Building Your Dream Team

Dream Coach ® Step #9

The number one way to experience greater ease and shortcut on any dream is to build your dream team. This all comes down to how you share your dream with others. I encourage you to share it like a visionary. A visionary has a big dream or a vision, and they articulate it with clarity so people get it, or they express it with passion so people get excited about it. A visionary has mastered the skill of enrollment. Remember, I talked about this in one of the earlier Dream Coach ® Steps.

Dream Coach Process - Step 9 - Building Your Dream Team

The ability to share your message, your products, your services in a way that inspires other people is paramount. I’ve been paid thousands of dollars to speak all over the world teaching this. Because different than selling, enrollment is when you open your heart and you really express what matters to you. It’s like you connect to what you care about, you tell me why I should. You communicate it clearly so I get it. Then there’s some kind of a compelling invitation. Remember the obstacle called not enough money completely can disappear when you master the skill of enrollment. Because when you share your products, services, ideas and opportunities with others in a way that does touch their heart, they will hire you, they will buy your products and services, they may even invest in you.

This skill of enrollment is so critical. It really starts with establishing rapport. I’ll give you a four-step process. Rapport is the likability factor. People have to like you and trust you in order to want to work with you, play with you, collaborate or create with you. What will make them trust you is for you to be self-trustworthy. We went through this in step number two, which is about integrity, but also in believing in yourself. You have to establish a rapport—the likability factor.

Number two, build value, ask good questions, know who they are. When you’re talking about what you do or what’s so great about that, really talk about the value of what you provide. The obstacle called “you’re too expensive” disappears when you establish more value than what you’re charging them for. You actually do this by doing more of one and more of number two. More rapport and more value can often eradicate the objections and the obstacles.

Finally, secure an agreement. What next step are you going to take together? Are they going to write you a check? Are they going to hire you? Are they going to make a phone call for you? The ability to enroll people is how you can grow your dream team. A lot of people say, “Well, should I share my dream with them? I’m not sure, what if they steal my idea?” You know what? Stand solid in who you are. If those issues are coming up for you, go back and re-read step number five, where we talk about doubts and meeting another doubter on the road. Develop the capacity to talk to anyone, anytime, anyplace about your vision. Amazing doors will open, results will pour in. My action step for you for today is to think of one person that you’d be willing to share your dream with. Don’t choose somebody who already knows what your dream is, but choose somebody who you’ve never really opened your heart to. Connect to what you care about, communicate clearly and share your dream with somebody who will look at you and say “I believe in you!” It’s a big step for some people, but it’s a critical step for all of us. I encourage you to begin the process of building your dream team so you can accomplish your dreams faster and with greater ease.

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