
  78. Maria said: Reply
    Thank you so much Marcia and Happy Birthday! I NEED to stop 1. constantly worrying about everything and everyone 2. doubting & hiding out of fear 3. putting the entire financial burden of our family on my husbands’ shoulders. When I START STOPPING those things, everything will change and I will START finally living again.
  79. Hassett said: Reply
    I want to conquer procrastination forever. I have had mixed sushort lived and mixed successes in the past.
  80. Anne said: Reply
    No more procrastination when it comes to exercise, no more negative thoughts either receiving them or giving them, no more accepting that I have an illness, but believe I am well and soaring higher. I choose to be healthy and to find the team of people that will help me be that, I choose to dream… to see what God has in store to me and to live each day to the fullest, and I choose to be a listening, caring person to help others soar to their potential.
  81. Michele said: Reply
    I want to learn to stop worrying about everyone and everything. I want to learn to relax,and enjoy life.
  82. Maria said: Reply
    Stop procastinating and create sense of urgency to do things,arriving early not late and stop arguing and correcting the mistakes.
  83. Marek said: Reply
    I think that no external things will make me happy – because happines is inside me and I don’t need to do anything to simply BE happy. Also – everything I do is exactly what I should do, and what I don’t do is this what I should not. Maybe tommorow I will do other things and will don’t do what I’m doing today. And it will also be exactly as it should be. As reality is the only truth. I share my love with you. :-)
  84. Lisa said: Reply
    3 things to stop doing 1.comparing myself to other woman that seem be more successful.. 2worrying about money and worring in general- removing anxiety 3removing negative self talk 3 things start doing 1.embrace the creative,friendly, smart designer woman in me. 2.take better care of myself and my living space by creating a relaxing beautiful bedroom and have it be organized. 3. believe i matter and have value an worth somebody’s love and I can love them.
  85. Katie said: Reply
    i’d like to stop using distraction as a way of avoiding my inner calling and to stop self sabotaging my intentions
  86. Monique said: Reply
    Stop being late – be early Stop wasting time on the computer – more exercise for body and mind Stop staying up too late – go to bed earlier and get up at 6:00 a.m. or earlier.
  87. Joan said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia!! 1. Stop procrastinating 2. Making excuses 3. Stop worrying about money 1. Start exercising consistently – 3 times a week 2. Start reading or listening to CD for half hour every day. 3. Spend more quality time with my husband and children.
  88. Alicia said: Reply
    My birthday is the 18th. 3 things I want to stop doing: Take less medications, being sick, being so deppressed. 3 Things I would like to do: exercise more and loose weight, start doing something with my life (I am tired of being sick), get involve with a group or a Church.
  89. Jamila said: Reply
    Thank you it is a wonderful gift
  90. Leanne said: Reply
    Stop watching too much tv, stop self criticizing, and stop making excuses Start doing action steps toward my dreams, make a plan, and do something in my plan every day Happy Birthday Marcia!!
  91. Martha said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating, Stop judging and criticizing myself, I want to know what I want and make the decision to go get it now. I want to move past my comfort zone.
  92. L said: Reply
    Stop: Giving my power away. Start: Owning the choices that are mine to make. Making the choices that will restore contentment and balance to my life without worry or fear that I will fail. Stop: Working for my company because I am there for the paycheck alone. I loathe the commute and have too little time each day with my young daughter because of it. Start: Working close to home and on my terms. Making a great income, but not in exchange for what’s most important in my life. Stop: Being single. Start: A healthy, loving relationship.
  93. Laurie said: Reply
    Hi Marcia! I will stop procrastinating, stop gaining weight and stop settling for less in my life. I will quit smoking, and start making lists to work by eliminating the clutter in my life also adding to the list time for myself, to do some things for “me” for a change.
  94. Sharon said: Reply
    I would like to stop Giving up my dreams,Gaining weight,Being stressed I would like to start getting back into my music, Getting myself organized,Be financially stable
  95. Marian said: Reply
    stop procrastinating, stop saving everything, stop eating junk eat more raw food, clear out the clutter, finish what i start!
  96. Gene said: Reply
    Need to focus more on co-creating,business networking and prospecting!!! Thanks,Marcia you Rock girl!!!
  97. Alison said: Reply
    Marcia-I(am really looking forward to your event and and participating
  98. Rose said: Reply
    No more worrying, No more stressing over things to thrive not just survive, to be myself.
  99. Lisha said: Reply
    I need to stop procrastinating, wasting time, not acting and I need to be teaching, working on photography,helping others
  100. Suzanne said: Reply
    Stop: procrastinating, snacking so much, staying up too late Start: follow diabetes diet plan, daily walking program, complete Eagle Scout paperwork project
  101. NIRI said: Reply
    I will stop winging about my life – how unfortunate I am in terms of securing a permanent job .I honestly want to dismiss thoughts of my husband’s infidelity-stop thinking this over and over in my mind. I want to do things that make me happy.Asssociate with people that add value to my life.Work on my strengths to achieve my ultimate goal: realise my self worth and know that I am worthy of being acknowledged.
  102. Kelsy said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! I will stop: spending so much time on details; betraying myself; and resisting that which I don’t want. I will: use the time I free up to pray more every day and to spend more quality time with my sons; act on priorities in my life; and practice the art of allowing.
  103. 1.) Stop doing for others what they can do for themselves. 2.) Stop not-trusting 3.) Stop spending more than I earn. 1.) Take more time for self-care physically, mentally, and spirtually. 2.) Cook 3-1/2 times per week 3.) Meditate regularly.
  104. I will stop procrastinating I will stop feeling afraid of my power I will plan daily and weekly my priority actions I will organize and discard the clutter in my home I will intend to ‘pay it forward’ daily
  105. Joanne said: Reply
    1.Stop complaining 2. Stop arguing 3. Stop worrying 1.Work on my writing every day 2. Work on my relationship with Chuck 3. Do more things for myself that I enjoy
  106. Diomande said: Reply
    I would like to stop proscratinating, gaining weight and judging myself for any little thing bad which happen in my life
  107. Sonia said: Reply
    I will stop dwelling on negative thoughts, and stop letting people get to me easily.
  108. Melvin said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, it was an incredible weekend. Thank you for what you gave me this weekend at our lifeforce convention. I am so glad i did the break out session with you and had a chance to be in that intimate group. you are a true force in the universe. Your fellow Libra, Melvin Hayden PS: I will stop listening to excuses, wasting time, and expending uneccessary energy. I will start helping others realize the dreams they have or forgot they had, I will cure apoptosis (or at least work on the cure), I will generate energy through my actions. Yours truly, Melvin
  109. Lori said: Reply
    giving up my dreams, having self doubt, poor time management
  110. Merne said: Reply
    I love your enthusiasm. Happy birthday. 1- eat less fattening food, 2- every day, less procrastination, 3- be less critical to myself and my spouse.
  111. GLORIA said: Reply
  112. Deborah said: Reply
    Thank you Marcia….I’m excited, expectant and hopeful that something HUGE will shift for me on this event!! STOP: Judgment of myself and others. STOP: Living my future with my past paradigms. STOP: Feeling like true fulfilment & happiness is “just around the next corner”, always just out of reach!! START: Living for the NOW and enjoy every moment. START: Believing in myself and trust my instincts more. START: Building wonderful friendships with positive, happy and loving people. OH…and just one more please…..START abolishing all my negative paradigms surrounding money, ASAP :-). My Birthday was last week to Marcia…..I hope you also had a FANTASTIC DAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-) xx.
  113. Heather said: Reply
    Happy Birthday..Aknowledging I am worthy to be fincially stable ,to be loved and to make every day a blessing.
  114. Joe said: Reply
    Thanks Marcia for the up lifting message. I want to eat less sugar and wheat flour products and eat more vegetables and proteins. I am diabetic now and I want to be non-diabetic again soon. I want to exercise on a regular basis and enjoy doing it. Thank you for inspiring my dreams Marcia.
  115. Marilyn said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, Happy birthday! Thanks for your enthusiastic messages. Two big problems are my worrying and my anxiety. I would be very happy to eliminate these problems. Also, I need a creative way to reduce my spending. I am heavily committed to improving my body but it is a big cost to my finances. Thanks.
  116. Paulette said: Reply
    You look simply mah-vel-ous!! HAPPY BIRTH-MONTH precious Marcia…May this year bring all that you wish for…and more!!! Today starts the next step in the Divine Plan of my life as a Dream Coach and Speaker. I am so blessed that you, Kelley and the Dream U team are part of it.
  117. Jane said: Reply
    Jane: Thank you so much Marcia for partnering with me in living my dreams. I am so excited to: 1) Begin my true mission…my service and the reason that I came to the earth…helping children in need globally in a very creative way 2) I am so excited to be with my true partner…the one who I have waited a very long time to be with, who will also be my partner in my service with children 3) I can’t wait to be my ideal body size again–very fit and in the best health of my life–very alive, playful, and literally 20 years younger. I am ready to 1) let go of all the extra weight, worry, and stress that is not me, 2) let go of all financial lack and struggle 3) let go of any fear that my dreams of being with my beloved and fulfilling my mission with children won’t come true…because both must happen!
  118. Happy Birthday Marcia! I wan’t to learn to stop playing small, say no to what doesn’t work, believe in myself, have great relationships and be around some like minded people! Thanks for inspiring me, Marcia.
  119. Dorothy said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, I want to stop having such “up & out” energy and ADD “groundedness” so I have Range and Options, so I can be the woman God made me to be and so I can Read the Room and others more naturally & automatically. How’s that for a Big Dream. From that, all else will follow. Yours in Dreams, Dorothy
  120. Cyndi said: Reply
    let go of all that does not serve, allow all the good to come
  121. samira said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! My goals are: * Continue to grow and learn * Continue to expend my circle of friendships * Find a meaningful career (CIC) * Dare to trust and love again
  122. My Problems: Health (4), Procrastination,, Seeking the Truth Keep up the great work. Regards – JDoN
  123. Diane said: Reply
    DianeG – STOP: Wasting my time with things which do not help me suceed in work and play. START: Spending more time with God and his word. Get myself back in physical shape. Ride my horse. Enjoy every minute of my grandchildren. Be PROACTIVE towards my goals/dreams/desires. What a great way to celebrate a birthday, mine was the 3rd. Happy Belated and THANK YOU for igniting a burried desire to work towards desires of the heart.
  124. Big Problem – Procrastinating, Health problems (4), Seeking the Truth
  125. Alan said: Reply
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA!!! I do hope that you made it the best ever. I will stop drinking coke/sodas 2.i will stop sabotaging my health and wellness 3. i will stop expecting my wife to grow our business. I will start working my anti-aging business at least an hour per day. 2. I will be the best father that i can be! 3. I will launch my website for health and fitness.
  126. What to quit doing: procrastinating; easily distracted by disorderly surroundings;lack of focus What to keep doing: spend more time in the sunshine with the pets and the garden; staying focused on a job; hone teaching and coaching skills to help others. Thanks for your generosity, Marcia. May you reach your dream this year!
  127. Lisa said: Reply
    to be more focused and driven
  128. Jodie said: Reply
    I want to eat less junk food and form the habit of being aware of what I am putting into my body. I want to stop being a workaholic and balance work, play and relationships. I want to stop focusing outward for at least two hours a day and develop a stronger spiritual connection with my higher self and God.
  129. Mary said: Reply
    3 negatives to stop – lack of follow-up; procrastination; self-doubt 3 positives to start – better time management; love myself better; realize that life is indeed an adventure
  130. Lynne said: Reply
    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday and give to others! You set a fine example. I want to stop procrastinating, get better organized and judge less! I am thankful for the many blessings in my life.
  131. Kathy said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia!!! You are amazing and have inspired so many. What a GIFT YOU ARE to the rest us. An inspiration and mentor!! I will be looking forward to the Live Stream on the 19th. No More: Not Being Authentic, Not following MY dream, Procrastinating! Start: Creating Better Time Management Practices, Take at least One Step toward my dream each day, and Carve out time daily with God the real source of knowledge of His will for me.
  132. Linda said: Reply
    Stop procastinating, stop struggling financially, stop arguing with my family. Start being more positive, start being more patient, start picking up after myself and my family without being a martyer.
  133. Happy birthday !Marcia, thanks for the message stop worrying about lack financial aspect,i want to get out from my debt,and stop of being guilty for all the bad decisions and actions that i done in my life.
  134. Cheryl said: Reply
    Enormous Thanks. Happy Birthday.
  135. Diane said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, abundant blessings, Diane
  136. I want to stop wasting time on TV & computer, excercise, lose weight. I want to find creative work, make friends, regain enthusiasm for life.
  137. Carolyn said: Reply
    Start:1) Exercising; 2) Being on Time; 3) Working more efficiently Stop: 1) Overeating; 2) Sitting so much; 3) Stop being so untidy
  138. Julia said: Reply
  139. Susan said: Reply
    I want to stop sabotaging my job change and physical healing with fear and low self esteem. I want to let go of my sadness. I want to leave my extremely stress filled job for a job I enjoy. Heal my body mind and spirit and become the best possible me.
  140. Debra said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thanks for asking such thought-provoking questions. Life is good for me but would probably be even better if I stopped trying to do everything myself and learned to ask others for assistance more often.
  141. Cheryl said: Reply
    OOps Happy Birthday Marcia and thanks for your Birthday wishes to me!!! I can’t make it live but I will listen to download. Thank You!
  142. Violet said: Reply
    1, Stop being afraid to speak before a live audience. 2) Stop being afraid to promote my book to friends and to them ell them to tell their friends, etc. 3) Stop allowing people to put me down because they don’t believe in my dream. 1) Start promoting my book to everyone I meet. 2) Start promoting my book to TV and movie producers. 3) Start believing that there has to be a reason why my love story returned to me in a dream and do everything I can to make it happen. 3)
  143. Cheryl said: Reply
    Stop wasting time. Stop clutter by not accumulating what is no longer useful. Stop self degrination. Start observing not absorbing. Start receiving. Start bringing my dark side to the light.
  144. Michael said: Reply
    Not to worry; instead be more focused on the here and now. No impulsive reaction; instead, have a positive attitude. No resentment, instead be quick to forgive.
  145. Shelia said: Reply
    Stopping: being afraid, self sabotaging mindsets, being mediocre Starting: fearless, rooted in God’s greatness, aiming for outstanding
  146. Monica said: Reply
    I really want to stop procrastinating, doubting my gifts, undervaluing myself. I would love to have more self-confidence.
  147. Mary Jo said: Reply
    Hi Marcia! ~ stop the “stop and start procrastinating”, be consistently focused on each step towards my dream and enjoy the journey! ~ update my dreamboard. Don’t look at it as a waste of time since my dream is always evolving. ~ don’t stop enrolling others in my dream on a daily basis. How can others benefit, if they don’t see me walking the walk as well. I do hope you had the happiest of Birthdays, Marcia! I do so miss the Wednesday night sessions. I received so much from you and the others participants. Cheers, Mary Jo
  148. LAURIE said: Reply
    1. Stop Procrastinating 2. Stop going to bed so late 3. Stop feeling guilty over everything 1. Start exercising 2. Start visiting stores to offer products 3. Positive attitude
  149. Hollie said: Reply
    Three things to stop – Well, smoking is the first thing that comes to mind but I’m not really sure it’s the top of my list. If you had asked three things to start I’d have had a really easy time of it… hmmmm…. I’d like to stop accepting 2nd rate things for myself (ie – men – LOL) I’d like to stop wasting money. I’d like to stop feeling unsure about my decisions. (which means I’d like to find a clear path to whatever is next for me.)
  150. Vicki said: Reply
    I need to stop eating junk food, stop worrying about being financially secure in retirement (6 yrs from now) stop procrastinating; I want to start working with animals, get healthy, take more risks
  151. Rose said: Reply
    Happy Belated Birthday!!! At the top of my list is to stop struggling financially! To stop procrastinating because of uncertainty and to stop feeling like I am not ready to start my own business. Now for the things I’d like to start-start taking action instead of thinking, planning and talking about it, start being a “little selfish” (in a good way) about “me” time and things that are important to me. Start reorganizing everything and make my life a lot simpler to give myself more time and freedom to do what I love. I would totally love to start moving towards becomming one of your 1 million in 2012!
  152. Donna said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, 3 things I will stop doing: 1.)I would like to stop being so angry and not let every thing get on my nerves lately. 2.)I need to let go of one-sided, selfish relationships and find people who are like-minded and open-minded like me. I believe these one-sided relationships have destroyed my self-esteem and could be the cause of my anger. 3.)I need to take better care of myself even though I spend a fortune on organic products and anti-aging supplements which lately don’t seem to help much and I don’t understand why. 3 things I will start to do: 1.)I will try to relax more and not be uptight about so much lately. 2.)I will find caring relationships because I am a caring person also. 3.)I will continue on taking care of my self because I am 60 and no one else can do it for me but I will have to change my attitude.
  153. Regina said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Thank you for living an inspired iife!!! Need to change wasting time, procrastinating, and self-criticizing. Transform to manage time, just doing it and not be so critical of myself.
  154. Sean said: Reply
    I need to set goals and stop procrastinating
  155. Ruth said: Reply
    stop procrastinating, stop flying solo, stop the ‘I can’t start asking for what I really want, start saying what I really mean,start being who I really am!!!
  156. Roxane said: Reply
    Drop the worry, the emotional eating and money fears! I will and I am going to stay in the present moment more, volunteer more and always keep an open and grateful heart! Happy Belated Birthday Marcia!
  157. Dana said: Reply
    I want to get out of the reaction seat, and sit comfortably in my Take Action seat! I want to stop getting distracted by emails, unscheduled meetings, and other “immediate action required” events. As a business owner, the hot seat seems to have my name all over it! Instead, I want to focus on MY day and center myself in a plan so I can learn to say NO and NOT RIGHT NOW with ease.
  158. Del said: Reply
    stop procrastinating.2.) Stop judging others 3.)stop fusing about my wrinkles (I am 78+ and do not like how my the wrinkles have changed my looks.)
  159. Dave said: Reply
    I will STOP wacthing tv mindlessly and schedule it ahead IF IT’S something i can say will be beneficial to watch! iI will STOP writing on little pieces of paper and stopp with the clutter! I will STOP letting the doubter take control over my dreams. AND I will START letting in good thoughts and positive things into my life. I will START my day in a more positive way by avoiding world and other news first thing in the morning. I will START FINISHING projects quickly and spend less time analyzing them so much. AND happy Birthday to you Marcia!
  160. mcm said: Reply
    Hi Marcia! Happybirthday! I wish you good health, peace and happiness all year through.. The Three things that I don’t want: 1. Worrying about the future / health of my loved ones 2. Not being able to do good in anything I do 3. Not being able to help financially to my loved ones The Three things I want: 1. To be able to make my family happy by providing them what they need and want 2. Being able to have my own car and house 3. To be strong, healthy, happy and worry-free
  161. Betsy said: Reply
    No more focusing on the things I’m not happy doing (and whining about it!) No more putting me at the bottom of the list for everything. No more obsessing about the time I DON’T have. More asking for what I want and finding time for it. More time doing the work that’s important to me.
  162. Procrastination
  163. Three things I will STOP doing: 1 – being my worst critic 2 – sabotaging myself 3 – forgetting what I know to be true Three things I will start doing: 1 – treat myself at least as well as I treat my best friend 2 – remembering what I know & doing it! 3 – be me – in all my dynamic and glowing way.
  164. Stop trying to please everyone at the expense of my own happliness Stop kidding myself that I am exercising enough when deep down i know that’s not true Stop making reasoned excuses for eating out too much Start affirming and actioning my fitness dreams Start walking the talk of eating reduced portions of food now I don’t require as much as when younger Start painting for fun
  165. beverly said: Reply
    Happy Birthday!!
  166. Beverly said: Reply
    I need to stop putting things off that need to be done. I need to work on getting organized.. I need to take as good care of myself as I take care of others. I will prioritize what needs to be done and do the most important things first. I will reward myself when I do the things that I need to do in a timely manner. I will step out of my comfort zone and try new things I
  167. Stop procrastinating……I want to Stop thinking, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT….I want to STOP being unconsciously, paralyzed by FEAR, and then be glued to the couch….
  168. Mona said: Reply
    No more walking on egg shells, guessing others mood swings. No more second guessing self! No more thinking I don’t deserve the very best life has to offer! I will be more grounded and centered! I will accept abundance with ease! I will travel to places I wish to go…some metaphorical, some real!
  169. Francis said: Reply
    First and foremost Marcia, Happy belated birthday and may you always be blessed! Three things i wanna stop; A) I want to stop making excuses in making my daily 20 calls to prospects and clients. B) I want to stop making excuses writting my 10 Most Important Goals Daily. C) I want to stop worrying and stop proscastinating about building my Life Insurance Agency. 3 things i will start doing; A) To start early, first by writting my 10 most important goals daily, and than make my 20 prospecting calls. B) I will daily make/have 2 new business appointments, and at least 2 back-up appointments for follow-ups or for servicing my existing clients and at the same time getting 3-10 referrals. C) I will daily have my 6 most important things to do list and do it according to it’s priority and daily clear my most important paper-work. Finally, i will do a daily check-list of my activity., and look at my goals and say it’s possible, i can achive my dreams!
  170. janet said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thank you for all your inspiration. My resolves are to stop worrying stop feeling anxious stop taking on other peoples problems. To be true to myself spend more time with people who share my passion to laugh more.
  171. Doug said: Reply
    Stop Doing Eating Bad Food Procrastinating Being comfortable where I am at Start Doing Living a healthy life Plan big goals Be a better leader mentor to my family
  172. Lynn S. said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia? I would quit any thoughts of negativeness, worry and self doubt on my intuition. Thank you for obeing there!
  173. Nedi said: Reply
    Stop worrying, stop trying to schedule myself, stop saying yes when i mean no singing, dancing, going to the beach
  174. Colette said: Reply
  175. Rose said: Reply
    Move forward with my business. Stop complaining. Be more grateful for everything I have.
  176. Lorraine said: Reply
    I will stop worrying about family and friends problems Iwill stop waiting for mr right and enjoy my life as it is I will stop search for my purpose in life and allow each moment to be enough Lorraine
  177. Francis said: Reply
    Three things i would like to stop doing; No 1) I want to stop sleeping after 8am in the morning. No 2) I want to stop complanining,nagging,and being negative. No 3) I want to stop drinking alcohol/beer excessively. Three things i want to start doing; No 1) I want to start to going to bed by 12:00AM. No 2) I want to say positive things to everyone i meet including my wife and children. No 3) I want to make a commitment to drink beer only occasionally but not more than 3 Pints of beer.
  178. Aria said: Reply
    Stop: criticizing, letting fear hold me back, caring about what is said & thought by the people who don’t matter Start: reprograming my subconscious mind with positive affirmations, recognize that I possess value, act in harmony and with purposeful intention
  179. Pat said: Reply
    MARSHA, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISH FOR ALL YOUR DREAMS TO COME TRUE! Stop: Procrastinating on what is important, putting off taking care of me, getting to little sleep Start: Working on making my dream of helping as many people as possible achieve their goals come true, spending time each day on improving my wellbeing and having fun.
  180. Lia said: Reply
    What makes me happy…. my daughter’s laughter- I wish I was able to have her laugh all day.. Seeing my students succeed their goals- it is always good to know that you’re helping them become better.The feeling I’m loved and supported unconditionally, without criticism or prereqisites. What I’ll stop doing: lashing out my propped up feelings on others,remove myself from people who constantly criticise and hold on to the past and really start believing in my own power.
  181. I will stop procrastinating with important things in my life I will stop being so hard on myself when I make mistakes I will stop unhealthy eating habits I will will start writing down my plan of action, day/week/month/year/years I will daily do the three most important things from my plan I will continue striving to do my prayers and meditations daily
  182. Cathy said: Reply
    I will stop judging others; I will stop listening to my inner doubt; I will stop procrastinating regarding my exercize program(I LOVE my exercize time and yet I keep putting it off lately!); I will acknowledge my self worth; I will be kinder to myself and others; I will behave in a healthier fashion
  183. Thomas said: Reply
    Things to stop: Procrasinating,Procrasinating, Procrasinating Things to start: Call more prospects Set more apointments for show my business plan Show more business plans
  184. Lisa said: Reply
    1. Looking for a job and completing job applications 2. Going out on interviews 3. Going to Dr’s. Each one I go to seem to finds something else wroing with me from chronic anemmia to lupus to Vitamin D complex, etc. I have chronic pain, so that Dr is not a big deal. That is a standing monthly appointment, so I really do not count it. It is the rheumatologist, endroconologit, etc
  185. Fuchsia said: Reply
    Happy birthday! I want to stop feeling guilty and let others take responsibility for their own lives. I want to stop letting my ego drag me into negative thinking patterns. I want to stop letting the opinions of others have an effect on my life. I want to start living joyously. I want to stay in my peaceful centre no matter what is happening around me. I want to relax and let life flow.
  186. Jillian said: Reply
    Hi MARCIA: I am a Life Coach Healer specializing in dissolving limiting beliefs, so I have stopped or are in the process of stopping limiting behaviors. What I want is to 1. create a certification Health Life Coach Program specializing in Belief Busting,NLP,and Life Coaching. 2. How do I use the Internet to build my business? 3. Regarding You Tube, what would the most turn around video be that would promote me the most effectively? Happy Birthday! from Jillian O’Hara.
  187. Christa said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, dear Marcia. NO MORE bowing down to ungrateful bosses, no more proscratination and no more negative self talk. YES to finding my path, finding the one I love and finding the courage and guidance I need to make the positive changes that I need in my life
  188. Traci said: Reply
    Loved listening to you at the Life Force Convention and giving you a hug last Saturday, Marcia! Happy Birthday! I am the one who has a hearing disability in the break out session you lead. I am stopping my habit of focusing more on my doubts and disabilities than on my dreams, resisting feelings as they come up and let them flow through and downplaying my dreams. I am following through with my committments, living my best life in every moment and having fun!
  189. Vicky said: Reply
    Things that I will stop doing: Worrying too much about money. Stop putting everyone first than myself. Stop hoarding lots of stuff. I will start to organize my things to avoid clutter. I would love to travel and start planning for a big vacation with family. Relax.
  190. Elizabeth: 3 things I would like to stop doing: procrastinatin in moving forward in getting my web page for my business uputting myself last most of the time, worrying about my brothers wellbeing. 3 things I want to start doing: Creating more structure in my life, taking more time to care for myself and getting my speaking business up and out there to make a difference in other peoples lives.
  191. Bonnie said: Reply
    I will stop sabatoging myself, procrastinating. I will live healthy and not be afraid to make decisions and be more positive.
  192. Marina said: Reply
    What makes me happy: Feeling healthy and full of energy. Feeling connected to reality. What makes me unhappy: Feeling a lack of energy and a lack of will power when I need to diet and exercise, but instead fancy eating carbohydrates or unhealthy foods which end up draining me of the energy I need to get on with the exercise and feel better and healthier in myself. Also ruminating over a past, painful rejection issue, and feeling that the experience/event happened because of my not being good enough, ie: frequently putting myself down.
  193. Kalen said: Reply
    I will stop picking on my boyfriend, I will stop being afraid of people and what they think of me, and I will stop thinking I am less then. I will start speaking up more, build my business, and be more grateful!
  194. Alice said: Reply
    No more over-eating; no more worrying about things I cannot change; no more second guessing myself. Yes to making new meaningful friendships; yes to doing more activities now; and yes to more exercise.
  195. Valerie said: Reply
    No more stopPing middream No more comparisons No more procrastination
  196. Ely said: Reply
    Happy birthday Marcia. You are indeed a blessing to many. You seems to be my birthday mate????????? Three thing i would stop doing…. 1. Underestimate my capability. 2. Expect motivation from external factor. 3. Allow my mind or past to limit me. Three thing i would start doing …. 1. Believe in myself. 2. Activates an effective self control. 3. Improve my self esteem.
  197. Teresa said: Reply
    I am not surprised that on your birthday you choose to give a gift to others. That’s just how you are. Thank you for your gift. Personally, I celebrate my whole birthday month….why just celebrate one day? Maybe it’s an Aquarian thing? Anyway….keep celebrating….and dreamimg!
  198. Linda said: Reply
    I will stop doubting, wasting time with meaningless activities and being unorganized. I will proceed with confidence, faith – thinking outside of the box, and begin to organize things in my life so time is not wasted.
  199. Marci said: Reply
    No more 1. being underpaid 2. throwing pearls to swine 3. micro-managing others’ problems More of 1. time spent in relationship 2. profitable collaborations 3. my ideal portable lifestyle
  200. I will start being more organized I will start being more efficient I will spend more time at my business I will stop procrastinating I will stop making excuses
  201. Thank you Macia! and happy birthday! Stop compromising, being scared, thinking so much instead of acting. Start speaking out and acting, being confident and believing in myself, focusing on my dreams.
  202. Thanks for the gift and sharing;have a great day….I will be stopping the naysayers with not allowing them to speak into my existence..No More Drama….I am believing in myself I am wealth, divine health, peace and joy. I have a great destiny and I pray this for others who want a difference of greatness in his or her life too.
  203. Avi said: Reply
    Warm wishes for the anniversary of your Birth, Marcia, and a dynamite year ahead! The “not” group: Not to question or regret my grieving and tears when they happen. Not to react with “I should have-” when I become aware something is undone or a promise is waiting to be kept. Not to go unconscious in front of the TV and spend more time there than intended, and other forms of avoiding my challenges. The “lights me up” group: I listen regularly to inner guidance for my schedule, daily and beyond. I treasure the space I create with my organizing and purging of boxes of papers, etc. I meet the challenge of daily writing, and that writing touches my soul. Thanks, Marcia With love from Avi
  204. stop putting everyone else first.Stop stuffing my feelings. Not speaking up. Travel,enjoy live, I choose to lookfor the good things.
  205. Mary said: Reply
    1. Stop-Knowing I want to do something, but believing I can’t. 2 Stop caregiving others while I’m not caregiving me. 3. Stop “losing” time. 1. Caregive myself. 2. Believe I can. 3. Creating time to see my dreams through.
  206. David said: Reply
    3 Things I will stop doing: 1) Putting off my learning currency trading 2) Putting off forming my “success” team 3) Putting off learnig and practicing scheduling & time management. 3 Things I will start doing: 1) Practice for one hour a day my inner awareness technique I was shown some 30 years ago. 2) Find time to learn Photoshop 3) Find time to use more of my photography eqipment.
  207. Happy Birthday (Belated) What makes me happy: 1. being healthy, strong, flexible with LOTS of energy and aliveness! 2. Out od debt- Financially Free 3. Living the life of my dreams, unleashing the human spirit in organizations, giving people freedom to contribute in organizations -eradicating hiearchies, being highly successful in transitioning companies globally from Industrial/Information Age thinking to whats needed to make organizations work both for the bottom-line AND for the people building the success of each and every organization
  208. Kent said: Reply
    I am going to stop procrastinating stop working out half way stop not doing all the things I want to do.
  209. Happy Happy Birthday Marcia!!! You light up my life and I am Very, Very Grateful!! I appreciate your energy and direction to help me dream again! I will stop procrastinating, not believing in myself and working with a fear of failure. I WILL de-clutter my life, love myself and work to empower others by example.
  210. Susan said: Reply
    No more procrastingating; diet, health and healthy food; calling prospects and closing business; no more debt (spending beyond my means)
  211. Happy belated birthday Marcia! I will stop procrastinating, being hard on myself, and complaining. I will be more efficient in my work, and focus in my yoga routine. Thank you for changing the world!
  212. Diane said: Reply
    I really want to raise my vibration around money. Lots and Lots more money so that I may have the freedom to express and experience what my true inner being intended when I came to live this life! Thank you!
  213. Evelyn said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! My 3 things to say no more to are: Procrastinating, self doubt, and stress. Saying YES to, better health, moving my business forward, and love.
  214. Bron said: Reply
    Happy birthday Marcia :) Three things I will stop doing: 1)making excuses, 2) being so harsh on myself 3) stop being fearful (and therefore stop procrastinating) three things i want to do: 1) follow my passions (which will see me living more), 2) express gratitude more 3) show kindness more (esp to myself) all the best and thank you Bron PS i missed your first email and as this one came at the end of my birthday it feels like it was a present :)
  215. Cathrine said: Reply
    Negative self talk Second guessing my actions/intentions No more denying my heart’s desire
  216. Lidia said: Reply
    I want to stop doing the following:1)thinking of and suffering for the wrong partner; 2)delaying things which I should already be doing; 3)listening to other people moaning and groaning about their everlasting problems. I am committed to: 1) making space for the right partner to come into my life; 2)finding the time to follow my passions; 3)getting more days and weekends off just for myself and my physical and spiritual well-being. And by the way, “Happy Birthday” Marcia, and many happy returns of the day! Lidia
  217. Agueda said: Reply
    I will stop closing the doors of my success, not belive in my wisdom and not been absolutly confident about the future I will start working with all my therapist andhealer skills, write my book and be sure I have every thing I need for a good and peacefull life
  218. Deb said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia and thanks for asking… The 3 things I am going to STOP doing (I mean, …3 things I-am-no-longer-doing…) 1. No more talking about what I can’t afford. 2. No more putting personal needs last. 3. No more negative people! The 3 things I am beginning to do and focus on: 1. Live as if the money is in the bank (not to spend it, just have it there!) 2. Spend time every day doing 1 personal thing from my list. 3. When the conversation turns negative, excuse myself or start a new conversation.
  219. Mahva said: Reply
    Marcia, thank you for this. I hope your birthday was all you dreamed and more. Three things I will stop doing: Creating financial difficulty, living in fear, not being fully responsible for my life. Three things I will start doing: Promoting my business more, working more on my cheesecakes, creating sacred space in my life. Thank you again, and happy, belated, birthday.
  220. I look forward to listening to the replay, since I have a commitment at the same time. I will stop self-destructive thoughts,put things off til the last minute, and stop fearing the NO’s. I will start sharing, caring, and putting into action the coaching tips to create money income to the point I can love giving it where God knows it is needed. :)
  221. Edelmiro said: Reply
    Marcia: Happy belated birthday, mine was last month and never is to late to make a dream true. I want to stop waisting my time on doing irrelevant things, to stop giving excuses for not doing something I was asked for and stop ignoring my responsibilities. I want to devote more time and money to my family, to give all I got to the present so the future will have more, to be honest to myself.
  222. Jerry said: Reply
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR MARCIA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. That was me singing loudly. Thank you for all that you do. I think one million is a great number. You go, girl. 1) No more procrastination. I’m so much better than I used to be, but still have a ways to go. 2) Loving me more, in body, mind, and spirit . 3) Actively look for the joy and the beauty out there.
  223. Lucia said: Reply
    Birthday Greetings. 3 things I will stop doing: -Staying small and ‘safe’ through false modesty or any other method -Engaging in any toxic relationships -Slipping into ‘victim’ mentality, ever 3 things I will start doing: -Speaking my hearts truth, even when risky, in the most loving and skillful way I can, intending the best for all involved, and accepting sometimes it won’t be so skillful but doing it anyway -Embracing a connected social life, even when it feels risky and easier to say no -Dream fearlessly and taking action to create my biggest dreams
  224. Astrid said: Reply
    Less worries on health, finance, get more time to do things I like, and live my dream, make a contribution to the world
  225. Denise said: Reply
    I want to lost the rest of the extra weight I’ve been carrying around. I want to get a job! I want to write a book.
  226. Carmela said: Reply
  227. Jana said: Reply
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARCIA!!! Thank you for adding to the Light in the world by being who you are and doing what you do! Start: Being more self-accepting and believing I am worthy of living my dreams. Stop: Being critical and judgmental toward myself.
  228. 0lyvia said: Reply
    0lyvia: Stop crying, worrying on familly matters and financial problem. Be happy or at least pretend to be. Meet the outside world and stop being a busibody. Thank you Marcia.
  229. Barry said: Reply
    1. Stop being in need of money 2. Stop looking for that perfect loving woman that shares the same wants, loves, and needs as me. (find her) 3. Stop being held back by my past life.
  230. Wolfgang said: Reply
    happy birth day Marcia I need to find something I like to do and pays well at the same time.
  231. Jennifer said: Reply
    To speak from my heart and get out of my head! Play a bigger game of life and to see how I can impact millions to achieve their dreams!
  232. Susan said: Reply
    Interesting that my 60th birthday was only 3 weeks ago. Thank you for this gift, Marcia. I will stop holding my artist self in the background, and start doing pencil portraits again. I will stop procrastinating my book writing, and start by telling everything to my digital recorder so I can get it typed up. I will stop hashing over my last relationship, and start voicing what I am grateful for more than just morning and night.
  233. Amy said: Reply
    Three things I want to stop: complaining, worrying and being hard on myself. Three things I want: to only have things I use or love, to make my savings grow, to laugh more.
  234. Marian said: Reply
    I want to stop: 1)being late for appointments; 2)not being productive; and 3)wasting time or money. I want to start doing:1)finding my passion,2)cultivating hobbies, and 3)let go of the past effortlessly :)
  235. Louise said: Reply
    3 things I will stop doing: 1) procrastinating, 2) diminishing my abilities, 3) over-analyzing my intentions 3 things I will start doing: 1) taking constant, positive action, 2) acknowledge and celebrate my knowledge and experience, 3) when I make choices, act rather sabotage by over thinking
  236. Pamela said: Reply
    Happy Belated Birthday Marcia! I want to stop being afraid to be successful. I want to stop being bored with life and procrastinating on moving into doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. I know my Life’s Purpose and its time to get into action!
  237. Sue said: Reply
    I say no more worrying about my financial dilemma, no more not asking for help, no more denying my self. I will be paid well for my work. I will give hope, love and compassion to those who need it. I will allow others to help me to keep going and live my purpose!
  238. Karen said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating. Stop worrying. Stop focusing on Not having enough money. Start exercizing. Start writing my book again. Focus on my goals and keep to my action plan.
  239. Nancy said: Reply
    No more listening to what others think I should do, I know in my heart what I need/want. No more waiting, I want to START NOW. No more complaining, just watch for signs and then take action! Marcia, this happened to arrive in my in box. I have never met you but from your 30 second commercial, I love your energy! I’m in. I sent this to another friend looking to take this journey with me.
  240. Marian said: Reply
    I’d stop doing are: being late on appointments; wasting time; and not being productive. I’d like to start doing are: finding my passion, cultivating hobbies and let-go the past effortlessly. :) Thanks. Happy Belated B-day!
  241. Carol said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Stop worrying about the need have a job so that I sacrifice my life. To begin living my dream. To stop letting others define me and making myself go on defense. Ideal would be to finally write every day, be able to help others to achieve and to be able to not worry how so much but to just do.
  242. Denise said: Reply
    My dream is to be at peace I wish to feel content as if I have found what it is that I have always been searching for.
  243. Jo-Ann said: Reply
    Procrastination is one of my worst traits – like Scarlett O’Hara said – “Tomorrow is another day” I need to get my team motivated and build them up so we can all make more money. Also doing more constructive things with my time – not playing facebook games :{ Organize my office, become an EUL, and spend more time with my family!
  244. Pamela said: Reply
    Happy belated birthday Marcia! Thanks for sharing your vision and gift. Pamela: Stop the twin “Ps”-procrastination and perfectionism. Let go of linear thinking. Eliminate distractions. Focus on my vision. Take daily action. Do what I say I’m going to do whether I feel like it or not.
  245. Nakeisha said: Reply
    3 things i should stop doing: Stop trying to change stuff outside of my control. Try to focus on one thing at a time. Just try to stay positive!!! 3 things i want to start doing 1.I really want to start putting in the proper work to accomplish my dreams/purpose. 2.Give myself the chance to be everything I want to be,without thinking about the limitations. 3.Just start standing up, doing and going forth boldly!
  246. Phil said: Reply
    I want to stop procastinating on not having a consistent exercise plan, Pursuing my goals and serving my wife. Putting her wishes first and mine 2nd. e things I want to do more of is associating more with and helping people, traveling more and being more positive and confident moving forward making my dreams a reality.
  247. Susan said: Reply
    I must quit procrastinating. I must stop complaining. I must figure out why I seem to be in a time warp (how come I only get 12 hour days?). I need to 1)get organized, 2)quit getting side-tracked 3)believe in myself.
  248. Essirah said: Reply
    I will no longer procrastinate. I will no longer live my life as though I am a spectator in my own life. I will live and empower others to live the live of their dreams
  249. Not valuing My time, procrastinating, and not being consistent. I would like to be move loving, I would like to see small steps paying off, and I would like to express myself more creatively.
  250. Lois said: Reply
    stop the fear, worry, procrastination trap stop undervaluing myself and my time start dreaming bigger
  251. Dilys said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thanks for the invitation. Here’s what I want stop doing:1) Procrastinating; 2) Negative self talk 3) increasing the clutter and lack of focus To do:1) start living my life with a purpose 2) start loving myself more 3) start my own business
  252. Lydia said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! 1.)To stop procrastinating and only do things that I love and spend time with people I love.2.) Practice my keyboard everyday and get those private and public gigs in our area 3.) Lose those 10lbs I have been talking about for years!
  253. Happy belated birthday Marcia. Stop worrying Become firm in my needs and wants Become more motivated with exercise etc.
  254. Karen said: Reply
    Stop wasting time and living more. Finding how to help more people. Loving myself. Blessing
  255. Annie said: Reply
    Spend more time living in the “happy zone” and find friends who want the same!
  256. Rk said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating on organizing/cleaning junk drawers Stop worrying about things I have no control of Stop buying junk I will walk/exercise daily Do something toward my employment goal Write down where money is spent Happy Birthday
  257. Sherry said: Reply
    1. Stop over-thinking about my business plans 2. Stop complaining about the cold weather 3. Stop being impatient 1. Start trusting myself and go for it 2. Start fully enjoying this time in my life 3. Start giving full attention to who and where I am at that moment
  258. Diana said: Reply
    I will stop listening to and believing the critical voice in my head 2)I will stop believing that I am responsible for my adult childrens lives3) I will stop believing that I am not worthy of financial security and an abundant life I will start daily affirming my worth and value as the beautiful soul that I am 2. I will allow others to have their own experiences 3. I will start releasing control of how my abundance flows to me
  259. Sheila said: Reply
    no more playing small, no more self criticism, no more hopelessness; lots more self-love, entertaining possibility,spiritual practice
  260. Julia said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Thanks for this opportunity. I want to complete projects before I start others. Maybe 2 or 3 projects at a time, but not 10.
  261. Debbie said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, Happy Belated birthday! Thanks for all you do to help me dream and focus on what’s possible! The things I want to stop doing:Worrying about money; 2)Trying to help others (too much); 3) Letting fear get in the way The things I want more of: 1)FUN; 2)LAUGHTER; 3)DANCING; 4)SEX
  262. Marietta said: Reply
    Start doing: 1. Stick to my new eating guidelines 2. Dream about positive outcomes of things I want to do 3. Give myself permission to move on…even when those I love do not choose to do so Stop doing: 1. No more giving in to sabatoging behaviors 2. Stop procrastinating. Do it…delegate it… or drop it 3. Stop trying to stay safe… make peace with risk
  263. Paula said: Reply
    Stop doing: 1) Tolerating the clutter in my bedroom and office; 2) Defending/resisting judgments and critiques about me, my life, or about life in general; 3) No longer embrace the learned identities that don’t serve my purpose. Three things I’ll commit to doing: 1) Courage to move toward my freedom; 2) Identify what brings me joy and be/do more of it; 3) Attract my livelihood from the joy and connections of my heart.
  264. Cherie said: Reply
    Hi Marcia – Happy Belated Birthday! “What a delightful difference one single life makes…yours.”
  265. Jocelyn said: Reply
    Happy Birthday ! Thanks for letting us share with you too… *Stop feeling like I have to take care of everyone’s feelings. *Too much concern for others first and not enough taking care of my needs first without feeling guilty. *Being able to feel alive and happy if i make money and want to spend it on me.
  266. Stephen said: Reply
    I’m going to 1) stop complaining when obstacles appear, 2) stop working all the time, and 3) stop worrying about past disasters in my life. I’m going to start 1) exercising consistently each week, 2) smiling every day, and 3) being more patient.
  267. Cindy said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Unfortunately I can’t join the live webcast but would love to lisen to it at a later time. Here are my things. :) Stop: Procrastinating Worrying Self Doubt Start: Finishing eliminating clutter Allowing time each day to reflect and renew connection with Spirit Visioning my dream life and life’s purpose
  268. Robyn said: Reply
    Stop worrying about future. Stop needing to take care of others. Stop neglecting myself. Learn to live 1 day at a time. Learn to trust what I am doing is right where I should be. Accepting what is…
  269. VIBIANA said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Stop procrastinating Stop sabotaging myself Stop minimizing my success Start making an action plan Start following the action plan Start behaving in a more positive, proactive manner
  270. Marva said: Reply
    Thank you very much….funny I have just decided to start and stop a few things last week. This is perfect timing!!! Southall
  271. Hella said: Reply
    1) stop considering other needs before mine 2) stop being on Automatic 3)stop watching TV till 11 am 1) be more present 2) make a list of priorities 3) spend more time outdoors excersising,gardening,meditating.
  272. Yvonne said: Reply
    Start painting again especially let my spiritually inspired visions come through spontaneously the way they used too.Now is the time.Yvonne
  273. Jeanne said: Reply
    I am going to stop just talking about my business ideas and actually start my business! I also will stop dwelling on the past and just let it be in the past! And I WILL get off my butt and do something, even if it’s just taking a walk!
  274. Doris said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Thanks for all you do
  275. Leo said: Reply
    1 thing that would make me happy, if I knew how to talk to my wife and find out more about her. I’ve known her only 21 years which is practically still honeymoon time. Our 2 kids are grown up now and I want to start a love affair with her again. Is there anything you can advise me on? Best wishes for your birthday from Leo
  276. Althea said: Reply
    I would like to stop procrastinating. I would like to stop losing control of my emotions. I would like to stop being fearful about my health and my future. I want to live a more healthy lifestyle, eat better, exercise more. I would like to start my business and start making money. I would like to travel the world with my family.
  277. Happy Birthday Marcia! I want to stop being afraid of what others think about me, about my projects and whether of not they are “important” I want to stop dumbing myself down and holding myself back I want to stop trying to mold myself to what I think the world wants to see, this has clearly not worked!
  278. Susan said: Reply
    I want to stop giving up on life. I want to make time to have one. Happy Birthday!!!!….and thank you for all you do for people.
  279. Teri said: Reply
    Happy Belated Birthday Marcia: My three things I need to stop doing: 1- Stop procrastinating 2- Stop saying yes so much, I need to learn to say no 3- Stop all these negative feelings. Like I am all fired up and things are going my way and then bam!! Something happens and it knocks me back down again. Once again I get depressed and is put on the back burner.
  280. Paulette said: Reply
  281. Jo-Ann said: Reply
    Going to get my office organized and decide on filing system that makes sense for me(to free up 8 hours to my week) Going to make weekly calles to my team members, Going to re-do my prospect list of 300 names and start calling from the top, while ignoring my fears! Thanks and happy birthday!
  282. Cindy said: Reply
    1) I am starting this week to pack our home of 22 years to move to our Dream Ranch to begin our Dream Work with Horses!! 2) Starting a more active engagement in rehabing my body now three months healed from chronic sciatic pain as I am abble to demand more of my body; 3)Chant even more than I am…. The only stopping that comes up is resisting fully Being the Magician I AM….
  283. Angela said: Reply
    Stop “rescuing” people that are causing their own problems. Replace that with “rescuing” myself. Stop blaming others for not helping me with my goals when I have helped them so much by realizing I have not clarified my goals and shared that information with them. I must make my goals crystal clear and define the part I need others to play. Stop feeling dispair over not figuring out how to accomplish my goal of living a “bi-coastal” life and figure how to accomplish it.
  284. Karen said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating, less judgement of myself and others. To spend more time in my heart space being creative and value my gifts.
  285. Jo-ann said: Reply
    Going to get my office organized and decide on one filing system that makes sense to me (to free up 8-10 hours a week) Going to make regular weekly calls to my team members Re-do my list of 300 contacts and start calling from top of list while ignoring my fears!
  286. Stuart said: Reply
    Comment worth repeating, as it fits me too: “Happy Birthday. Stop doing; Stop worrying, Stop procrastinating, not being able to value and schedule my time profitably. Start reading & listening to motivational books, tapes and how to change my self talk tapes & books; start practice doing it whether it is convenient or not; begin to learn to schedule my time according to priority daily.
  287. I am going to stop letting the worry of money rule my life and thoughts. I will do what is right for ME, not always to please others. I will accept myself.
  288. LORI said: Reply
    Number one is to quit being afraid to bring myself out of my shell Quit judging others and myself Quit procrastinating Three things I’m already doing is to think positive about every situation start taking better care of myself confront all my fears head on that’s what’s holding my back
  289. Michele said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating, self sabotaging and wasting time. Start laughing more, take time for self and be more proactive.
  290. Marlene said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, I am a Libra girl too… lucky us!! I WILL; Stop worrying about money, stop procrastinating,stop spending money unnecessarily. I WILL; find the perfect part time job, finish getting my home loan modification with a significantly lower payment, be organized
  291. Mary said: Reply
    Trying not to feeling overwelmed having to fix things that have gotten so old in my house and needs repairing and trying to find the right person to fix it.Someone you can trust and be honest in what they charge you.Over coming the grief of my husband dieing and move on with my life.
  292. Zoe said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia! I will stop going into “analysis paralysis”, stop procrastinating, and stop talking myself out of things and playing small I will start-doing at least 3 acts per day that will bring my 2 businesses to fruition,appreciate my husband and children more (and let them know it!!!) and step into the life I know awaits me by dreaming BIG!!!
  293. Drew said: Reply
    Spend more time where I love being-outdoors. Spend less time worrying on matters beyond my control. Making more efficient use of my time/efforts; wasting less of my energy. Doing more good things with good people. Learning new things.
  294. Krystal said: Reply
    stop not believing in myself, stop under valueing myself, stop sabotagging myself. Namaste
  295. Fay said: Reply
    Happy Birthday. I am just out of hospital (25 days), so I hopw I will be well enough to listen to your lecture.
  296. Mary said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! There are three things that I need help with procrastinating, lose weight & putting self first.
  297. San said: Reply
    Start doing-Every day I do 5 things towards the growth of my business. Start Follow up with people who have not got back with me. Start keeping my eye on the dream when I want to give up. Stop doing – Having negative people speak into my life. Stop procrastinating when feeling down. Stop self doubting myself.
  298. Laurie said: Reply
    Stop: 1. Going to a job that provides no sense of satisfaction, whatsoever. 2. Settling for less in my personal life (relationships, work, events) 3. Complaining Start: 1. Focusing on and moving more closely toward my purpose of helping others gain a sense of self-defined strengths. 2. Have fun! 3. Get a new job.
  299. Maureen said: Reply
    Stop:(1) making negative self references particularly with respect to aging: (2) worrying about whether people do or do not like me (especially my daughter’s prospective in-laws):(3) being self-conscious and apprehensive about dancing in public because of fear of looking foolish Will (try) to be: (1) more self appreciating; (2) more appreciative of the people who genuinely do appear to value me in their lives;(3) less self-conscious and build confidence by dancing more Have an absolutely fabulous birthday!
  300. Rosalie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! I’d like to stop procrastinating, judging my self, over-puttering which wastes time, worrying, being afraid, escaping, and not acting on my dreams. I’d like to start getting rid of more clutter once and for all, create a better and more sacred living space, manage my time more effectively, build up my confidence, take conscious action toward my goals, dance more, start doing yoga regularly again, and spend more time outdoors in the fresh air.
  301. Violet said: Reply
    Stop judging and criticising. Learn to be happy every day.
  302. Thank you Marcia! I’m stopping keeping busy with useless “stuff”, running around, being self critical. I’m being faithful to myself, doing what is right for me and respecting myself (food and otherwise)
  303. Marj said: Reply
    I am going to stop procrastinating, stop wasting my energy worrying,and stop wasting my time surfing the Internet when I could be doing more productive/enjoyable activities…. I am going to set aside 45 minutes daily to meditate and journal,start appreciating and utilizing my talents, and taking daily action steps towards achieving my dream.
  304. Dena said: Reply
    Stop: 1)undervaluing my services, 2) procrastinating exercise, and 3) holding back on my creative expression. Start: 1)open up to receive, 2) immerse myself in the joy of daily connection with the earth and my body, and 3)allowing myself time and space to fully live my dream life
  305. - stop procrastination. – stop being persuaded easily, learning to say no. – stop putting myself down or doubting my abilities.
  306. Bubbles said: Reply
    1. stop wasting time and stay focused 2. make exercise more of a priority 3. charge what I am worth
  307. Cynthia said: Reply
    stop doing things that don’t bring results, stop thinking i can’t do something, and stop waiting for other people to help me and putting others first. start a clear, concise vision for myself and my work start completing everything that is fun and beneficial, start having more fun!
  308. Leah said: Reply
    Stop mismanaging time, stop worry about finances, stop emotional eating. Start planning my day and life with action steps to move toward my goals, start making money by being fearless and going for the opportunity, honor my body by excercising mental over emotion.
  309. Sylvia said: Reply
    Happy Birthday to us! I will stay positive in my dream and focus on delivering the right message to the people that I am pursuing as prospective clients! Body enrichment and Healthful living! THE past is over and done!
  310. Violet said: Reply
    Three things to STOP doing: 1) Feeling self-conscious when addressing an audience. 2) Stop feeling guilty if someone criticizes my recently published book. 3) Comparing myself and my book to other authors and books. Three things to START DOING. 1) Finding the RIGHT person or comnpany that will help me promote my book so that it will become a movie. 2) Finding sources that will help me move forward without costing a lot of money. 3) Asking friends and contacts to help promote my book to their friends and contacts.
  311. Jackie said: Reply
    I want to stop being around toxic people and toxic work situations. I want to start realizing my potential, and step into my greatness.
  312. Bubbles said: Reply
    I look forward to it.
  313. Jean said: Reply
    Buying things just because they’re on sale. I will start calling friends more often.
  314. Michael said: Reply
    In 2012 I will stop: 1. Making money merely working for others instead of working toward my own dreams. 2. eating anything that I don’t enjoy or that doesn’t nourish or nurture me and support my health and fitness goals. 3. wasting time and money in ways that delay the realization of my goals and dreams. I will start: 1. Journal writing and writing for solo performance. 2. exercising daily and training to dance in solo performance. 3. singing daily and training to sing in solo performance. (Thanks Marcia, this was already helpful!)
  315. Peggy said: Reply
    I want to start dancing … in my living room and socially. I want to offer more tele-seminars in 2012 I want to nurture myself with down time right now I can’t think of what I want to stop… I am usually good about honoring myself..
  316. Robin said: Reply
    Thank you and Happy Birthday Marcia. Well I have completed many things on my bucket list but I find I need clarity in many other aspects such as defineing what I need for retirement and make financial choices to do that this year 2011. Things I want to stop doing is getting lost in paperwork and become more organized. In organizinge my paperwork I hope it will orgainze my mind and therefore my life
  317. Sherry said: Reply
    THank you for this opportunity
  318. Jane said: Reply
    1. exercise more- willingly 2.spend quiet time with myself 3.have more time listening to others 1.stop procrastinating bills in a timely manner 3.stop talking-more listening HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA !!!! make new memories!!!
  319. Carole said: Reply
    I will put myself first. I will believe in myself I will know I am good enough
  320. Joseph said: Reply
    no more keeping up with bad news, asked God for all directions
  321. Bronwen said: Reply
    Stop the food addictions that don’t serve my health. Stop living in cluttered chaos . Stop fixating and fussing over stuff that drains my creative energy. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin by making great choices to be healthier and stronger . I want to freely express myself and create my art work in a more organized space. I want to continue my inspiring travels to meet artists and learn by doing.
  322. Diane said: Reply
    Complaining Procrastinating Piling up paperwork Clearing e-mail/paperwork daily Enumerating the positives Start with least-desired task first
  323. Max said: Reply
    No more procrastination, No clutter and disorganization I focus on my business and igniting men and women to achieve their best
  324. Divora said: Reply
    I will be in a meeting 1) organize 2) stop procrastinating 3) be gentler w myself
  325. Nancy said: Reply
    Stop: 1) Stressing about things I cannot change 2) Thinking negative 3)Wasting time Start 1)Look for the positive side to situations 2)Make time for “me” things 3)Believe in my capability to succeed.
  326. Patricia said: Reply
    Patsi – time management organisation, stop procrastinating, action towards my goals.
  327. Manuel said: Reply
    1) No more loneliness…..being sociable 2) Stop critizicing women and love them instead 3) Feel lucky making money from different sources
  328. Barbara said: Reply
    I want to stop having clutter. I want to stop hindering my daughter. I want to stop overspending. I want to have a home that is beautiful clutter free. I want to support my daughter and help her heal and flourish and be independent. I want to be wise with money obtain the loan mod and be savvy I also want to loose wight and be fit and enjoy y life with those I love.
  329. Karen said: Reply
    Stop worrying about money, stop wasting my time, stop devaluing myself. It’s time to stand up for me, create my perfect environment and allow my business dreams to come true!
  330. Lynnette said: Reply
    Stop being scared to take chances Stop procrastinating Stop making excuses Start going for it Start feeling confidence Start knowing I’m in control
  331. Tamiel said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, In 2012; I promise myself that I will stop placing others needs above my own; as all of my children are grown. I will finish the next five teaching levels of “The Seraphim Blue Print” and takes classes to teach “The Metatronic Keys” and teach more. I will stop procrastration and finish my second children’s book. I will stop letting my own appearance go simply because my hands dont’t work now as well as they did in my 20’s and 30’s. I promise myself to publish and promote “I’m Special”, the first in a series of five. I promise myself that I will finish the second book on paper as it is in my mind, fully written, and place it on paper others can read. I promise myself to spend more time looking for the syncronicity in finding a publisher/agent/mentor to help me sell the books, classes and myself.
  332. Gale said: Reply
    I am going to stop procrastinating. I am going to study daily, read all the supporting and other books, work on all the stuff that needs to be done so that I can list the house and sell it, and I am going to make a vision board so that I can put a picture of my new house, more money and everything I need to deep going alone with success. I also want to keep magnifying my intuitive and healing powers. Happy Birthday….. Mine was a few weeks ago… my clock is running backwards and I am heading back towards 21! Yippee!
  333. TJ said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia! Playing small, self sabotage and putting myself last. Its time to step forward, self care and supporting my dreams, too. :)
  334. K said: Reply
    Birthdays often create the opportunity to reflect on where we are and where we want to go. Thanks, and hope you had a blast! Stop… – being incongruent with my beliefs – complaining – playing small Be… – the spiritual being that I am – happy at where I am – strong…knowing that I can accomplish anything :o) Karen
  335. Jacqui said: Reply
    STOP: worrying even a little bit STOP: being small STOP: expecting just enough START: REALLY believing God START: breathing and speaking with courage and confidence to give everything God has given me to give from the depths of my heart. START: expectation of giddy abundance for life Hope you had a wonderfully happy birthday, Marcia, and continue to have very fulfilling and happy days.
  336. Elena said: Reply
    1. I have a project I want to complete, but have been putting it off due to the fact that I may be moving soon. Packing stuff (after 42 yrs) is quite a chore. 2. I want to stop feeling anxious about all the transactions I am going through to make my moving to a new house happen. 3. I want to learn how to relax without feeling guilty for not using my time in a constant productive manner.
  337. Carlene said: Reply
    Hi Marcia and Happy belated Birthday! Things to stop: 1) Stop letting the past take up my time and stop the bad thoughts that arise because of the past. 2) Stop letting other people make me feel guilty if I don’t do everything they want and give so much of my time to others that there is none left for me. 3) Stop the feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth that have been instilled in me by others. Things to do: 1) Work towards my dream of buying a place where I can have land and start my horse therapy program for abused women. 2) Start a website or facebook page to offer support to women who have been emotionally and verbally abused. 3) Continue to work on acceptance and surrender to what is and that the universe is there to help if I just pay attention and listen and not fight my life course but accept this is the course my life is on and be grateful for what I have and let the universe lead me and show me the way.
  338. Suzanne said: Reply
    I wish I had 2 million euros tax-free so that I could go for some special and private dreams (One is ivf), one is for healing, one is to buy a self-sufficient and green house/land. All of this takes money. Thanks and happy birthday.
  339. Larry said: Reply
    sorry I will be at a meeting then.
  340. Gwen said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia & thanks for the opportunity. No more procrastinating No more putting myself second No more wasting time
  341. Your Birthday gift is also mine my day was 15th No more allowing my husband to demoralize me with his mouth and I put him on notice of that. No more operating m business out of fear of what I look like or what people think or feel (Jesus said it make no sense to worry and I must pay attention to him,if you’re following some one then you must pay attention to their instructions)
  342. Tricia said: Reply
    Stop self doubt, being overly critical, and allowing fear to prevent any forward movement. Start initiating self-empowerment, saying yes to life and opening myself to opportunities beyond my imagination!
  343. Marcia, Bless you for doing this. HOW DO I CONVINCE MYSELF I AM ALREADY GOOD ENOUGH? I do not need to read another book, lose weight, etc. Not feeling good enough is what is blocking me from putting into the world the work I came here to do. 2) HOW DO I KNOW THE WORK IS GOOD ENOUGH? 3) What is enough anyway?
  344. Patty said: Reply
    Happy Birthday!! And thank you for gifting your wisdom to help us live our dreams. 3 things I want to start doing: 1) believing I CAN and knowing all is possible 2) acting on my intuition and 3)forgiving myself and others while I stop procrastinating, self-sabataging and doubting myself. At 60, it’s time for me to let go of worry & fear and live my life full of gratitude, love and abundance.
  345. Debra said: Reply
    I will stop wasting my time. I will stop fearing success. I will stop procrastinating. I will be more grateful for what I have. I finish my masters. I will set up the 4 workshops that I am teaching. I will put a stake in the ground and book a venue. Happy Birthday Marcia and thank-you
  346. Stop procrastination. No waiting for other to do for me what I can & should do for myself. Enjoy life. Look for beauty & joy in every day & everyone. Remind myself I am what I want to be.
  347. Peggy said: Reply
    Thank you for this opportunity to wish you a very happy year! I will STOP waiting for others to lead the way, STOP worrying about things I cannot change, STOP waiting for my man to change, I will CHANGE! I will GROW! I Will LOVE! Hugs from Peggy
  348. Barbara said: Reply
    This is perfect! October 18th is my birthday!!
  349. Caralee said: Reply
    I want to stop: – Being openly critical of people – Filling my life doing “little stuff” like cleaning, cooking, etc. – procrastinating about being fit I intend to: – start a daily meditation & reading – sign up for a course – work on a new vision for myself
  350. Shelly said: Reply
    Stop Doing: 1)procrastinating 2)disorganized 3)saying yes to everyone and everything Start Doing: 1) plan my day 2) make personal time for myself 3) stay debt free (as I am now)
  351. Ed said: Reply
    Marcia Belated Happy Birthday. STOP: 1. Thinking and playing small 2. Going it alone 3. Underestimating my abilities START: 1. Reengaging my personal practices 2. Scoring completions on my incompletes 3. Taking time to relax and recharge so that I can play ‘full out’ 4. Take more time to comment on blog posts! All the best.
  352. Kathy said: Reply
    Stop doing- 1-complaining 2-taking things personal 3-thinking negitively Start doing-1-appreciating 2-healthier 3- more abundance
  353. Carol said: Reply
    I want to stop procrastinating and to start zeroing in on what I’m gifted in so that I can begin to grow and live in that sweet spot.
  354. Dorothy said: Reply
    Marica, Happy Birthday and thank you for your message (to me and others) at our event in Denver this weekend (Oct 15). I want to stop the slow growth of my business and welcome the speed at which our business grows. I want to get out of my office and into my community speaking my truth and living my passion. I closed my calendar this morning and opened a new one – that opens to my vision and only has move forward events! Again, I thank you and wish you a great year!
  355. Rita said: Reply
    I don”t want this to be part of my life: Complaining, worry about health, worry about debt. I do want this to be part of my life: Laughter, to become an EFT trainer, to believe in myself consistently and to appreciated as a painter.
  356. Michele said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! I hope it was an awesome day and I wish you the most fantastic year ever! 1. stop suppressing my joy 2. Live from my authentic self! 3. celebrate me! 4. get my business rock-n-rollin’ and having a blast during creation and growth and abundance!
  357. Sue said: Reply
    I will stop stressing about having enough money to pay my bills, stop procrastinating about getting my desk organized, stop spending too much time on my computer that is not work related. P.S. Belated birthday wishes!
  358. Ajay said: Reply
    Start 1.Teaching 2.Learning about Nutrition 3.Achieving my Business Targets this FY. Stop 1.Worrying 2.Doubting others 3.Being Anxious
  359. I will stop: – wasting time and energy on people who don’t want to be a team player – waiting for someone or something to ‘save me’ – watching for disappointments and then wallowing in them Today, I am starting a renewed commitment to: – opening doors of opportunity so that I will become self-employed and self-reliant – creating abundance so that I can celebrate my financial and personal freedom – self-mastery and self-confidence by taking care of my physical and emotional health with clearly defined loving actions that I follow through on.
  360. Glenda said: Reply
    I will stop being lazy, playing games in stead of working at my writing and crafts. I will stop giving the store away and collect money for my talents that I work hard to make perfect. I will stop living around everyone’s life and live my life!
  361. Linda said: Reply
    I want to stop waiting for a man. I want to stop seeing people negatively. I want to stop being less than I can be.
  362. Kim said: Reply
    STOP: 1. Over-analyzing the plan because perfectionism paralyzes. 2. Wasting too much time on the internet (aimless surfing). 3. Looking for the next best thing and thereby not committing to the task at hand. START: 1. Write more (blogging & organizing notes for book). 2 Listening to God more. 3. Guest blogging with fellow life coaches.
  363. Brenda said: Reply
    stop trying to do everything; get focussed on cash flow increase only so I can increase money to stop stressing about it; increase my expert visibility.
  364. Stop coming from a shallow place, stop thinking others are better than me, stop believing I am unworthy of happiness and pleasure. I will start coming from a deeper place which is my true self, believe that I have qualities that allow me to be successful, and start believing that I deserve all good.
  365. Rosa said: Reply
    Happy B’Day Marcia! and thank you so much for your generosity and kindness, the 3 things I will stop doing are; looking back, procrastinate and go with the flow. The 3 things I will start doing are; continue dreaming and setting goals, develop strategies to reach and execute my goals and live life to the fullest. With gratitude!!
  366. No more procrastinating Stop wishing and start doing what makes me happy I want a six figure income from my business per year
  367. Julie said: Reply
    I want to stop being self critical, stop worrying about the details and letting them get in the way of the bigger vision and stop judging! I want to start earning big to support myself, my close people and the world; I want to create global harmony in collaboration, I want to facilitate intercultural understanding. Yay!
  368. Pat said: Reply
    Hope your birthday was wonderful. Thanks for caring for others. Here is my list of 3 things to stop. Be blessed, Pat 1. I want to stop speaking loud. 2. I want to stop procrastinating. 3. I want to stop being lazy.
  369. Tam said: Reply
    Marcia, thank you for the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday and to express my wants and my I-don’t-wants. I am willing and ready to leave behind outside distractions, people who can’t hold up their end of business, feeling shy about charging my worth. I welcome into my life opportunities to spread my message to the masses, increased income and personal freedom in the form of complete self-employment, my second marriage and all the joy that it contains. Have your cake and eat it, too, Marcia! Tam I Am
  370. Pam said: Reply
    No more procrastinating No more “shoulding myself” And No More thinking that if it’s worthwhile it’s hard and stressful! I say YES to joy YES to I am perfect right here, right now and in this moment Yes to trusting that the universe knows how I can concentrate on the what! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  371. Peter said: Reply
    Hi everyone! Firstly, Happy Birthday! Never met you Marcia but I hope you had a great one! Here are the 3 things I wanna stop doing: 1. I wanna stop working for someone else (unless it’s in the rescue field. I’m currently working in the hospital as an RN but would rather have the freedom of working for myself, unless I’d be working in the alpine rescue team – in my country – Poland, but I haven’t figured out how to make a living out of that yet) 2. I wanna stop procrastinating – doesn’t get you anywhere! 3. I wanna stop being late everywhere – it’s bloody annoying for me and others ;) And here are the 3 things that I wanna start doing: 1. First and most important would be just the opposite to what I’ve written in the 1 sentence from the previous group: I wanna have an online business that gives me freedom and supports me financially, so the rest of my time I could spend training and saving lives! 2. I wanna learn how to play guitar. I played piano and pipe organ as a child but my dream was always electric guitar. 3. Lastly, I wanna travel the world! Can’t say that I wanna start doing it, because I’ve already seen a few places, but I wanna do a lot more of that, meet more fantastic people and have a lot more fun! I’m actually planning a trip up north to Central/Northern Australia, so unfortunatelly I won’t be able to join you live, but would love to watch it when I get back (that is if crocs won’t decide that I’m yummy ;) I wish you and everyone else in the group All the Best and i’m looking forward to watching you in the video soon! Best Wishes Peter
  372. Elsa said: Reply
    First, Happy Birthday, Marcia. Then, 3 things that don’t make me happy: keeping words inside, esp re positive feelings, through fear of feeling hurt by the responses; procrastinating; poor time management. 3 things I welcome: getting stuff into the world in a big way – breakthrough; good love relationship – connection; earning well for what I do.
  373. Brenda said: Reply
    Right on Kelly, you’re reading my mind. Couldn’t have said it better, neater, shorter or truer.
  374. Jamie said: Reply
    1.stop obsesseing about my health 2.Live more prayerfully 3.Live in gratitude 1.I share kindness 2.Practice mindfullness 3.Love the nature around me
  375. Gloria said: Reply
    Things to stop doing 1.Stop focusing on things that make me sad. 2.Stop getting hooked into arguments. 3.Stop trying to pull others along who don’t want to come with me. Things that matter. 1.Feeling joy. 2.Connecting and Co-creating with others 3.Being inspired and inspiring others.
  376. Elaine said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating; stop eating too much; stop spending so much time on TV and computer. I would like to declutter and organize my house ;work on being healthy and fit; start researching a new career/life path
  377. Laurie said: Reply
    I am workingpart time so that I can be available for my 83 year old parents and my 16 year old son. I am finishing my Masters in Health Education I have one toe in my next career. I want to be fully present with my parents and son (and college kids and husband) and trust that the timing will work out and well paid meaningful part time work is mine. Laurie
  378. Karen said: Reply
    I will let go of the childhood hurts, doubts and fears that still haunt (and hinder) me today. I will embrace a loving, creative, new career that helps others move forward in their own lives, I will build financial stability for my family, and I will trust God in the small matters as well as the large ones. Thanks, Marcia, for all you do for others. Happy birthday!
  379. Rose said: Reply
    I need to stop worring about money. I need to let go and let God. I need to have a better understanding of my relarionship with my husband before we both call it quits.
  380. Perri said: Reply
    I want to quit stopping myself before I ever get started. I want to forge ahead with my business ideas. Find the time to continue learning. Encourage myself and my family to have more fun…now…not later!
  381. CANDIE said: Reply
    Stop being so hard on myaelf for taking a new direction in my life, stop worring and stressing. Start looking forward to all the good things i have.
  382. Katrina said: Reply
    With gratitude to you and all or us shifting the energy at this time. Moving from entrained Doing to living and creating through Divine Being. Letting go of the stories of the past(32 year marriage recently ended), living in the NOW, knowing the joy of the infinite possibilities. Dissolving fear with trust of my souls true nature, live in my divine feminine. With Love and Light, Katrina
  383. Cindi said: Reply
    Stop feeling tied to a clock and begin to just enjoy life even tho I have many appts in a day…to “be there” for my clients in the now. Get back to exercising! I can really feel the difference in my body.
  384. Sylvanne said: Reply
    i want to add a zero to my paycheck in my business of weight loss and nutrional cleansing. I want to stop procrastinating or pushing back things i know i should do. I want to spend more time with family and make every conversation intentional
  385. Cheryl said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Three things that don’t make me happy….procrastination in dealing with clutter in my life, knowing what I want to do but letting fear hold me back from taking the “next logical step”, not accepting myself as I am. Three things I want to do….get out there to meet new people, lose 30 pounds, love myself unconditionally. Looking forward to the call!
  386. Lynn said: Reply
    Happy Belated B-day Marcia!So glad you are offering a replay as I’m already booked for my monthly visioning with Dianna Amorde. My three things I’m stopping – self-judgement, eating sugar, thinking small. My three things I’ve started doing – a gratitude journal for all the wonderful attributes of me that reinforce that I’m more then enough; exercising every day by taking at least one short walk (that may mean parking at the far side of a parking lot!); when I think of something in the future I magnify the results 1000 fold! And, thanks for asking!
  387. Nate said: Reply
    I would like to eliminate my procrasinating,my hesitancy & my self-doubts.
  388. Micky said: Reply
    I will stop letting negative people affect me and my desires. I will stop letting people take advantage of me. I will stop letting people belittle my dreams. I will find a way to make the things I want happen without worrying about it. I will only allow people who are good for me into my life. I will make a more positive life for my family and myself.
  389. Eueu said: Reply
    Happy Birthday to you. Thank you for your birthday gift. To stop: taking on too much at a time. Do more of: being thankful and showing it.
  390. Diane said: Reply
    No more wishing my life was different…I want my life to be different. I want more weight loss, more building my business and more committed relationships.
  391. Marian said: Reply
    Stop picking up literature to read, making excuses, running late. Start getting 7 hours of sleep each night, start showering at least 1x a week, start taking all my prescribed medicine every day at the right time.
  392. Shauna said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Look forward to seeing you! I want to stop procrastinating, stop taking on more than I can do,lose weight. More happiness: find out what lights me up in the sense of moving into a new life as this phase (of caring for an elderly parent) is ending, get back into social life…my life!
  393. Carol said: Reply
    What makes me happy is being with friends and my beautiful daughters, thinking positive thoughts of gratitude and nourishing my spiritual and physical needs through excercise and reflection. Worry, judgement and anger do not make me happy so I will stop doing them!
  394. Faith said: Reply
    Not letting “Fear” stop me.
  395. Éva said: Reply
    I’ve forgot the second part: I will start ( make me happy): Living my own life in my own sweet home :) I am a sucsessfull therapeutist and life coach I take a part in Richard Bartlett’s and Tony Robbins’ seminar in December. thanks…:)
  396. Kate said: Reply
    Embarrassed to say, but struggling. I quit smoking 10 years ago and here I am now doing it again. I have been having a hard time being committed to being smoke free. I go away no problem and then I come home and can’t wait to have a smoke…no one knows about this its a secret and its really having an impact on my life, creating my dreams and my relationships. I want to stop being a victim…it seems I slide in there. I know I am responsible in my life and for my life and all I create and I have been stuck. I have been less committed to my overall health and eat things that don’t necessarily support me…not that I am eating junkfood, but making less than choices. What I want…I want to sing publicly 1x a month or 2. It keeps me in the groove of creation and inspiration. I want to become leaner and cleaner and healthier. I want to make a difference in more peoples lives in their health and their wealth.
  397. Éva said: Reply
    Depending on somebody or something, being (thinking and feeling) poor, strugling (about myself, money, my children etc.)
  398. Rox said: Reply
    I will stop Procastinating, being afraid, I will start exercising 5 days a week and will focus on losing 20 pounds
  399. Aideen said: Reply
    3 things that I want to do: Lose 20lbs; Bring my love life beyond limitations and monitor my fniances more closely. 3 things to reduce: eating out; watching TV; waiting!
  400. Ranu said: Reply
    Value myself more Establish a more effective relationship with my son
  401. Dariah said: Reply
    Stop judging myself and others……..Stop procrastinating Stop doubting my abilities. Now, I will play a Bigger Game in 2012.
  402. Shirley said: Reply
    Three things that don’t make me happy: Not being true to myself, procrastinating and constant worrying. Instead I intend to: Be true to myself – stop trying to be what others expect me to be, take action and trust my inner wisdom and have faith all is well.
  403. Michaela said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, thank you for this opportunity and happy belated birthday! 3 things I will try to stop doing is getting distracted, not charging enough and trying to make time for everyone and every thing. Things that I want to do: 1)Following up on contacts and leads 2) keep my commitments 3) Make time for my family and friends
  404. Karen said: Reply
    stop doing: judging others and myself,waisting the day by being lazy, doing things too much on the surface (reading a book and not getting it, doing someone a favor butnot wholeheartedly etc..). start: 20 min. daily meditation, finding a job and sticking to it…, let go of anger to my mom.
  405. Marica said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, Happy Birthday. I want to stop rushing around, procrastinating and wasting time. I want to be more focused, meditate more and achieve my dreams.
  406. Nkem said: Reply
    No more filling the ‘small space’! No more dwelling on and making other’s opinion my reality!! No more to procrastination!!! Now I become the messenger I’m made to be. I take up responsibility now to make my business work and I charge a fee that reflects my worth. Nkem
  407. GINGER said: Reply
    I want to to stop putting things off.They may me feel icky when I see they are still not done or even started! I want to stop spending non productive time on computer and be more focused on my business (home based–a blessing and a curse in a way)I want to start believing and living like my dream is “in progress” not something that I still need to “get started”. And I want to become more disciplined and motivated to “get things done–unclutter my life, home, etc. so I can move forward. I want to find a local social group of “like minded” thinkers that I can be a part of, who I can encourage and who encourage me. I want to stop staying home so much and get out with people. (I want to stop worrying about what people think and do what makes me happy! I want to be able to speak more confidently in public.
  408. JoAnne said: Reply
    Marcia HAPPY BIRTHDAY…….I first saw you on Spiritual Cinema. Blew me away…loved what you had to say. Then found out you were speaking at our convention…….WOW. Powerful message. I took so much away and my team did also. My daughter was there and you said to her what I’ve been trying to say but she needed to hear it from you…THANK YOU My 3 things are…… I am quitting living small I am no longer a procrastinator I am no longer afraid to speak from my heart I want to bring into my life…… like-minded people that are up to something wonderful in this world a exercise routine that I love I want my MOJO back…my passion for life
  409. Mary said: Reply
    Three things that don’t make me happy: wasting a lot of time by spending hours reading and downloading info from continuous emails coming in and never using this info.second,is I have projects waiting to get started but I procrastinate.Third thing is inconsistency.
  410. Becky said: Reply
    Stop being so negative, hard, and upset with myself. Begin loving, accepting, and valuing myself…thanks Marcia for doing this webinar.
  411. John said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Stop worring,stop giving up,re-enter the world of people.I gatta find my direction, feels like its time for a new heading.
  412. Theresa said: Reply
    stop eating to fill the voids in my life, stop being inactive, stop wasting time. Start walking daily, start being me, not what is expected and put me first.
  413. Randi said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! I want to stop wasting my time and start declutter my home!
  414. Chrystal said: Reply
    3 things I want to stop doing. 1.Spending unnecessary money 2.Being lazy/procrastinating. 3.Being late for everything. 3 things I want to start doing. 1.Start a savings account. 2.Taking better care of myself.(healthy eating & exercising) 3.Pushing myself outside my comfort zone.
  415. Tracy said: Reply
    I will not give in to self doubt…instead I’ll take it one day at a time; I’ll shift my definition of success and I’ll appreciate everything that I have right now.
  416. Ginger said: Reply
    Marcia, Thank you for the message. It was my birthday last week too! This year I am committing to stop listening to my mother complain about things that don’t matter. This year I am committing to stop worrying about money. This year I am committing to stop having to write and teach regulatory classes to make money. This year I am surrounded by successful people who are positive and are helping me achieve my dreams. This year I am earning more than $300,000 after taxes and my business debts are paid in full. This year I am writing my book, which is a best seller and I am starting to travel and speak internationally as well as my current national schedule. This year every moment counts and is filled with people and projects I love. People are looking for me who can help me to move in the directions of my purpose. This year I am living my life on purpose. I am always happy. I am always confident. I am always healthy. I am on my way to being very wealthy.
  417. Donna said: Reply
    I want to stop worrying so much I want to stop stopping myself I want to stop feeling unworthy I want to start feeling happy more often I want to believe in my dreams I want to do something to make my dreams come true every day
  418. Michele said: Reply
    Stop worrying, stop procrastinating because I don’t believe I can be successful, stop feeling guilty about things. Start living from joy, believe in myself, and love more.
  419. Paula said: Reply
    stop worrying about when my mr right will show up, stop being self critical, stop worrying about how i will pay my medical bills.
  420. Sheri said: Reply
    Happy Belated Birthday, Marcia – your gift to us is extraordinary! Stop Doing: 1)Putting “me” off/waiting/hesitating; 2)Buying into distractions; 3)Thinking I don’t know how to manifest abundance. Start Doing: 1)Commit fully to “Listening” each day to the Great Guidance that is within me; 2)Continue learning to “Be” Loving Faith; 3)Believe I CAN connect with other Masters to ignite my purpose.
  421. Archana said: Reply
    stop doing / start doing wasting time/ start act worrying /think positive what i can,t do/what i can do
  422. Brenda said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, I want to stop procrastinating, I want to focus more on the positive. I want to stop eating white flour and white sugare, I want to develop healthier eating habits. I want to stop worrying so much what others think of me. I want to start taking time for me every day. Thanks for helping me see these things and commit to them! Brenda
  423. Maree said: Reply
    Sending birthday wishes your way xx Stop 1. Family arguments 2. Wasting time 3. Leaving things to the last minute Start 1. Family harmony 2. Focus my energy 3. Preparation Thanks!
  424. Isabelle said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia. You are such an inspiration, you are always so full of joy. It is contagious. I always feel uplifted when I see you, and hear you. Thank you so much for being YOU. My 3 no more are: No more excuses for not doing what I need to do. No more clutter. No more dreaming without taking action. I will take ACTION on my dreams. I will be consistent in my action. I will get results.
  425. Salma said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia & thank you for your invitation.. Stop: – Complaining – anxious about finance – Looking at education as an income provider Start: – Search for a new income source – Give more trust for youth – Looking to have the position I deserve -
  426. Wendy said: Reply
    Hi Marcia! I’d like to stop eating and drinking things that are not good for me, stop complaining, and stop avoiding necessary confrontation. I’d like to smile more, appreciate all that I can in each day, and start envisioning a new job. Wendy
  427. Samantha said: Reply
    Stop focusing on what I’m Not and instead appreciate what and who I am!! Stop worrying that the future will be a struggle and instead delight at how easeful things have been. Stop worrying that I’m becoming a professional nobody and instead focus on the amount of love, care and relationship in my life and the incredible joy of motherhood..
  428. Virginia said: Reply
    To stop: 1. Doing, instead of being 2. slowing down instead of rushing 3. Procrastinating To start: 1. Taking care of myself better mentally, physically and emotionally 2. To do those things that give me joy 3. To spend more tie with my family
  429. Jeannie said: Reply
    I want to stop procrastinating, find a job since I have been laid off from work, but most of all I want to work at my photography career. Happy Belated Birthday Marcia! God Bless
  430. Jacquie said: Reply
    Stop procrastination Completing tasks on time lights me up.
  431. Madonna said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady. I hope that your dream of helping one million people in 2012 comes true… looking at the spark in your eyes, I know that it will. You can count me in as one of the million. Thank you so much! Many blessings to you…..
  432. Andrea said: Reply
    I want to stop procratinating I want to stop doubting myself I want to feelmore in control Piece of cake, right? ;-)
  433. Mona said: Reply
    Stop worrying, stop procrastinating, stop wasting time, get more organized, make more spiritual time for myself, make more money.
  434. Ana said: Reply
    Dear arcia Happy birthday! Thank you for being who you are and share yourself with all of us. No more doubt and fear of this, that or the other Back to the present at least each half and hour. Dreaming big even if I do not know how it can happen. Letting the Universe, God, to expresse Itself through me. Using consciusly words that connect and heal at least for an hour with my partner
  435. Ellen said: Reply
    Happy Birthday to a fellow Libra. I will stop putting off what makes me happy I will stop having clutter I will stop getting overwhelmed with more and more stuff to do. I will give more people the opportunity to have better health and wealth by just asking. I will continue to make a difference in the lives of others I will enjoy where I am right now – wherever it may be.
  436. Jimmy said: Reply
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA!! Stop:procrastinating and slow down TV and drinking. Restart: reading and training, and prepare a speech for teens in high school (I quit school six years before going back 10 more years…). I need a clear and vivid plan and a weekly schedule to manage the upcoming.
  437. Emma said: Reply
    stop complaining, stop wasting time, stop beating myself up start doing more for other people,be open to new ways to do things, take action on what I learn
  438. Sue said: Reply
    stop worrying about my kids all of the time! stop worrying about the future and feeling anxious all of the time!stop feeling depressed
  439. Margie said: Reply
    When I don’t take time for me and exercise I’m not happy.
  440. Dawntan said: Reply
    Hi Marcia Happy Birthday. These are the 3 areas I want to stop: Stop being lazy Stop being afraid Stop feeling so dead I want to be pro active I want to be able speak with great confidence I want to feel alive
  441. B said: Reply
    I want to be relaxed and open minded.I want to appreciate others just the way they are. I want to be the best I can be.
  442. Vilasi said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating. Create new business. Love and Marriage.
  443. Susaar said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Stop: wasting time; focusing on details that don’t matter; gathering stuff and not using them right away. Start: creating a vision; taking better care of my body; a daily journal.
  444. Dawntan said: Reply
    Happy Birthday. These are the areas that I want to stop: stop procratinating stop self sabotaging stop feeling so dead
  445. Thomas said: Reply
    Dream: To be clear on my dream, To stop procrastinating, To be ahead of the game.
  446. TZiPi said: Reply
    Happy Birthday blessings, Marcia do: dream big, believe in my dreams, talk about my dreams stop doing: negating myself, thinking i am alone, covering my heart
  447. Mena said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Well,I know my life’s Mission-it’s so close I can touch it! Yet, it’s in that precious moment I am ready to take it–and poof I make it dissapear through self sabotage and/or majoring in the minor things! I’ve created my own personal “Groundhog Day”!
  448. Anna said: Reply
    Stop sabotaging myself in all ways. Stop binge eating at night. Stop holding myself back from my true potential. Stop playing small. Start taking action. Start being true to myself.Start making choices that make me happy!
  449. Celio said: Reply
    I don ,t like procastinating I don, t like critizising other people I don ,t like giving up on my dreams. I like envisioning a bright future I like realizing my potential I like being in touch with someone extraordinarty like you, Marcia
  450. Nicky said: Reply
    I’m going for shining my brilliant being within all aspects of my life, shooting for the stars and having fun realising my dreams
  451. Maggie said: Reply
    stop: feeling sad and being afraid to let go, judging myself, worrying about what will happen ‘if’ start: doing, feeling and growing
  452. Vivianne said: Reply
    Stop Doing 1. Regretting 2. Buying into other people`s perceptions of me 3. Focusing on the negative Start Doing 1. Be excited 2. Unconditional acceptance and love towards myself 3. Take action on my dreams Happy Birthday, Marcia!
  453. Amy said: Reply
    Hello Marcia, The things I would like to stop are procrastinating, worrying, and negativity (for myself and my family). I would really love to find a career that is creative, fulfilling, and most days (if not all) I am happy to wake up and go to. I also love helping people. So even if not through my job, I would love to find a way to give some of myself to the people who really need a hand.
  454. Vibeke said: Reply
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA! No more emotionel eating. No more worrying about health. No more worrying about money. I wish the experience of being a millionaire, happy and healthy.
  455. Colleen said: Reply
    Happy birthday Goddess Marcia!!! woo-hoo …you’ll never catch up to me!! 3 things to dump: Distracting my self with shiny paper and so stop the sabotage to moving forward; stop second guessing my self and being self critical; neglecting myself with diet and by beinf chronically frantic and frenetic. 3 things to add/include: More trust in myself and others; greater self care and nurturing….more quietness and stillness; engaging in more physical activity…reshaping my body and my life :-)
  456. Carol said: Reply
    stop emotional eating stop procrastinating stop my need for perfection in all I do. I will find my life purpose for this time of my life I will be more productive in my days I will accept my inadequacies
  457. Carol said: Reply
    No more saying I am not good enough, no more pleasing others instead of myself, no more thinking small. I am opening up to the possibility of being great, inspirational and really living the huge adventure of life all out, nothing barred.
  458. Sarah said: Reply
  459. Frances said: Reply
    procrastinating,putting myself down,trying to do too much.Thanks so much Marcia,and happy birthday
  460. Williams said: Reply
    l will stop wasting my time on unproductive things i will stop view things in a negative way l will stop engaging in an argument l will start view things in a postive ways i will start using my time on productive things l will start dreaming big
  461. Iris said: Reply
    Stop:1.procrastinaing 2.isolating myself 3.spending as much time online Start:1.organizing my time 2. networking 3. focusing my energies
  462. Happy Birthday Marcia! I think I will take the LOA approach since what I want is exactly the opposite of what I don’t. 1. A self, ful-filled career. I want more independence in this arena. More days off instead of just the weekend & having more fun working. 2. Embrace the outcome I want because I know that the GPS make a way so that means it’s not necessary for me to know how it will happen. I just need to be preoccupied with the fact that it will. 3. Find a place for my ego. Now that I know what it is, it will go to the back seat, while I take the wheel.
  463. I will stop beating myself up i’m doing the best I can. I will stop complaining,life is how it is. I will stop doing whats expected of me by others and listen to my own desires. I will start listening to my body I will start listening to my mind I will start listeming to my soul.
  464. Peter said: Reply
    Thanks for inviting, but my agenda is filled with appointments. That is what does feel me good. And also it feels me good if this generates some money for me and my family. Marcia , thank you and lots of luck ! lions financial services, Belgium Peter de Leeuw
  465. Donna said: Reply
    STOP DOING: 1. Putting me last. 2. Making decisions in the air – not written 3. Working on job after hours. START DOING: 1. Take time daily to refresh my spirit – and during the day 2. Plan to succeed and follow plan 3. Dare to be Brilliant! Happy Birthday, Marcia!
  466. J said: Reply
    I want to stop having communication issues and misunderstandings with close people. I want to have good, fufilling relationships and extra free time!
  467. Samuel said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating. Stop thinking small.
  468. Kim said: Reply
    I want to stop worrying about my kids. I want to stop living in fear about what might happen. I want to stop projecting my fears onto my family. I want to start my own business. I want to live in the present. I want to teach my children the way to live without fear.
  469. Sophie said: Reply
    stop hanging out with people who drain my energy. stop complaining stop wasting my money spending time in studying my angel class spend more time outdoor in nature with my dogs starting an angel circle
  470. Diane said: Reply
    Happy Birthday. Developing a clear go forward plan, schedule time daily to complete and manage every day to achieve optimal results. Find solutions rather than excuses. Continue on the path of doing what works – calling and talking to potential clients.
  471. Shahira said: Reply
    Happy birthday Marcia, No more worrying, winning, self-criticizing Now i trust and love what is as is I am grateful and compassionate toward myself and others I applaud myself for each and every accomplishment
  472. Anne said: Reply
    Stop Listening and beleiving “mind chatter” Believing what others say or think about me that is not true caving into fear Doing saying what I want to others and the Univirse steping out and moving, doing without fear listening to my inner guideance
  473. Tricia said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia. I want to stop procrastinating about starting my business. I want inspiration to know what i want to concentrate on and more focus.
  474. Judith said: Reply
    Happy belated birthday Marcia. Another year of wisdom added unto you. Have given me the courage to be positive always and lift my head up. Will live for the day and tomorrow to take care of its cares. Wish you many more happy years and wise teaching. Judith
  475. Mithra said: Reply
    Happy Birthday to you ! :) I would like to stop thinking that I am nothing worth, to beleive that I can be loved too, to trust the univers. Have a good day.
  476. Kathy said: Reply
    I would love to stop feeling like a failure, stop being sad about all that I once had and start putting my life back together.
  477. LOIS said: Reply
    Happy Birthday to us (mine is next week)! No more mindless overeating, no more paying for the gym & not going, no more lazy housekeeping. More movie time makes me happy, working on eldering projects I enjoy & spending more time traveling.
  478. Estelle said: Reply
    3 things I will STOP: Second guessing myself Being afraid to “go for it” Obsessing about “perfection” 3 things I will START: Exercising for real Being more strategic in my planning Creating the components for the Spring 2012 Launch of my clothing line
  479. Marifran said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia. Thanks for celebrating it with us. My intention: No more judging myself, judging others, and procrastinating. Now I will be generous with myself and others. I will take action on what is important to me.
  480. Patricia said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Thank you for this free webinar! I can’t wait! I will stop trying to be perfect and stop trying to please others
  481. Ruth said: Reply
    Birthday Blessings Marcia, 3 things Iam saying “no more” to : Allowing myself to to be interupted by the phone when I am doing my projects because I end up distracted and may be on the edge of a God breeze, Keeping away from toxic people who don’t believe in me and dump on me, also I will stop procrastinating and just jump on in even if the result isn’t perfect I’ll just do it..
  482. Brenda said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia!!! I would like to stop procrastinating, whining and judging. I then would love to do what I say I am going to do, walk my talk to others and speak my truth in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you and have a brilliant day
  483. MONICA said: Reply
    Marcia, let me say Happy Birthday even when it is already over! As for the three things I do not want to have in my life any more: No more long working hours, no more worries about financial situation, no more giving away the best of me and my knowledge to help bring excellence into communication processes (both for businesses and salespeople) Thank you for your gift ! Best,
  484. Edith said: Reply
    Happiness is daily embracing small steps toward the following: learning something new, inviting people into relationship with me on a deeper level, being kind to myself and others.
  485. As an empowerment Counselor I am big on the mind, body, soul connection unfortunately I have ignored the needs of my body. No more will I allow excuses to stand in the way of my getting to gym or eating a healthier diet. No more getting myself into overwhelm as a sole practitioner of my own business. I will gift myself and delegate to an assistant those things that take me away from seeing clients and building my business. No more will I bitch at my man for all he doesn’t do but rather now focus what a wonderful partner he truly has been. I will appreciate all that I have to allow more in :)
  486. Marie said: Reply
    - Stop blaming myself,& beating myself up for not doing enough, – Stop wasting my time and money – Stop procrastination and regrets Thank you Marcia for this !
  487. David said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating Stop discounting of my wife’s illness
  488. Ciaara said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia, and thank you very much for the webcast. I look forward to it! 3 things I will stop doing – making excuses, keeping too busy and hiding at home. 3 things I would like to start doing – feeling confident with my intuition, taking action and feeling comfortable with my choices.
  489. Jutta said: Reply
    Happy Birthday beautiful,brilliant, amazing,sexy Marcia !!! You are a bright shining light to all of us. So, three thing I want to stop: Procastinating, playing small,thinking I`m not good enough to step out in the world. I trust myself, I love myself,Ifind my dream and live it. Much love Jutta
  490. Janet said: Reply
    The way I know how to work laws of the universe I want to be writing about what I want to do. What I do not want to do will poof away. I turn to what I want. I want to melt into acceptance of myself at deeper and deeper levels, catch the habits of mind sooner that do anything but that. I want to remember I am genius creator. For me remembering I am respected gets me aligned. I am secure. I love feeling the power in my being body, mind and spirit. I want more embodiment of this.
  491. Beverly said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! 1. I want to stop spinning my wheels, doing things that fail to get me to my goals. 2. I want to stop bitching to free my energy to start engaging. 3. I want achieving my dreams to be FUN!
  492. Janet said: Reply
    What I will stop doing: Worrying about pleasing others to my own defeat Enjoying the moments sent my way, as long it is hurts noone Saying NO when I know that constantly saying yes (with a smile!) will bring me no joy in the long run Spending an unnatural time thinking of what will bring my children back to me with the confidentiality and trust and laughter of yesteryear. Making it so hard to have the $ I need. Thinking I can change the legal system even when justice forgot to really look at/for the deviousness of 1 of its own — not being eaten up inside by it.
  493. Marie said: Reply
    slowdown , stop and smell the roses , stop trying to do everything at once, pay more attention to friends ,listen to my heart, travel more
  494. Earl said: Reply
    procrastination of unpacking ” ” housecleaning ” ” yard cleaning
  495. Janet said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating. Stop thinking about what others think of me or my actions. Trust in my future.
  496. Susi said: Reply
    Focus on activities that will result in keeping my house. Get rid of procrastination habits that hold me back. Convert my workaholic behavior into effort that pays off in my own life instead of just being an all star support person putting out fires for others.
  497. Robert said: Reply
    Stop: doubting God will work miracles in my life, being afraid of loving myself and accepting the love of others, delaying taking actions to do things to make my dreams come true. Start: accepting all of the good and gifts I have now, planning to succeed at what I want to do to earn money, giving more to the flow of life.
  498. Rebeckah said: Reply
    Rebe: stop procrastinating, worry on next job, being hard on self. Start dreaming for self, taking care of my body and allowing gifts to exist now.
  499. Happy Birthday Marcia, your good self is a source of inspiration & happiness all over the World. I am a fairly senior citizen, visiting Prof in Top Universities of Pakistan. Certainly I will spread your amazing knowledge to the Humanity at Large. With all my love, affection & prayers to enjoy very many birthday in future.
  500. Karin said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia .. NO more negativity from anyone. Paying off my debts makes me Happy!
  501. Debbie said: Reply
    Stop: dwelling on being left out / worrying about money / business Start: celebrating each day- moment / embracing the energy of money / open to all ideas
  502. Ruby said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! I want to stop judging myself and others, worrying, and always putting others first. I want to take good care of myself, laugh more, have more friends. Thank you Marcia for your precious time.
  503. Janet said: Reply
    Stop taking things personally, feeling defeated, procrastinating. Do more connecting with friends, family, other team humans I don’t know yet
  504. Rex said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! reading, learning and hold myself to what I can do each day and build on that.
  505. Shira said: Reply
    3 Things I Will Stop doing: ~sharing with my grandkids inappropriately by telling them things it is their mother’s place to tell them ~being co-dependent on-line with a daughter who is over 50 and lives abroad ~being knee-jerk about having to collect every teleseminar interview around 3 Things I Will Start Doing ~eye exercises ~walking regularly ~~taking care of incompletions in a more timely manner
  506. Agneta said: Reply
    Stop judging myself, allow myself to have more fun, listen to and taking better care of my body. Enjoy beeing free, spend more money on myself, learn to communicate better with animals and people.
  507. Susie said: Reply
    Oh – and do more trusting in me! :)
  508. Doris said: Reply
    Happy belated birthday Marcia. As one of the 1,000,000 dreams/lives you wish to touch, I say “no more” to: 1)shoulds; 2)tip-toeing; 3)procrastination; and I say “more” to: 1)listening and discerning God’s voice; 2)relationships; 3)dreams.
  509. Valerie said: Reply
    3 things I want to stop doing: Procrastinate over my every next move Feeling under-confident about showing my opportunity Living life not in balance between work and family 3 things I want to do: Learn to REALLY focus Take decisive action Come up with a strategic plan for business growth while maintaining family presence – and STICKING to it!
  510. Roman said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia. May all of your dreams come true. 1. I quit smoking two months ago. 2. Put my personal archives into order, 3. Act rather than think! Best regards, Roman
  511. Susie said: Reply
    I want to stop being dragged down by my sister’s manipulations, and instead be well, full of energy and happiness, doing only things that I truly love, surrounded only by those I love and who love me.
  512. Char said: Reply
    stop: procastinating, worrying, complaining start doing: following my dream, committing to the girls we serve, call those potential leads
  513. Ayla said: Reply
    I would like to stop about worrying on my husbands alcohol addiction. Thats the only thing that will make me happy. But once he begins to drink all my positive attitudes go down…
  514. May said: Reply
    Stop worrying about things that might happen Stop worrying about the future Stop surrounding myself with clutter Start promoting my paintings more seriously Start trusting friends Start making more friends Happy, happy birthday.
  515. Elgiva said: Reply
    Stop: Procrastinating, failing to plan, being hard on myself. I now make clear decisions based on my gut feelings, I plan small manageable steps, and I love and support myself with gentle encouragement and acknowledgement.
  516. Mike said: Reply
    1.don,t worry about my injure 2. just my sure everyday is always enjoyable 3.Be happy who you are. 4. BELIEVE WITH THE POWER WITHIN. 5.Success is the staying power that makes you stronger in theory and mind 6.The will is always there just understand that when you get the knowledge past it on too others.
  517. James said: Reply
    Hi Marcila, Happy BD yours or mine (Oct 17) well anyway love your work sorry I cant join you here from Sydney AU Love and Light James.
  518. Gordon said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia!! Three things I want to change are: Stop worrying about money Stop worrying about my lack of work Stop being so hard on myself
  519. Anita said: Reply
    Birthday Blessings! Stop working 12-14 hour days; stop taking my health for granted; stop hiding behind clutter. The thing that will make me happy is to focus more time and energy on my goals for the future
  520. Tricia said: Reply
    No more procrastination … no more “poor me” … no more undervaluing myself Lots more … me time … living in the now … stepping out of the fear and into Love and Light …
  521. Marcia K said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia Stop non-productive busyness & time-wasters. Stop unconscious use of my time. Stop being too available to put out ‘fires’.
  522. Joy said: Reply
    I want more time learning Non-Violent Communication,going dancing or singing, and reading and writing poetry with friends and like-minded folk. Less paperwork clutter in the house, incomplete house decor, doing dishes and cooking.
  523. Karen said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! I want to stop procrastinating, worrying and internalizing stuff. I would like to be financially set, have more time to spend with Grandson, traveling and doing the fun things I have always wanted to do “some day”, and stay strong and healthy.
  524. Carol said: Reply
    I want to stop measuring what I haven’t done and be more thankful for what I have done. I want to stop wondering if I can handle my new leadership role and surround myself with people that believe in me. I want to stop being late and be better at time management!
  525. Lynn said: Reply
    I prefer to focus on what I will do… Continue to improve on trusting, allowing and being receptive!
  526. Tracey said: Reply
    No more harsh judgements No more obsessing on the past No more fear
  527. Lawrence said: Reply
    Stop overeating,stop living in the past, stop the fear of doing something new
  528. Norah said: Reply
    Stop: Inconsistency Following a losing path Idling Start: more discipline in income activities Getting over fear of reluctance Focus on more profitable activities
  529. Joy said: Reply
    For your birthday…and always…I wish you peace, love, and light! As of this moment, I have stopped: 1)spending more time planning/analyzing then doing; 2)spending more energy/time taking care of others then on myself; and 3)being afraid! As of this moment I have started: 1) Taking action on at least one item for my new business every day; 2) Letting my belief in me grow and govern my actions; 3)Making money!
  530. Perri said: Reply
    1-I want to stop overeating. 2-I want to stop comparing myself with others. 3-I want to stop seeing myself as “less than”. 1-I want to be financially secure. 2-I want to retire from work. 3-I want to grow spiritually.
  531. Tara said: Reply
    Stop doing- Putting off what I really want to do in life- inspre others through imagiantion Eating protein bars that I have been eating for 10 years Nagging at my husband aboutthe way he spends money Start doing- Take even more notice that problems presentT solutions and growth Take steps toward starting to give others inspiration to do what they love- organize a class, etc. Eating healthy, more greens Use time before going to sleep for requests for answers to solving problems
  532. Penny said: Reply
    Happy Birthday to you Marcia! Thank you for sharing all that you do. I am in the process of re-creating my self in what I do with & for others in a way that is much larger utilizing all of my talents, skill, gifts & abilities. I am allowing expansion to happen with more abundance & prosperity of everything being in every moment of my life. Most of all happiness & joy are the set points for all that I do & share with others.
  533. Angela said: Reply
    I won’t be procrastinating anymore, stop surrounding myself with clutter,stop shutting people out when I am frustrated. To begin to be organized, to self honor regularly and raise independent girls that have insight to their purpose.
  534. MARSHA said: Reply
  535. Dumitru said: Reply
    Thank you! Happy birthday to you! May all your wishes come true!
  536. Rina said: Reply
    Startr focussing on things that make me happy -family time -meditation -helping others What I will stop doing – wasteful thoughts -stop focusing on ways to make more money -negative discussions.
  537. Rosi said: Reply
    1. Stop worrying about the future 2. Stop feeling guilty 3. Stop thinking negative 1. Be more confident 2. Be positive no matter what 3. Enjoy life
  538. Deborah said: Reply
    Happy Birthday!
  539. Janine said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, lovely that you are giving a pressie on your birthday…we are celebrating the day you arrived into this beautiful world :) uumm 3 things i would love to stop doing..procrastation, accept who I am without feeling I’m not! lacking direction … 3 things to start…using the power of now, visualisation, ideas for marketing.. catch you on Weds (its weds in the land of OZ) :)
  540. Brenda said: Reply
    Happy Birthday I would love to learn a lot more
  541. Will said: Reply
    The happiest of birthdays Marsha; I am an instrument of the LORD’s PEACE, now if that is not something to be happy about, I don’t know just what is! were the readers to criticize, condemn, complain less, clarify ask for and above all remember It is done by doing…lots of love. WMG.
  542. Stormi said: Reply
    Happy Happy Happy birthday Marcila….I would like to stop giving away my focus to people who have no focus..No more more excuses..Yes to success..yes to empowering myself and knowing that I can live the dream that has been dancing in my head for a long time… and Yes to the steps that I need to take to get there…YES I CAN!
  543. Nancy said: Reply
    no more ignoring ME; no more feeling small; no more emotional eating yes to: my dreams; to always being creative; to eating-and-thinking healthily
  544. Corinne said: Reply
    Happy belated birthday Marcia, I want to stop feeling guilty generally, worrying about what other people will think of me, procrastinating about exercising. I want to believe in myself & my talents/gifts more, I want to use my gifts/talents to make myself/others happy, I want to see the good side of things/laugh/have more fun.
  545. Joseph said: Reply
    Looking forward to this one. I need to find more live people I can connect with on a daily basis who get involved with the personal developement truths !!! Thanks for your help !! Joe D.
  546. Andrea said: Reply
    Stop worrying focus more on details work om my self-esteem
  547. Victoria said: Reply
    H.B.! I will stop worrying about having enough money; stop clutter; stop feeling less than….Create abundance in health & finance; be more active physically
  548. Anne said: Reply
    I will stop shopping when I am sad, lonely or bored I will stop waiting for someone else to make me happy I will stop putting things off and procrastinating I will stop sepnding time with people who don not respect me I will take better care of myself…eating better, exercising andtaking time to dream I will surround myself with healthy relationships I will define and work toward my dream!!
  549. Cindy said: Reply
    Stop being consumed by my thoughts and stay in the present; Stop old patterns and form positive beliefs; Stop procrastinating and take action! Thanks and Happy Birthday!
  550. Betty said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia and thanks in advance for the gift of giving to others. 3 things I want to stop-1) Procrastinating 2) Limiting myself 3) Living small. 3 things I will start doing- 1) Using my gifts to assist others in living their passions 2)Spend time with family and friends 3) Believe in ME.
  551. Iain said: Reply
    I feel I belong: procrastination, a job not a Loving workspace, clutter. No More! I value Me, My time & the love I put into helping my clients to Heal, Blessings to all, Iain
  552. Dennis said: Reply
    1. I stop throwing money away at internet wench pictures. 2. I manifest my desires from the Universe. 3. I get the Universe to healrepair my broken physical body. 4. I accept that I accomplish consciously exiting my physical body. 5. I am a conscious dreamer and recall my dream experiences.
  553. Cathy said: Reply
    Three things I am going to focus on stop doing are: 1) procrastinating, 2)worrying about things I can’t control, 3) letting negative people bring my optimism down. Three things I will start doing are: 1) I will keep my faith and attitude at an all time high, 2) I will work on clarifying my goals and dreams for my future success, 3) And last but not least I will practice visualizing my dreams of the type of mark I want to leave on this world while here making a positive difference in the lives of people I come into contact with and especially for my children.
  554. Gabriel said: Reply
    I will lighten up on myself. This is huge for me!
  555. Maralynn said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia. I will stop: saying yes to everyone for everything; attracting unfulfilling relationships with mean, self-centered men; procrastinating. I will start: Saying yes only to the things I have the time and energy to accomplish; attract a healthy relationship with a kind, loving, thoughtful man; promote my program so that it can be implemented successfully in a number of different schools.
  556. Tina said: Reply
    no more saying yes even if i don’t want to do it, no more complaining, no more allowing others to take me for granted. Now i want to be able to look at the good in everything and everyone. I want to be completely free of worry or anxiety regardless of what is actually happening in my life. I want a business that will help me use my creativity.
  557. Lana said: Reply
    Finish writing my book, stop procrastinating and get inspired. I’ve never written a book before, this is a first.
  558. Jennifer said: Reply
    Can’t wait to learn more and thank you very much for your caring!
  559. Victoria said: Reply
    Stop: my relationship that no longer works being financially dependent on others judging other people Start: a career that I love loving myself more
  560. Liz said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thank you. What doesn’t make me happy – worrying, feeling paralyzed and unable to take action and putting off fun activities. What does make me happy – valuing my talents and experience, sharing with others and changing my poverty beliefs into prosperous living.
  561. Amany said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia! I should stop focusing on weak points in my character & health. I should reduce overreaction. I should stop living on a much lower vibrational level. I will focus on my strengths. I will avoid the escalation of anger, as much as possible & calm down. I know I can & I will honestly try to live on a much higher vibrational level and shine my own light.
  562. Sherry said: Reply
    Three things I will stop doing 1. procrastinating 2. ignoring my workouts 3. keeping things I don’t love or use I will mediatate daily I will workout daily I will become investment savy and start investing
  563. Kathryn said: Reply
    3 new things I plan on doing is putting down on paper what I’m worth and sticking to it, getting up earlier in the morning, and going to bed earlier. 3 things I’m going to stop doing are being opinionated, procrastinating and eating sugar.
  564. Kathy said: Reply
    Stop worrying about the future. Stop worryng about getting my business started and take one dat at a time. Stop thinking I don’t beserve happiness because so many around me are not. I will start enjoying each day. I will start taking time for myself. Thanks Marcia…
  565. Karen said: Reply
    I will stop: 1) sabotaging my success 2) being fearful of living empowered 3) focusing on negative I will start: 1) changing my negative self talk 2) owning my ability to create success 3) focusing on my strengths/accomplishes
  566. David said: Reply
    Learn to Dream again
  567. Mariela said: Reply
    Happy birthday! Congratulation,you are making a good work, many people around the world are making your dream come true thank to you,a hug, Mariela.
  568. Carolyn said: Reply
    Three things I really want to stop: I will stop eating junk food I will stop procrastinating on my studies I will stop worrying about that which I cannot control I will eat whole healthy foods that nourish my body I will study appropriately to learn and flourish I will what I can and accept what I can’t. Carolyn
  569. Merle said: Reply
    God I need to not live at work,not worry sooooo much. Procrastinating having fun in life
  570. Debbie said: Reply
    Thanks Marcia! Happy Birthday! No more procrastinating, being late, wasting time on things that do not matter. Welcome things that make me happy, doing less and being more, setting boundaries.
  571. Patricia said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and Best Wishes from Lima, Peru! Stop doing: being afraid of change sometimes, wasting valuable time and having negative thoughts which just make me feel bad. Start: I’ll define clearly my life goals, be more organized and responsible and work harder for my dreams ^_^
  572. Jenni said: Reply
    I want to stop doubting myself, worrying and having debt. I want to begin sharing a new healing method I have developed, live in my happiness and see all the wonderful things in my life.
  573. Carolyn said: Reply
    I want to stop doing things out of guilt…I want to stop procrastinating …. I want to stop letting money(or lack of) control my life. What I want is to help people with their emotional and physical pain…I want to be happy and successful and enjoy life.
  574. Patience said: Reply
    Thank you Marcia for the wonderful work you are doing. I wish you God’s blessings,many more fruitful years and grace for each day. Happy birth day.
  575. Carol said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Every Day Marcia…!! Ditto Ditto Ditto on all the rest – lol!
  576. Jennifer said: Reply
    I plan to stop letting other people’s comments hurt me. That is such a big step for my self esteem to control, that I believe this one stop action will take so much of my 24 hr. effort to fill all three stop requirements. I will start giving myself “me time,” meditation training and liking that nice friend in the mirror.
  577. Pam said: Reply
    I want to stop procrastinating, doubting, and needlessly worrying. I want to, feel good about myself, figure out what my dream is so I can lead a much more full-filling life, and I want to feel happy and settled.
  578. Tracy said: Reply
    i will stop procrastinating i will stop being disorganized i will start to live simply i will start dreaming
  579. Anne said: Reply
    I will stop worrying, procrastinating and being “too tired”. I will then appreciate the gift of life, enjoy and share.
  580. Pamela said: Reply
    Stop: Thinking that I am not qualified enough, worry about my voice being heard, caring about what others think of me Start: Believing, loving and accepting ME as I am perfect :) I am gonna go for it!!!!!!
  581. Patricia said: Reply
    I am stopping emotional eating, judging, and resisting public speaking opportunities. I am going to add more cardio to my movement, enjoy more time in nature, and grow my business to serve more people and provide more financial flow.
  582. Laurie said: Reply
    stop doing: wasting time online, eating crappy, being overly-emotional start doing: meditating, creating more, being outside more
  583. Denae said: Reply
    Three things to stop doing: Procrastinating Being negitive Isolating Three things that I will begin doing: Exercising Eat properly Get my house inorder
  584. Emmy said: Reply
    I want to play on my keyboard and my guitar so I can have fun with friends and family. I want to have all my grandchildren living in my neighborhood so I can spend more time with them.
  585. Sharon said: Reply
    I will stop listening and letting needy people use my good nature. I will stop being use by people who scam or lie on legal documents. I will stop communication problems and use more clairty and understanding. I will be better finacial within the next month. I will meet the person of my dreams that he will be kind and trustworthy. I will get a home next year.
  586. Debra said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Just like wine You only get better! I resolve to be more strategic in my marketing and more mindful of my time. I light up when I share my gifts with others through speaking and writing. Thank you for the aazing inspiring speaker program. Ready to hit the next level. Hugs, Debra
  587. Juliette said: Reply
  588. Nancy said: Reply
    I want to stop settling for less, feeling helpless, and picking out my physical flaws. I want to make lots of money, do more fun things, and see my life getting better every day.
  589. Becky said: Reply
    Putting others needs before my own, distracting myself from my life purpose, worrying about what others think of me or my actions Following through by listening to my heart, being brave and taking the next step, giving up destructive habits
  590. Mary Ann said: Reply
    I can’t do anything that I want to do until I have money and everyone in my family is taken care of and happy. Bummer.
  591. Happy Birthday….Marcia….All the best for you….God Bless you….Kisses.
  592. Pat said: Reply
    I am stopping my isolation from others I am stopping my diet sabotage I am stopping my inactivity when it comes to exercise. I am volunteering at our community thrift store and gem community committee I am eliminating sugar from my diet I will faithfully exercise daily by walking or rebounding
  593. Mary said: Reply
    Hi, Marcia! I love what you are doing! Your enthusiasm is fabulous! I don’t want to oppose my own success. I want the pleasure of success. I don’t want to hide my light. I want to shine my light. I don’t want to waste my knowledge. I want to share my knowledge. with humor and honesty! Love, Mary
  594. Bon Anniversaire Marcia, I will stop giving energy to petty tyrants, stop postponing the renovation work, and stop giving in to my partner’s moods. I will start the shift to national dimension, start on the new program, and start adding zeros to my bank account.
  595. Claudia said: Reply
    I will stop eating so many sweets, stop doubting, stop wasting time. I will start to meditate, do sport, laugh more often
  596. Suzi said: Reply
    Thank You for celebrating your b.d. by giving us this gift! I will stop saying YES, I will stop listening to Naysayers, I will stop making excuses. I will start taking care of myself by saying “I am a Recovering Nice Girl”, I will open up to all my God-given talents and potential, I will “Dance like no one is watching”!
  597. Staci said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating; Start: figuring out what my dream life looks like; put a plan in place, and take action; and living from abundance.
  598. Dwayne said: Reply
    I must stop procrastinating
  599. Angela said: Reply
    I will stop doubting myself I will stop thinking something is wrong with me as to why men don’t want to commit I will stop using the word CAN”T I will start Declaring and Decreeing that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME. I will start living like I am already where I want to be I will start taking ACTION
  600. Belinda said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! I hope this is your best — most blessed — year yet!!! I want to stop…worrying, pouring my energy & life into futile endeavors, limiting my own success with self-doubt & negative self-talk!
  601. Althea said: Reply
    Happy belated birthday Marcia :) What makes me happy is spending time with my cats and my family :) reading interesting books and resting/sleeping! What takes away my happiness (when I allow it too) procrastinating, wasting my time, worrying.
  602. Doubting myself, lacking ambition to follow through, and working too hard– I’ll let those go. Keeping myself healthy, fed, exercized is what I will do. Love to you, my dear Mentor!
  603. Carol said: Reply
    3. Stop going around that mountain over and over again, experiencing the same old thing in relationships. Thank you for you wonderful gift.
  604. Carol said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia. l. I would like to stop self sabotage and procrastinating. 2. Stop complaining. 3. Stop going around that mountain over and over again, experiencing the same old thing in relationships. Thank you for you wonderful gift.
  605. Barbara said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating, letting opportunities slip by. Believe in myself.
  606. Listener said: Reply
    Things I will stop doing: 1)overeating and eating junk food, 2)over booking my schedule, 3)putting off dreams to work on the everyday issues/fires. Things I will start doing: 1) eliminating junk food, particularly sugar, 2) develop and nuture relationships, 3)take more vacations
  607. June said: Reply
    Looking forward to your empowerment . I always did challenging things and now find myself procrastenating !
  608. Debbie said: Reply
    I will stop fearing everything and anything, joining in negative conversations, putting myself down Will listen to my intuition on a daily basis, meet 1 new person s day, enjoy my own company
  609. Ed said: Reply
    Looking forward to this Marcia….your material and style has always moved me forwared.
  610. Kelly said: Reply
    3 Things that don’t serve me- staying up late, looking to others for approval, fear based actions 3 Things that I want more of- feeling centered, grateful, and authentic, abundant creativity, nature connection Happy belated birthday! Thank you for this opportunity to grow. Your energy is electric and beautiful.
  611. Barbara said: Reply
    Hello Marcia: I will stop grieving over the death of my 18 yr. old grandson (I raised from birth)who died from a cancer known as ewing’s sarcoma. I will stop isolating and limiting myself.
  612. Minnie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday. Stop wasting time, Stop being critical, Stop thinking to little of myself. Live every day to the fullest, Spread love, Shine…
  613. Stop worrying , unfulfilling work,listening to naysayers…will daydream,follow my own unique joy ,trust myself happy birthday
  614. John said: Reply
    Stop procrastinating. Start to meditate. Start to exercise.
  615. Jess said: Reply
    1) I want to stop auto-sabotaging myself, meaning start doing money making activities instead of doing small thing my apartment needs. 2) I want to stop eating unhealthy food, I know this do not allowed me to reach high energy. Thanks Marcia for helping us achieve our dreams =)
  616. Yvonne said: Reply
    Marcia, Haaaapy belated BirthDaaay, best wishes to you, and thank you for the invitation! I will stop procrastinating, stop worrying, and stop going to bed real late. I will start – taking better care of myself think positively to get a job visualize my dream Thank you for your support, God Bless
  617. Maria said: Reply
    That you Marcia! I will stop feeling like it’s too late to do something big and wonderful. I will stop taking on too many activities that occupy alot of time so I don’t take care and nurture my own self. I will start honoring my time, take care of my body, expand my imagination.
  618. Stacy said: Reply
    Stop neglecting myself Stop procrastinating Stop settling Take good care of me. Put me first. Schedule everything…work, me time, couple time, family time, exercise so it gets done! Go gangbusters helping people with their physical and financial health thru my Isagenix biz.
  619. Mai said: Reply
    Will NOT Procrastinate, Will NOT Rush or Implusive in making decison & Will NOT Stop Dreaming!!!!!!
  620. Andrea said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thank you, Marcia! I want to stop: 1. carrying more load than I can handle 2. procrastinating 3. Spending more money than I make. I want to start: 1. to do the actions that are emotionally hard but that make money (like the follow-up appointments), to focus and not be distracted, clear out clutter of my life and stuff. May I add that I would like to enjoy stopping and starting these things???
  621. Eleanor said: Reply
    Stop Doing…Worrying about the future. Eating wheat products. Getting stuck in “what if’s” Start Doing…Exercising more consistently. Getting outside in nature more. Finish nesting.
  622. Marcie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia ! I had one 9/29 – Ah, Libra people are great! But, while we try so hard to balance out the rest of the world, we cannot forget ourselves. I’ve got to try to remember my motto of a few years back: This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine. But I need to find new direction at this point in my life. Some doors closed (which wasn’t really bad), but I need to find new ones…which will let my Light shine.
  623. Deanna said: Reply
    I would like to stop 1. getting run down 2. working so much 3. allowing myself to think negatively I would like to focus more on what makes me happy. 1. Exercise more. 2. Read more 3. Play more. A very Happy Birthday Marcia! I believe you will reach your goal with enough challenges to keep it real!
  624. Ellie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia. I will stop procrastinating. I will stop worrying about money. I will stop making promises to myself that I know I can’t keep. I will thank people. I will look at the good on everyone. i will set aside 15 minutes a day to reflect.
  625. Narelle said: Reply
    thankyou for your generous gift , it brighten up my day and energised my afternoon. Your light is shining so bright bless you Narelle
  626. Joselina said: Reply
    No more accepting what I don’t want. No more setting limitations on my abilities. No more waiting to “start getting things ready for my Dream Coaching Business”. Thank you that I am saying/doing what I truly want. Thank you that I can feel/see my gifts within me & share with others. Thank you for the people I can reach out to that will help me take my steps towards my successful Dream Coach Business. Dearest Marcia, May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you live with ease. Happy Birthday filled with many BLESSINGS…… Love, JOSIE or LINA :)
  627. happy birth day .i want to gift alsaeed homeo and herbal pharmecy depalpur bazar sahiwal(pakistan)00923216950003
  628. Donna said: Reply
    Hey Marcia, First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! OK — here I go 1. stop procrastinating 2. stop talking start doing — actions speak louder than words 3. what lights me up — smiling from within Thank you, Marcia! love, Donna
  629. Ursula said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. Many Blessing for a contented and successful year ahead, Ursula
  630. Pamela said: Reply
    Stop dropping and running whenever anyone calls. Stop always saying yes when I want to say no. Stop thinking I have all the answers. Start doing more travel. Start saving more so I can help others. Starting meditating on a regular basis.
  631. Terry said: Reply
    Happy birthday Marcia – thank you for your gift, and for the lesson of giving! I feel my deep and tender heart; I’m grateful for the wealth and abundance in my life; I choose joy, passion, creativity and service to the earth as my life’s work. I release my judgements of self and others; I release my deficit thinking; I release my attachment to habits of thinking and being that no longer serve me.
  632. Karen said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia What I will stop 1 Drinking 2 Beating myself up
  633. Lucy said: Reply
    Stop wasting time on mindless pleasures but put each moment to good use, even if that means just taking time to breathe deeply and mindfully. Stop putting off challenging home improvement projects and schedule a pro to help or just tackle it with vigor. Stop runimating on how to get my ex’s stuff out of the house and instead be creative & compassionate but firmly get it out.
  634. Olga said: Reply
    I will start: – to take an action to be better organised at the office and home – to be a great listener – discovering my creative nature Stop: – worrying about my loved once – thinking negative & poverty thoughts – worrying about finances
  635. Mary said: Reply
    Many thanks Marcia for being the very special person you are and for all that you do for others. Why am I not surprised that you are a Libran? Belated birthday wishes – I hope the year ahead holds everything (including your wish that 1,000,00 dreams are realized in 2012)you want it to and more. You truly are a fairy godmother!!! The 3 things I am commited to stop are playing small, fearing intimacy and eating emotionally. The 3 things I am commiting to start doing are to fully align with my divinity, recognize my magnificence and make energetically healthy choices.
  636. Sir HR said: Reply
    want to make more money. want to be remove all obstacles and be great. (not bragging but just the best)
  637. Angela said: Reply
  638. Ben said: Reply
    Parachuttes and minds work the best when they are open ! Thank you for the Dream University’s selfless actions to make our world a better one !
  639. Angel said: Reply
    First of all, Belated Birthday Wishes Marcia and Best Wishes For A Fabulous Year to Come <3 The three things that I want to do are: First, to Stop Hanging On to the Unnecessary Things that are "stunting my growth" so that I Can move Forward With My Dreams; Next, Stop Making Excuses and Take Full Responsibility for My Life; and Then, Write Out a Step by Step Plan (with short and long term goals) and Follow It … Thanks Marcia … xoxo … Angel
  640. Amy said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! To another great year ahead! To stop doing: 1. Mismanage valuable time (when doing things I don’t want to do). 2. Waivering in the decision of which business I want to do. 3. Procrastinating with that business due to fear of failure. To Just Do It!: 1. Apply stronger discipline in time management AND 2. Self-care (diet, exercise). 3. Believe in my abilities to be successful in helping others no matter which business I choose.
  641. Decide what I want to do and do it!
  642. Dana said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and many blessings for your goal of one million Dreamers! Every year you get stronger and greater in your energy and focus and the world is so blessed because of you and your dynamic energy and heart. I have always been uplifted by you and your messages. I will continue to set goals, believe in myself and be fearless in all I do so that others will be blessed by my own personal and professional growth. You are the true American Hero!
  643. I am new in this dream world. I never dreamed of great things to happen to me. I am now going to be 66 on my next birthday. Is it too late for me to be dreaming? According to some people who knew me, I have accomplished some things more than them or other they know. To me they just happened and I just seem to grab the opportunity when presented to me. Although I worked hard and still is working hard, I can not see the way to end these debts I accumulated as a result of my “just grabbing opportunities”. This is your birthday and should not be giving you these negativities but I could no one to turn to. Friends seem to disappear when you are in distress. Sorry for this. Happy birthday. Hope you have many more to come.
  644. Tamara said: Reply
    What I will STOP: 1.Substance abuse 2.Being a hermit,watching my life be wasted day by day. 3.Putting myself down;punishing myself,letting my emotions rule me w/anger,fear,depression,and detachment,& Stop taking life so seriously What I will START: 1.More physical activities,more outdoors fresh-air,and better nutrition. 2.Forgiving myself more,more confidence and more fun. 3.Showing my daughter everyday how much I love her. I will stop letting my past mistakes dictate the outcomes of my future, And I will not be afraid to start shining forth the light that i know is within me,w/all my strength and all my love from this moment on:-) *t-wolf-tammy
  645. Stop doing – take things personally, allow people to disappoint me, be around angry people start doing – writing more, speaking more publicly, singing more
  646. gina said: Reply
    I’m very exeited to learn new things from you, Marcia. Thank you!!
  647. Kathleen said: Reply
    3 things to stop: believing that I don’t know how to start my new coaching business; believing that I can’t manage starting a business and selling our house at the same time; procrastinating cleaning out the rest of the house. 3 things that make me happy: taking time each day to pause and quiet myself; focusing on my passion to help others realize that they are good enough just as they are; letting go of excess “stuff” (mental & physical) that’s been cluttering my life. And Marcia, a very blessed week after your birthday and next year in your life.
  648. Lois said: Reply
    I want to stop procrastinating, stop worrying about money, plan early retirement and volunteer where my passion is.
  649. Eve said: Reply
    Birthday joy to you, I intend to let go of the pain I feel when I think of the divorce I am going through and the feelings of blame and resentment that crop up. I want to focus my energy on my life and turn this challenge into a blessing. I would like to bring joy, laughter and abundance into my life.
  650. Monique said: Reply
    I want to stop losing time listening to radio; procrastinating organizing my home; feeling tight around money. I want to feel secure in my work, maybe find a more fulfilling occupation; I want to be in a fulfilling love relationship; I want to do some artwork.
  651. Allyne said: Reply
    Bonne Fete: stop procrastinating, stop getting involved in new projects, stop wasting time, Exercise 5x a week, finish all my unfinish projects, plan my days, laugh more etc…
  652. I want to stop procrastinating and sink my teeth into going for my dream of working on my own…starting my own business. I want to transform lives, make a difference and give my best to the world!
  653. Connie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and thank you for being willing to help us on our journey to enlightenment and happiness. I would love to be able to say what i really feel and mean to others in a respectful,gracious way. I would love to be able to relax more with my children and husband. I would love to let go of what I think I should do and enjoy what I really want to do. I want to stop anxiety and fear I feel associated with financial pressures. I want to stop judging others who seem to have an easier time in life. I want to stop allowing the stress I feel to be passed on to my children and family.
  654. Laurie said: Reply
    1. Become efficient with my time, become better organized. 2. Stop procrastinating about administrative tasks and paper work.
  655. Mike said: Reply
    I want to forget about painful past. I want to stop worrying about money,health issues. I want to stop negative thoughts. I WANT to live in abundance in every positive sense of the word. I WANT to see my kids in Germany on a regular basis. I WANT to be of help to humanity.
  656. Fiona said: Reply
    No more wanting, wasting time or waiting around. Create things in my life instead of wanting them, set goals and act on them straight away, do my part and stop waiting around for others to step up to the plate.
  657. Cathy said: Reply
    Thinking that I am not good enough to attract and hold on to true love partner long term and committed The fear that I cannot have a home of my own for me and my children Fear that I am not enough
  658. Kate said: Reply
    I strive to stop stressing and rushing, going to bed late, procrastinating on completing administrative tasks. I aim to exercise more, eat and sleep well and honour myself and my fellow travellers.
  659. Happy Birthday Marcia! My 3 things that I am stopping NOW are getting angry and/or complaining around money, stop making excuses and start exercising consistently, and stop bad eating habits…which means I am starting my pilates and riding my bike, eating very healthy and regularly and keeping an attitude & mindset of abundance! Yeah! Thank you for being soooo magnificent! Love you!
  660. Emmanuel said: Reply
    people are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered, but you really LOVE. I wish I can hear and read from you always, God bless you. I just picked some thing from your presendtation.people are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered, but love them anyway. If you do good, you will be accused of se lffish motives, but do good anyway. Success will win your false friends and true enemies, but be a success anyway. Emmanuel– Ghana
  661. April said: Reply
    Happy birthday! Stop:Daydreaming,thinking of the past, not being heard Start:living in the now,being heard,living in divine love
  662. Sharon said: Reply
    Happy Birthday! Stop procrastinating, stop being disorganized, stop being late. Start exercising, start getting projects done, start honoring my abilities.
  663. Thea said: Reply
    What I stop saying “I can’t do it, I don’t have the money” I stop doing my business within my comfortzone and then look up to those who do fullfill on their goals I stop making others and myself wrong when things don’t go the way I want/expected to What I will do is open my heart for an new sparkling and profound intimate relationship Bring my leadership and playskills into my business and have it expand to unlimitted success. From that result give my daughter the vacation of her life and move to another house in 2012
  664. Joan said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, I want to stop procrastination,stop wasting time,and stop smoking . I want to start eating healthy, start saving more money and start going on vacation trips.
  665. Livia said: Reply
    Birthday Blessings,and thank you Marcia! For me, less deviation from my goal and purpose. I will do more of expanding my Consciousness and becoming more of who I already am in my essence: and enjoying the journey more fully.
  666. No more worrying about lack, stop being anxious or fearing about what will be, stop procrastinating.
  667. Patti said: Reply
    My 3 things to let go are fear of success my limiting views on money and not dreaming big anough
  668. Nyhra said: Reply
    TO follow my creative dreams,enjoying process and discoveries. To swim in an Endless pool daily. To honour and love my life.
  669. Ana said: Reply
  670. Wanda said: Reply
    Hi Marcia & happy birthday! 3 things I want to stop doing: I want to stop being disorganized, I want to start minimizing clutter & maintain a neat & organized enivronment I want to stop being afraid, and start being/acting courageous I want to stop avoiding tasks I find unpleasant, and I want to start tackling unpleasant tasks with enthusiasm.
  671. Jenny said: Reply
    Happy birthday to you! Its been such a delight to stumble upon your world of ease…and your infectious JOY-full energy just makes me smile.Thankyou Marcia! 3 things to stop……sabotaging my own happiness, fear of lack of money, carrying heaviness and self blame 3 things to start….forgiving myself for not being perfect, allowing myself to feel JOY, TRUSTING! So looking forward to the 18th ! :)
  672. I sure enjoyed your video. To be a leader and to help others. Go forward. I can’t seem to go up the ladder even though I’m reading my affirmations, I’m on the Vitamarks calls and reading some in John Maxwell book Thj 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Judy Cook
  673. No more to hesitancy! No more choosing to stay in old stories that require I dim my light! No more to waiting until I’m PERFECT! And, now I say yes to speaking up! Yes to offering my gifts to the world, one person/one small group at a time –with my first group beginning Nov. 1! Yes to lovingly releasing the family roles! Yes to allowing my light to shine And yes to Marcia who has inspired so many of us to step up and take chances, to step up and dream as big as we can and as much as we dare. Thank you Marcia, and Happy Birthday!