Dreams are Whispers from the Soul

Dreams are Whispers from the SoulHardcover book (112 pages)

We are so pleased to present a new gift book with a beautiful title… Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul. This wonderful gift book is filled with memorable stories, stunning photographs and life-changing insights to help you find your purpose and your passion in life. Here’s a small sampling of what to expect:

I. Get Clear about Your Dreams 1. It’s Never Too Late
2. No More. Now What?
3. The Secret Inside of You
4. The Gift of a Passion Quest
5. Your Dream is to Have a Dream
6. Awaken Your Dreamer
7. The Dream Formula

II. Believe in Your Dreams 8. Don’t Let Fear Stop You
9. Deal with your Doubter
10. #1 Way We Sabotage Our Dreams
11. A New Relationship with Time
12. Money is Not the Real Issue
13. Choose What You Believe
14. Tap Your Inner Wisdom

III. Act on Your Dreams 15. Integrity: The Key to Manifestation
16. Strengthen Your Weak Spot
17. The Impossible Dream
18. Seven Simple Steps to Success
19. Projects Make Dreams Happen
20. Build Your Dream Circle
21. The Incredible Shortcut Step

A New Relationship with Time (An excerpt from Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul)

Probably no other complaint is voiced more often than not having enough time. “I don’t have time to pursue my dreams or to even know what my dreams are. I don’t have time for me, for my family and friends. Basically, I don’t have time to live my life.”

Passion is the ultimate time management tool for two reasons. First, when you are doing what you love, who cares about time? When you are with someone special, or listening to a great piece of music, or painting or volunteering, doesn’t time just fly by? Second, when you are doing what you love it often gets done faster.

The way we spend our time is the way we spend our lives. Can you slow down enough to get “in synch” with life, nature, and most importantly, yourself? Tune in to your rhythm and natural pulse. Take off your watch and give yourself a day off. Eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired so you can discover who you are, what you need and what works best for you.

Make a date with yourself, every day if possible. Even if for only a half hour, carving out time for you is a great act of generosity. Your work can usually wait a half hour, but your soul can’t.

Whether we like it or not, the clock keeps ticking so live fully, every single second of every single day. Learn the true joy of doing less and having more as you experience each day as priceless. Fill your life with as many precious moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can.

When you “catch yourself in the act” of doing something that doesn’t serve you, you can choose to change it and when it’s a repeating pattern, you can literally change your life.

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