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I promise you that my FREE “It’s Time” gift collection will help you trust and love yourself more fully and inspire you to take action today. Marcia Wieder, CEO Dream University®

The “It’s Time” package includes the following 3 gifts:

Clarify and Create What You Want

This profound 3-hour video program provides practical tools for manifesting what’s important to you. You will learn:

  • three powerful yet simple steps to dream bigger.
  • how to avoid sabotaging your dreams.
  • the single most essential skill to create real results.

My New TEDx Talk Premiere

Immediately after registration, you will receive access to my newest TEDx talk entitled “Dreaming Is Not Enough.” Here’s where I present a new level of thinking for global impact.

#DreamSteps: Ten Tactics for Real Results

This beautiful e-book can easily be accessed anytime you choose. It is the “best of” collection with my most critical wisdom brought to you in a concise and simplified manner.

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“Real transformation occurs when you focus on and realize your dreams. You will feel more connected to your purpose, bringing greater meaning to your life.” Marcia Wieder