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  • Profile picture of Dory Willer, SPHR, PCC Dory Willer, SPHR, PCC said 2 years, 6 months ago ago:

    I've noticed that as I've committed to my 10 dreams on this site, that I find myself in the space of re-evaluating where I'm choosing to spend time and give my energy to. I have this inside-out inspiration to spend a day this weekend to clean out my office. Give away those files and supplies that no longer fit the type of coaching I choose to do. Clean out and make way for the new. Not necessarily to toss it ... it feels better to me to pass it on to other colleagues who may be coaching that niche (i.e., performance coaching materials). I'm committed to coaching dreamers who have big dreams and will put a big dent in our Universe. Let the cleaning begin! What might you need to let go of in your life systems in order to create the time and devotion for your dream? Time to repack our bags.

  • Profile picture of sylvie MARTIN sylvie MARTIN said 2 years, 6 months ago ago:

    I relate to your need of carefully choosing where the energy goes, Dory ! I'm a creative woman who has such a big amount of ideas and my biggest difficulty is to follow only a few dreams until their realization, and not be distracted by so many new dreams coming that I change my mind too often !
    I need to let go of that pattern of "over-creativity" and "abstract wonderful ideas are best" in order to grow more dreams into full realization.
    I also want to become an adult and as much as I love my parents, I want to let go of the feeling I have to be "only a girl" (at almost 32) so that I can fully blossom into a woman, and I know that my parents will adapt to the new me... but the first change has to come from the inner me.

  • Profile picture of sylvie MARTIN sylvie MARTIN said 2 years, 6 months ago ago:

    Well I could let go even more patterns that are not useful in order to grow my other dreams. For example my dream of true happiness : I was diagnosed with a threatening mental illness. The statistics are saying that I'm mostly bound to die from suicide and other cause of death are not as significant with this illness. Average age of death is 45 I think. But I was a math teacher and I hate statistics because they do NOT reflect the truth of the individuals. Anyway I attempted to my life a few times so I feel not so self-confident now. I have to let go of the disappointment of having messed up the whole therapy in november. I know I can fully empower myself again. I feel truly empowered indeed and I know deep inside that I can take the right decision to seek for help the next time I feel "that bad".

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