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The gift that will make your friends smile…

by Marcia Wieder in Inspiring Stories

Watch this video and pass it on...

Email this link to Friends Now. Thanks so much, Marcia.

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576 responses to The gift that will make your friends smile…

  1. Beautiful Video with gorgeous music, Marcia! Thank you so much. Your inspiration radiates across the world, and touches so many hearts. May you continue to be blessed with all your dreams come true! Much love… :-)
  2. Nancy said: Reply
    I loved this movie! It just felt good to watch it! So uplifting, just what I need to start my day inspired and eager to find my big dream! Thank you marcia!
  3. Thank you Marcia, this was beautiful. I am bookmarking this page to go back to time to time. : )
  4. Simply beautiful…this brought tears to my eyes….thank you:-) Ingrid
  5. Hi Marcia, Without dreams where will we be? Without dreams where do we go from here? Without dreams how can we tap into our true selves? Without dreams how can we be more than we ever thought we were? My current dream at this crossroad is to become Australia’s most successful, effective Life/Dream Coach to work with Celebrities, VIPS, CEOs, Politicians to change our world for the better!
  6. Marcia, You sure do have it together girl “happy birthday”. Congratulations on making your dreams come true with this beautiful book and the University. You have been an inspiration to me to bring my dreams of having Seminars “With All My Heart” and finishing my book. God Bless and keep spreading the word of “Dreams”. Regards, Linda
  7. something nice to see
  8. Hi Sweet Pea, I thought you might like to watch this. 1-4-3-7, Gramma
  9. mesho said: Reply
    love it
  10. Abdullah said: Reply
    Cool huh? Michelle :)
  11. Don said: Reply
    Awsome!! So many great words. Helped me so much to muster energy to stand up again. Thanks for encouraging, and inspiring me!!
  12. That is so inspiring…beautiful music and awesome quotes….it takes you to another place for a moment as you listen and read the words and take them to heart.
  13. Thank you Mercier, this message is a follow on to my dreams which I’m receiving with gratitude and praise. Ask and it is given. I loved it. Christine x
  14. A beautiful and inspiring video ! Thank-you !
  15. Thanks for sharing. It is a beautiful video. The words are encouraging, the slides are beautiful and the music is peaceful. Thanks again!
  16. mareta said: Reply
    In heartfelt gratitude… Dreaming is just the beginning of co-creating a journey of authenticity and beauty and wonder. The JOY of truly “BEING” alive and free, and opening our hearts and arms to embrace the Oneness of all of life! Thanks for all that You are, by simply Being and sharing…
  17. Marcia, Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us. Whispers from the Soul is one of my most favorite books. Your wonderful ‘Whispers’ has become a priceless gem in my practice of adding more light and love into each day. It inspires, encourages and adds hope. Every day in every way I keep getting better and better! Thank you. (P.S. I know you like me celebrate birth-weeks so every day is a celebration. Actually I’m into birth-months now as the week was too short to fit everything in!! :)
  18. ERIKA said: Reply
    You would love it!
  19. Wanda said: Reply
    Just received, MANY Wonderful Blessings.
  20. rosa said: Reply
    Just to say Happy… Happy.. birthday to Marcia… May God always bless and guide you throughout the year. From, Rosa
  21. I forgot how exquisite this is. Thank you Marcia. And happy, happy, happy day!!!!!
  22. Eugeana said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, each time your name comes up on my email, I find that I smile and then relaxation and interest flood thru me. Thanks for the vid gift that makes learning delightful.
  23. Happy birthday Marcia and many more to come.Injoy your birthday may God bless you
  24. Thank you i like it, its nice and peaceful
  25. Happy Birthday – a celebration that lasts your whole life and even when you are gone. By impacting those around you on any level big or small you have the capacity to fulfill your dreams and others too. Thanks for the lessons.
  26. Rita said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! May it be one of your best years yet. Thanks for all the love and inspiration you share. With appreciation, Rita
  27. Victoria said: Reply
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you, dear Marcia. I have learned sooooo much from you and continue to do so. With Gladness, Victoria
  28. Evelyn said: Reply
    Thanks Marcia, it is quite serene.
  29. Happy birthday, Marcia! Thank you for being who you are, for showing up. Thank you for helping me realize that my life is not defined by pain, but dreams, dreams that help me see that we all are like eagles ready to take flight. We just have to dream how high we want to go…and soar. Thank you for helping me to Shift My Heart! Eliana
  30. Thank you Marcia for perusing your dreams. You have touched my life and you dont even know me. That makes me continue to shoot for the moon!
  31. Happy Birthday. Thank you for creating a wonderful inspiring gift for others to see their dream through God’s creation. This was my zen break for the day. Marquetta
  32. Happy Birthday!TodayIsee the sun peeking through the clouds, shining brightly on the golden leaves while the warm wind encourages the fallen leaves to come and play.You came into this world to teach us how to pay attention to those things the creator continues to bless us with and I am grateful.
  33. Inspiring, gentle beautiful…music so mellow…….very touching………Made my day.
  34. Happy belated Birthday.thanku for the vedio
  35. Natalie said: Reply
    Marcia, you need not have hundreds upon thousands of comments to KNOW how much you have made this world brighter, but here we are anyway:-) I admire you. I am inspired by you. I am grateful for your work and your presents in my Life. May you all ways know the gift You are. Blessings abound! Natalie
  36. Happy Birthday Marcia May all your dreams come true and may happiness fill your heart and soul forever.
  37. Happy Belated Birthday, Marcia from Kansas City MO. May you have many more!!
  38. Beverly said: Reply
    Very inspirational video. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday to you, Marcia.
  39. Happy Birthday Marcia, Best wishes from London Glen
  40. grace said: Reply
    Happy happy birthday Marcia! You,re a great woman! Though I am not able to be on your seminars, but your inspiring messages are so provoking. Provoking us to dream, to touch lives and to leap forward! You’ve got to live coz you got more to give! Happy happy birthday!!!
  41. Mai Vu said: Reply
    Happy Birthday to you. May all your dreams come true. Wishes from Hanoi, Vietnam
  42. Mai Vu said: Reply
    It’s lovely and intersting. Thanks so much.
  43. Happy, Happy Birthday Marcia!! Many many more for you, too. May you have a well blessed day AND celebrate all week!!!
  44. Marcia…..Blessings for your Birth. I have not yet had the privilege of meeting you, but appreciate your teaching and your bright spirit. Have the most incredible year ever!!!!! April
  45. Happy Birthday Marcia May all your dreams come true from Vancouver Island BC Canada
  46. Happy Birthday Marcia I Don’t Know Your Age But in 1977 Pat Boone Daughter Debbie Boone Made this song YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE YOU MADE ME WHOLE YOU BRIGHTEN UP MY DAY You and Husband make the best of you Life Happy B Day
  47. oops, it should be Las Vegas… Happy birthday and God’s blessings, mercy and grace be upon you all the days of your life.
  48. Dear Marcia, Happy Birthday from Singapore. Thanks for your sharing at Neways Convention 2009 in Salt lake Utah.The sharing is still fresh in my mind…we’ll meet again. Thanks. Liang Fong
  49. Happy Birthday Marcia, You’ve been a huge inspiration to me. I still listen to dream talks over the past 4 years. You’re a blessing and I pray God blesses you abundantly on this day and this coming year. LOL Poppy
  50. Marcella said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia and thanks for all the support.
  51. Happy Birthday to a most beautiful woman who has changed my life tremendously!
  52. Hi, Wonderful movie. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday! God bless you! Thnaks, Kannan
  53. Marissa said: Reply
    Happy happy birthday, Marcia! Thank you for continually inspiring people like me. God bless you and your family. :)
  54. Thank you so much Marcia. This is very beautiful and inspiring. I have shared it on my facebook and will tell other’s who are not on facebook. I choose to have a great day and I wish you the same. Best wishes Patsy
  55. Mary said: Reply
    Happy Birthday!
  56. Happy Birthday Marcia. I hope you have a beautiful birthday one that is filled with everthing wonderful. Enjoy your special day and thank you so much for all your love, passion and wisdon. Warmest wishes Patsy Brisbane, Australia
  58. Pete said: Reply
    Happy birthday Marcia!!!!! Thank you for the FANTASTIC reminder to DREAM!!
  59. Suzy said: Reply
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA!!! Thanks for dreaming big and bringing such beautiful things to our world. Thanks for Dream U & all you create. You are such a gift. Missed you again @ 910, hope to see you @ 1210. Have a day and year with Patrick befitting YOUR wildest DREAMS!! Love ya, Suzy
  60. PAMELA said: Reply
  61. June C said: Reply
    Awesome…beautiful…inspiring…speechless. Thanks for sharing and
  62. Hi Marcia Happy Birthday to you and many more birthdays to come……….Thank you for all you do………Tina
  63. Anna Lee said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia! Wishing you many moments that will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart! With Much Love and Gratitude for who you are, Anna
  64. Therese said: Reply
    This video is filled with peace, breathtaking images, uplifting music…and hope. We live on a wonderful planet and this video reminds us how life is precious and wonderful in so many ways. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this music brings the best ones into my heart. Thank you Marcia, this is a gift of peace at the end of my day.
  65. Susanne said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! What a glorious day for your celebration. Thank you for all that you do beautiful one. Big hugs and LOTS of love to you forever!
  66. Sue said: Reply
    Here’s good wishes for you,Allan.
  67. Wishing you a Dream Come True Birthday and year ahead!
  68. The intention was to breath deep..relax with intention and leave it to the universe to unfold. Magic music. Thanks, Dr. Wieder for your mentorship. Happy birthday Love, Caral CEO SPACE
  69. May this day and the next year be of joy, love and light Marcia. Happy Birthday ;-)
  70. 10-05 a date to be remembered…you are in my heart:) Happy Birth-day!!! Much Love and Blessings, Pam L. Studio 1005
  71. SHALOM MARCIA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an amazing gift of God, full of gifts to give to countless others… Thank you for dreaming, sharing your dreams with us, and inspiring us to do the same… Many abundant blessings on you today and this new year ahead~ XXOO
  72. happy birthday and dream on marcia you are doing great very inspiring…..awesome ..all the best…. dushan.
  73. Marcia, May the magnificent gifts of vision and dreams that you inspire in others be magnified and delivered to you throughout this year in beautiful ways! Happy Birthday! Beverly Ameykeller
  74. Kiki said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia, may all your dreams come true. All the stars and your parents conspired to bring you forth on this day. Enjoy.
  75. Bev said: Reply
    Happy Blessed Birthday Marcia!
  76. Debbie said: Reply
    Hey, I thought you might enjoy this. Love, Kevin
  77. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA!!!!! May your wildest, private, secret dreams come true for you this year. Thinking of you and all the wonderous gifts you give to others…you are an inspiration! With gratitude, Cindy () () ‘ ‘ ) (
  78. alana said: Reply
    Dear Marcia, wishing you magical dreams on your birthday!!!! May it be full of happiness and blessings! :)
  79. Happy Birthday Marcia! May it be equal to your wildest dreams! Linda Carol Berry BraveHeart Woman
  80. tina said: Reply
    Happy Birthday and Blessed one Marcia, found this so uplifting, came in my mail just when i needed it.
  81. Donenlle said: Reply
    Marcia, Happy Birthday and thank you so much for sharing this gift. Have a wonderful day and celebrate your birhtday all year long. I love the Dream University! Donnelle
  82. Glenda said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Beautiful Ms. Marcia!!!! Have the most fabulous day :) Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
  83. Thank you so much for this email. It is just what I needed right now. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day all day.
  84. Dawn said: Reply
    There’s no dream without a dreamer, and no dreamer without a mighty breath. Only Spirit’s wind can light a spark that brings a life forth from dark. And upon this Earth are a chosen few who will see the Light at work in you. Channels of blessing and joy they sing you back to your dream, believe, believe until you can. Thank you Marcia for seeing the dream in all of us, Dawn ( is my seed of a dream I’m releasing now because of you and others who believed)
  85. Debbie said: Reply
    have a blessed Birthday filled with joy & family!
  86. Rosemary said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Ms Marcia! This is beautiful music very inspiring,thank you for having this GIFT and sharing it with us. May GOD Bless Everyone.
  87. Rosemary said: Reply
    Karen, Thank you so much needed this today!
  88. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your very special day and live life to its fullest everyday!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work of art and your special gift!!!
  89. Julie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia! And many happy returns.
  90. Happy Birthday fellow Libra! I knew it all made sense……you share my sons birthday as well. I wish for you, all your dreams come true~
  91. Happy Birthday Marsha!!!! We hope you take time to both relax & celebrate today! Hope your fall is off to a good start! Keep shining bright!
  92. Hilary said: Reply
    This is so very beautiful – Happy Birthday and have an extra wonderful day -
  93. Jennifer said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia. You are truly awesome! Your work is outstanding and thank you for being in our world. Love Jennifer
  94. Mary said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia! May all your dreams come true! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift!
  95. Happy Birthday Marcia! Fabulous clip from your book!
  96. Happy Birthday, Marcia. As a fellow Libra, I wish you a wonderful day. :-) Thank you for celebrating courage.
  97. Beautiful, Simply beautiful! What a wonderful way to start my day. Happy Birthday Marcia. We are all celebrating with you. Have a fantastic day!
  98. Roberta said: Reply
    Happy Birthday you magical person you.
  99. Marnie said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia. You have help to make more people realize their dreams and their potential than you could have ever imagined!
  100. Happy BIrthday Marcia, Thank you for allowing people to see that dreams are acheiveable, thanks for helping them BELEIVE!
  101. Happy Birthday Marcia. Thank you for a beautiful video which brought peace and focus after a busy day.
  102. tara said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! You are a precious treasure! Continue to share your precious gift to help individuals to dream big and live their potential with courage, love and compassion.
  103. Love, love, love this video AND love you so dearly Marcia. For this day is so very special since it is the celebration of your birth day. Many loving blessings and pausing moments coming your direction. Chris T.
  104. lois said: Reply
    ♫♪♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪♫♪ Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu Marcia ♫♪♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪♫♪
  105. May you have a happy and spiritual birthday. You are an inspiration sent from God. Thank you for helping so many discover and realize their dreams. My friends all know me as a dreamer – because I dream big. I see no reason to do anything else. You have been an inspiration for me to continue to reach my highest mountain of dreams. For when I reach for my dreams I can help others too. May we all help everyone around the world reach their special dreams and live their purpose and passion in life.
  106. GG said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia ! May the beauty you have shared return to you a thousand fold. You have touched our souls.
  107. Dreamy Marcia- WOW- another fabulous product, filled with joy,hope and bliss. Happy Phenomenal Birthday- wishing you much love, fun and laughter all year long. Blessings, Hugs and Fun, Tanya
  108. Karen said: Reply
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA – may God continue to use you as a powerful vessel of Light and Love – thank you for your beautiful work!
  109. I forgot to say “Happy Birthday!!”
  110. Marcia said: Reply
    Just beautiful! Nicely done! And calmed my soul…….before a very busy day.
  111. Happy Birthday Marcia! The video was so peaceful and made me take a nice deep breath and slow down – just what I needed. Perfect.
  112. Juanita said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Celebrate U today and enjoy! =)
  113. Therese said: Reply
    So inspiring and moving to my soul. Thank you!
  114. Pam said: Reply
    Have a phenomenally happy, joyous, blissful birthday filled with love beyond all measure.
  115. There are very few videos that I pass along to my best friends. This is one of the few! Beautiful remembering of what we know and have available. Thank you Marcia.
  116. Hello Deb, I thought you might enjoy this video – I did! Hope you are doing well. Hugs
  117. Happy Birthday, Marcia! What a gift of creation you are! In love and light, Kaer
  118. Srinivas said: Reply
    Great video. Inspiring quotes. Thanks for sharing with us and telling us importance of dream. Happy Birthday Marcia.
  119. PeggyLee said: Reply
    Marcia, may you have the happiest of all birthdays today, my friend! Love, PeggyLee
  120. Sirpa said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Thank you for the inspiring video!
  121. Regina said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia, thank you for sharing and reminding use in such a beautiful way to find your happy place and…dream…dream…dream always puts a smile on my face :)
  122. Rita said: Reply
    Enjoy your special day, Marcia, and continue to be the candle that lights other’s candles. You are very gifted!
  123. Rita said: Reply
    Lovely, inspirational site that will bring peace to your life and put a lot of things into perspective. Enjoy, Rita
  124. Louise said: Reply
    Go for it DREAM!
  125. amnah said: Reply
    happy birthday Marcia! go on!!
  126. Louise said: Reply
    Do you dare to dream? Here is a little video to help you out! Enjoy Louise
  127. Pauline said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia! Thank you for living your dream and spreading your JOY of Being divinely humane.
  128. Happy Birthday Marcia… Wishing you nothing but rainbows, sunshine, love, life and laughter!!! Be blessed! Dee @};~~~
  129. Lisa said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marcia!
  130. Happy Happy Birthday Marcia, May your dream take flight this new birthday year. And may new was begin to come to light! Best Wishes, Laura G
  131. Karen said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia! The pictures of God’s glorious creation are amazing. He can put a song in our hearts that will resonate among mountains. Be blessed!
  132. Happy Birthday! Thank you for the gift your soul gives all of us!
  133. Happy Birthday Marcia!! I enjoyed seeing you at the Isagenix Super Saturday in SF and Celebration in San Diego. I purchased your training program and it’s priceless! Thank you. Also, your birthday gift to all of us was so peaceful and inspirational. What a way to start my day. I will play it often and share it with others. God bless you.
  134. Happy Birthday, Marcia! So excited to see you in Austin today–the best place in the world to celebrate a birthday. :-) You have inspired me to dream bigger and follow my heart, and I am passing it on to women over 50. Thanks for all you do to inspire and motivate us to reach for the stars!
  135. Hi Marcia, happy Birthday! Thanks for the beautiful reminder to believe in my dreams and not give up.
  136. Happy Birthday Marcia! Thanks again for this inspiring video. May your dreams get bigger each day! Blessings always!
  137. Thank you for the inspiring message. And Happy Birthday to you Marcia. I hope that your day is as awesome as you are!
  138. Sally said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, may all your dreams come true.
  139. Happy Birthday Marcia!! The world is such a better place because you are in it. May your day be rich with wonder, blessings, and love. May all YOUR dreams come true! Semper FI!
  140. Dearest Marcia, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Marcia, Happy Birthday to you… and many many more!!! I wish you my friend, my teacher, my mentor the best day and year, you deserve only the very best! With love, Donna xoxo
  141. Happy Birthday Marcia. What a day to celebrate! You are a great example of “living your dream” and thank you for sharing your gifts and talents to the world. You are a blessing and many blessings back to you.
  142. Rhea said: Reply
    Hello Marcia, Happy Birthday. Wonderful video and very inspirational.
  143. Dear Marcia, I wish You a lot of new Dreams!! Happy Birthday !!
  144. Marcia, Many happy returns of the day. This day is also I believe a very important day for teachers all over the world . I wish you a very prominent birthday blast ,of course I am far away and that is what I can do now. May God give you more energy and enthusiasm to take the Dream University far and wide. May God bless you once again .
  145. Cheryl said: Reply
    Happy Birthday Marsha! Hoping today will be as wonderful for you as you’ve made it for all of us……. that all your dreams continue to manifest and that your heart is overflowing with love and joy! Love, Cheryl
  146. Cheryl said: Reply
    I just loved it. It truly touches the heart and encourages human beings to rekindle their faith in themselves and the universe.Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. It is truly inspirational.
  147. Hsppy Birthday Marcia! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  148. Joe High said: Reply
    Happy Birthday, Marcia. May it be FUN-tabulous and may you enjoy heartfelt joy overflowing from your cup!
  149. MaryAnn said: Reply
    Blessings and Happy Birthday to you Marcia. Such a beautiful, tranquil video that sets the tone for the day. I am happy to share it with my friends.
  150. Debbie said: Reply
    Dreams!!! Dreaming!! Dreaming & DOING!! As a two-time Breast Cancer survivor–in the month of PINK-tober, I’m thrilled to announce to the world: I persevered, I persisted, and I have just released my newest picture book. YEARS in the making my tribute to 9-11 has rolled off the presses: “Red, White and Blue” is out of my heart and into my hands. Having the dream is the beginning. Action is where the rubber meets the road. Marcia, thanks for being there & offering encouragement, paving the way. Happy Birthday.
  151. Marcia May God bless you for inspiring others to strive for thier dreams. What you are hepling others to achieve will come back to you a hundred fold. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  152. Gyopar said: Reply
    Dear Marcia! I wish you all the best! Happy Birthday! It is wonderfull all that you are doing for people to feel better, to reach for a better life. Thank You!
  153. Jacqui said: Reply
    Marcia this is so calming, I just want to listen to this everyday! Is there any link that we can purchase this video to place on our computer screens? I am sure all will just love it. Thanks, more will be good. LOL Jacqui
  154. Nal said: Reply
    Marcia Happy Birthday! May all YOUR Dreams keep coming true and may you always be blessed with good health, joy and love
  155. I love it!
  156. Rajita said: Reply
    Beautiful..inspiring and very relaxing and to top it off can share it with my friends..!!!
  157. Freddy said: Reply
    Bellisimo e inspirador, Gracias
  158. Dear Marcia, Yes, me too I would like to fly and get carried away by my passions once more. Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago. You are just wonderful….. With Love Marianne
  159. pamela said: Reply
    Although I had trouble with the reproduction which kept pausing, it did nothing to detract from the beauty of the video. Thank you so very much, Pawmela
  160. Roselyn said: Reply
    Thank you Marcia, Very nice I watched the movie a couple of times.I really enjoyed it.Nice music a moment for relaxations. I Love your work. I was not able to open my mails for quite some days, reason why I only am sending you my comments today. Hope you will still see it.
  161. that was so relaxing and so inspiring at the same time!!
  162. Marcia, That was truly an inspiration. Thank you for all you do for us. Kevin
  163. Natalie said: Reply
    I feel like I gotta let folks know where they can see this for themselves!! I am off to post a note on my facebook page:)) dreaming B.I.G. Natalie
  164. Lesley said: Reply
    Beautiful, Peaceful, Relaxing and Very Inspiring!
  165. Katerina said: Reply
    I will dream more… Thank you for reminding me… :)
  166. FELICITY said: Reply
  167. Jerry said: Reply
    This video really took me away to a high spirited, gentle calmness. Away from all the outside noise. It further gives me the inspiration and the passion to pursue my dreams. Thank you so much Marcia. I will refer to this video often for calmness and peace of mind.
  168. glen said: Reply
    Ah………. a moment in another world where my soul rises on wings like eagles wings. Thanks, Marcia
  169. reina said: Reply
    Thank you oh so very much! I love when words from others voice my heart. You are an amazing inspiration. Rei
  170. Nancy said: Reply
    A beautiful reminder that we do have dreams and to search our soul if we have lost them. Thank you.
  171. Margie said: Reply
    That was lovely! Tears came to my eyes! Thank you!
  172. thanks marcia ,you have touched my heart,something shifted when I said’no more';you are so inspiring thanks for sharing
  173. Ahhhhh Marcia, THANK YOU! I truly enjoyed and appreciated your gift. So refreshing and uplifting. You are kind! Thanks.
  174. Tricia said: Reply
    I have watched this beautiful clip twice now and it made me cry tears of joy both times. Thank you for sharing this wonderful loving energy with me.
  175. Well…that was a nice mini self-love video. I reflected in toward my truth. Peaceful and validated. Nice for relaxation and release. Thank you Marcia. In gratitude, DawnaLove
  176. Liz said: Reply
    Yes, I needed to be reminded of this fact. Thank you.
  177. Sandra said: Reply
    Very inspiring!
  178. Marina said: Reply
    Thank you Marcia for this lovely & inspiring work. It was a perfect way to end a hectic day!
  179. Susan said: Reply
    Ahhh…thank you so much for that beautiful gift! So peaceful and inspiring, yet so motivating to keep on pursuing my biggest dreams!You are a gift as well.
  180. Deborah said: Reply
    Lovely Marcia. Thank you…
  181. I really enjoyed that message it just made my day.
  182. Rachel said: Reply
    This might help to brighten your day! Warm Regards, Lynne
  183. Hi Marcia, I loved it and would like to have a copy of it all. I hope that is possible. A lot to meditate on also.
  184. Mary said: Reply
    Thank you Marcia..Tnis beautiful gift..warmed my heart & touched my soul!
  185. That I need to be true to myself. To find and follow my true path. Thank you. Worth the few minutes out of a busy day. Jo
  186. Thank you Marcia, That was beautiful and came at an opportune moment when I needed a spark of inspiration. It’s amazing how positive thoughts, pics, and sound can change a mood.
  187. Ian said: Reply
    MMMMMMMmmmmmmm That was just “wow” I was feeling realy down and my friend sent me this e-mail to look at so i did… Now i am going 2 bed thinking of some good things to look for, i can’t tell you how much this as Uplifted me Thank You……Ian
  188. Margie said: Reply
    Thank you! That was lovely!
  189. lewin said: Reply
    this is what i call food for the soul and by looking and reading it , it has filled by spirit with peace thank you marcia.
  190. Lynda said: Reply
    Just the very thing I needed. Thank you
  191. Brandi said: Reply
    Really touched me! Made me actually think about what I want and that I can attain it!!
  192. Ewa said: Reply
    It made me feel happy, calm, loved, grateful,relaxed, free and so on! Thanks! Ewa
  193. Richard said: Reply
    It was soothing, calming, inspirational and invigorating all at the same time. Thank you…
  194. Diamond said: Reply
    Very nice indeed. Refreshing.Thankyou.
  195. Janet said: Reply
    It is wonderful, peaceful, inspiring…and a powerful reminder. Please accept my gratitude for sharing it.
  196. It made me cry, it was so beautiful!
  197. Cecelia said: Reply
    This stirred my soul and unleashed a groundswell of emotions. Great release. Thanks Marcia :-)
  198. Anna said: Reply
    The gift that make me cry…. Very inspiring! Thank you.
  199. Marcia, I found this to be inspiring and relaxing. I really hope this gets to be my way of life and everyone else’s life on this planet. Thank you so much. Barb Johnson
  200. Dear Marcia: It is a lovely message but the most important is that make us remember keep working on our goals; as once you say, our mind is the limit so we decide how far we want to go. Thank you Marcia.
  201. Suzanne said: Reply
    Very beautiful message! May we all have dreams of this or better beauty and grace!
  202. sandy said: Reply
    Exceptional! Beautiful! Uplifting! Transports me ! Love it!
  203. Wow…this is beautiful. Gives you a breath of freshness. Thanks!!! Krishnarao Mudaliar
  204. Giovanna said: Reply
    Some of us never learned to dream.
  205. This was definitely beautiful music accompanying such inspiring messages. They were written in such nice, flowing lettering. Well worth the time!
  206. Ivy said: Reply
    It is inspiring to read and the music accompanying the words is calming to the soul.Thank you.
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    Hi marcia!!! I just love it love it love it. Is mind bugging, thought provoking and quite insightful. You have just given me an idea on how to reach my audience.. hope u dont mind i will just create one like this:) Pamela
  407. I live by my dreams…and I refuse to let life pass me bye. I’m 74,live in California and in process of building my dream home in the Philippines. However, I did need as pic-er-uppper..and the above hit the spot. Thanks much.
  408. it’s easy to dream & think positive thoughts in the quiet of your own home but out in the hustle & bustle of the world I lose it!
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    Thank you Marcia! I Love this!! Enjoy infinite Blessings!
  422. I just finsihed giving a Reiki session to one of my aspirants, and now this is my treat to myself. Love the energy of the images and the inspiration of the messages! Sweet Blessings to you for sharing the Light. Serving in Love, Light & Joy – Linda Carter Backes
  423. Thank you so much for sharing at Celebration. I resonated with so much of what you said. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction – as enunciated by Abraham through Esther Hicks, and actually present interactive workshops on the Law of Attraction. Ifound that your message dovetailed beautifully into theirs. Thanks, also for the gift of these e-books which, I assure you, will be used on a regular basis. If I do forward them, I will do so through the link you have provided. Please continue to do the wonderful work that you do so well, and to be the person you are.
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    Oh Marcia, thank you! I watched it four times in a row and calmed more each time. Being calm lets me balance enough to consider what my dream actually is, instead of staying stuck in the wondering/churning/squirrel-cage mode. This is a magic piece to soothe my mental puzzling. Thanks so much.
  454. Marsha that was beautiful. Nice calm and refreshing moment in a rather stressful. Day Thank you I needed that.
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    Good timing! I currently reigniting my dreamer and was recently caught in the middle of fear and doubt. Now getting one foot out of reality and back into my dream. This is both relaxing and energizing as the poems reflect the truth is what dreaming is. Dreaming is easy, moving towards your dreams can be scary. It is a reminder to have FAITH and anything is possible. Thank you!
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    Thank you…so beautiful and magically showed up for me just when I really needed the reminder to live my dream, or at least to try! Will watch this again and again, thnak you for sharing!
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  527. andrea said: Reply
    It was great to take a moment. But…. I feel I”ve been doing those things…including “throwing my heart over the fence”, yet today, after 9 yrs of infertility, 4 miscarriages, 3 surgeries, and $70,000 spent — I’m out of money, time and hope. How do you know when to let go, and dream another dream? This is the hardest question of my life.
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    Marcia, I hung up the phone from talking with a friend and opened this email. It’s like you listened to our conversation and made a video of what was playing in our hearts. You said it beautifully! blessings, deb
  544. Thank you for this Inspiring video Marcia! This is indeed the moment I am taking my soul by the hand so my Spirit can fly ~ Blessings InLove ~ Julia
  545. Evelyn said: Reply
    Marcia, that was beautiful. After having such a hectic morning, i just read my emails. This email just gave me the strength and courage that i need to pursue the rest of my day in a positive mood. Can i possible get this sent to me on a disc. I would love to share it. thank you, positive thinker!
  546. It was beautiful, it made me cry. I have had a LOT of dreams come true, and it is rewarding. Now my life has changed, my husband & I were emptynesters, raised 4 children, now we are adopting 2 grandchildren, it’s like we are starting over and so much influence on these 2 lives as well as balancing our time etc. on the rest of the family. Soooooooooo I have to work my business smart to make this work, so the dreaming has taken a new turn to new goals & needs. Powerful stuff has been going on in my heart because of all of this.
  547. Nina said: Reply
    The words as well as the pictures are very inspiring. Thanks so much for sending it.
  548. Talker said: Reply
    Wonderful vid. Is a labor of love to remove the many stones in anothers life path.
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  552. Bec said: Reply
    Hello Marcia! Wow this couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been feeling stressed out because my hubby is going into the hospital for hip replacement surgery and I haven’t been working on my jewelry business. So this not only calmed my spirit but gave me a couple of ideas for my business, too! Thanks so much for sharing! Bec Steinberger MI
  553. Marcia K said: Reply
    Beautiful. Makes me smile & remember to dream. Thank you.
  554. sonia said: Reply
    Love it, was just great! thank you!
  555. Becky said: Reply
    Hi Marcia, I believe that touching the hearts of people is the reason why we are born and THAT IS JUST WHAT YOU HAVE DONE through this video.May your tribe increase and your influence grow. Becky
  556. Juanita said: Reply
    I had chills and tears of love and joy.I am two feet off the ground. love and gratitude
  557. Nzingha said: Reply
    very uplifting and inspiring.. thanks
  558. Marcia, Wow! That was wonderful,and exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for putting me back on track and in pursuit of my dream. Granted, I may not fully realize it,but I must ,and I will, continue to pursue it. A big dreamer who truly believes in making the impossible,possible. It has been done countless times.
  559. That was very nice. I enjoyed it. Please watch my video that I created with my photography and positive affirmations called I Am Grateful. I hope that you enjoy it.
  560. I think it was great.Thank you very much
  561. marilyn said: Reply
    Thanks, I needed that sooo much! It was totally awesome!!
  562. Loved it! It was beautiful and something I could watch every morning with gratitude!
  563. Sherry said: Reply
    Beautiful thoughts and Beautiful things are meant to be shared. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, Marcia!
  564. Lorée said: Reply
    I needed that. Of course I believe it but sometimes it’s so hard to internalize it. I’ll probably need to watch it every day!!!! Thank you. During a time in my life where I am finding it hard to be positive and find a way to follow dreams, this is encouraging. Thanks again.
  565. Just seeing the title page brought a smile to my face. Yes, dreams come true, with intention and action. I love the beautiful reminder of my own power!
  566. Islena said: Reply
    Awesome!!!! It was so beautiful and came at just the perfect time. Thank you
  567. Patty said: Reply
    Oh my gosh! I had “goose bumps” thoughout the whole video! How beautiful. I will play this again and again. Thank you for posting this. You have made my day!
  568. Wow…this is beautiful. Gives you a breath of freshness. Thanks!!!
  569. Doreen said: Reply
    Awesome, Marcia…thank you so very much for sharing this! Things like this always make my day that much better!
  570. Lisa said: Reply
    May have given me just enough to keep on fighting-knowing that I come from integrity and I am right-and the universe will make it right. Thank you
  571. Really great way to start my day Marcia. Hope you are well. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
  572. Lisa said: Reply
    I felt a visual and audio rush of inspiration and peace. The beauty of nature provoked hope and joy. Thank you.
  573. Very beautiful and inspiring, the best at all i could share it with my friends in facebook
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    I love it! Thank you for this short video. It made me feel so happy and hopeful and relaxed. I needed it this morning. Thanks again.
  575. Nice presentation, early reminder in the day to know my dreams will come true. thanks!
  576. Hubert said: Reply
    Beautiful music – inspiring quotes – lovely images. Thank you Marcia for a moment’s respite during my hectic day. You’ve given me a few minutes of pure relaxation. Keep up your awesome work. I love your message.

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