Marcia is the Perfect Speaker to Inspire your Audience

These topics are available as keynotes or workshops ranging in length from an hour to a full day.

12 Ways to Be a 21st Century Leader & Visionary

Living in unusual times requires that we think, act and ARE different. Does your team or group need a call to action? This program will teach you how to step up to be a 21st Century Visionary. A visionary has a big dream, shares it, and inspires others to join them. You will learn the 12 ways to become a 21st Century Visionary who is comfortable with uncertainty, knows the secret to inspiration, is a creative force and much more. Clarify your group’s mission, vision, calling and dreams in all areas of their life.

Igniting Passion in Your Work and Life

Marcia teaches how to use passion as a tool for immediately increasing bottom line results and reveals her proven methods to discovering and connecting to passion. Go beyond goal setting, as you reignite passion and inspire success, even during difficult or challenging times. The results will be astounding. You’ll find you have more energy, vitality and an enthusiasm that will permeate all facets of your life and work. You too can learn to kindle hope, drive innovation and inspire success. New ideas, possibilities and opportunities are all available and this presentation will ensure that you and your team take action to claim them.

Secrets of Big Dreamers & High Achievers

Big dreamers model intention, integrity and the leadership traits essential for thinking outside the proverbial box. Learn breakthrough strategies for greater victories as well as handling any setbacks. Discover a proven and potent process to coach others in finding clarity, purpose and strength they didn’t know they had. Move past limiting beliefs, while having more fun, greater success, and accomplishing results faster on any goal or project. The ability to Dream Big and implement that vision is the driving force for transformation and what will set you and  your team apart.

Create Your Dream Life: On Your Way in Just One Day

She’s discussed it in front of millions of viewers on Oprah, and based her best-selling book, Making Your Dreams Come True, on it. Uncover the secrets to Marcia’s no-nonsense approach for getting what you want. Whether your dream is personal or professional, Marcia’s proven technology will teach you serious steps and shortcuts for immediate action and rapid success. In addition, you’ll learn how to breakthrough barriers and remove limiting beliefs. New doors will open as you apply Marcia’s proven and concrete formula to attain your dreams, increase confidence and stop dream stealers. There’s no holding you and your team back!

Visionary Women: Outrageous, Outlandish and Just Like You

There is a new paradigm for being a powerful woman that includes compassion, effectiveness, thoughtfulness and success. Visionary women have become results-oriented achievers themselves, rapidly making inroads to places where men only have dominated in the past. They know how to dream big; how to share a vision that inspires; and how to exceed self-limited expectations put on them and others. Loaded with great stories and modern day heroines, this talk is guaranteed to move your audience to tears and laughter… and inspire them to dream big and take risks.

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