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Dream Coach ® Step #4

Many of us have been so mired in reality, so busy living from our clocks and our calendars, that we don’t even know what our dreams are, much less how to accomplish them. Now, first, let me give you a distinction between a dream and a fantasy. In a dream, you can design a strategy for getting there. In a fantasy like winning the lottery, well, there’s not much that you can do to make that happen. As I said, my mission is to redefine how we think and speak about our dreams. I want you to get clear about what really matters to you and take action, and that’s what this 10-step methodology is all about.

Dream Coach Process - Step 4 - Access Your Dreamer

Now, where do dreams come from? Well, believe it or not, you make them up. Some of them are based on needs like putting food on the table, some of them are based on desire, like your dream of writing a best-selling book or traveling around the world. But the dreams that come from your purpose that we talked about in Dream Coach® Step #3, well, those are the most important. When standing in your purpose, the quality of your dreams and the quality of your life will actually change. I want to encourage you to have dreams in every area of your life—personal, professional, relationship, financial, health, spiritual, community, family and, yes, let’s not forget fun dreams.

The ability to reconnect to what it is that you want is such an important practice. I know that there are doubts and fears and stories that get in the way, and we’re going to get into that in the next two Dream Coach® Steps when I talk about doubt and beliefs. But for now, what I want to say is that your dreams matter! It’s never been a better or more important time to pursue your dreams than now, and yes, you can develop the capacity for what I call “CBA.” In school they taught you the ABCs. Here at the Dream University®, I teach the CBAs. First “C”: get Clear about who you are, your purpose, what you do and don’t want and your dreams. Then “B”: Believe in your dreams. Prove that you’re more committed to your dreams than to doubts. And finally “A”: Take Action. And that’s what we’re going to focus on.

My small action step for you during this Dream Coach® Step is to write down one dream that’s really important to you. And even if you don’t believe it’s possible, don’t worry about it, we get to beliefs later. And if you don’t know how, don’t worry about it, we’ll get to strategy later. Right now, what I want you to get in touch with is, if time and money were not issues, if you had the support of the people around you and, most importantly, if you truly believed in yourself, what would you do? Where would you go? What would you create? What would you change?

Take a couple of minutes and start the process of writing down a dream that matters to you. If you can, put a little meat on the bones. Imagine what you are creating or accomplishing, who’s doing it with you, and start to really open to your imagination. If you feel a little stuck, don’t worry about it. For some of us, our dreamers have gone to sleep and need to be woken up.

So that’s what we’re going to be doing as we continue through the steps of this program. If you haven’t made a dream come true in a long time, then just start small! This small dream could be as simple as planning a gathering of your closest friends, lunch with a girlfriend or having a meaningful conversation with someone. Dreams come in all sizes. Just as no dream is too big, no dream is too small. The question is, what’s important to you? If you’re starting to hear the voice of your doubter surface and get in the way, don’t worry because that’s what the next session is about. Dream Coach® Step #5 is about Dealing with your Doubter. See you there.

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