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You can make powerful changes in your life that will help you be happier and more fulfilled. This course is designed to achieve this in 90 days...and since it's self paced, you can even do it faster.

Marcia Wieder, CEO DreamU, Invites you to Transform Your Life

In this 10 step audio course, you will learn:

  • Setting Your Intention - No matter what phase of life you are in, it's always powerful to take Your Next Step.
  • Living with Integrity - Your ability to make, keep and manage simple and important agreements with yourself and others.
  • Find Your Purpose - When you live in integrity with your soul, life becomes richer and more meaningful.
  • Access Your Dreamer - To make room for new dreams and clear next steps, clear away clutter or that which is no longer true for you.
  • Deal with Your Doubter - The secret to a joyful, fulfilling life is to do more of what you love every day.
  • Believe In Your Dreams - Get very clear about what you do and don’t want and actually teach you how to dream bigger.
  • Personal Practices - Completely transform your relationship to both doubt and fear so they no longer stop you.
  • Projects & Powerful Steps - You attitudes and beliefs are never neutral. They either move you forward or hold you back.
  • Building Your Dream Team - A simple approach for planning and building your Dream Team so you can accomplish your dreams faster.
  • Living Your Dream Life - Whatever typically stops you or gets in your way, can be removed.

Here's what you will receive:

Tools To Transform Your Life10 inspiring audio lessons — Marcia guides you step-by-step, making the program simple to use.
Tools To Transform Your LifeTransform Your Life Workbook — Use your 90 Days to Transform Your Life Workbook to take action and see results. Completing the exercises is key to your success and we've made it easy!
Tools To Transform Your LifeCommunity Membership — Throughout the course (and after you're done) you can ask questions and get 24/7 support and resources from our community, Certified Dream Coaches® and Marcia

AreAre You Ready To Transform Your Life?
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