Making Your Dreams Come True (Spanish)

Making Your Dreams Come True SpanishSpanish Version (softcover, 229 Pages)

Are you looking for a roadmap that will give you practical techniques for realizing your Dreams?

This book was featured on Oprah with 100,000 copies sold. This book offers practical techniques for defining, pursuing and realizing your personal or professional dreams.

When you’ve finished reading this book you will know how:

  • You really want your life to be.
  • You can develop a dream that inspires you.
  • You can look at your life with a fresh perspective.
  • You can design your environment to implement the techniques you’ve learned.

Beginning with the first chapter you will learn how to empower yourself and believe in your ideas. Possibilities you never knew existed will emerge, and you will trust the resources in your life to help you produce amazing results in your everyday life, with greater ease.

The Making Your Dreams Come True book will walk you through my personally proven process. You’ll be on your way to truly realizing your dreams!

Experience hands-on exercises that will serve as your personal record of everything you learned about your dreams and how to accomplish them.

This book is written with YOU as its focus. You can use it as if it was a highly-paid dream coach or architect, taking you by the hand to lead you through the process of making your dreams come true. Interact fully with its pages and, when you are done, I believe you’ll say, “Yes, I can make my dreams come true anytime I choose.”

I have helped literally thousands of people just like you who have wanted more out of life. I am so confident in this program, that if within one year you are not on the path to living YOUR DREAM, then you can return this book for a full money back guarantee!

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