Set An Intention

Dream Coach ® Step #1

We hear a lot about intention. People often use the word “intention” interchangeably with lots of other things. When it comes to goals, “my intention is to write a book” or “my intention is to travel to a foreign country.” We use intention often when we’re speaking about goals, wishes, or action steps.

Dream Coach Process - Step 1 - Set An Intention

For me, intention is the rudder that steers the course of my life. We use intentions throughout the day and throughout life. I think it is one of the most critical tools in making dreams reality. What’s most important about intention is that you set an intention before you take action. Before you get in the car, you set the intention to arrive safely and on time. Before I pick up the phone to make a very important call, I set an intention for the outcome. I like to create intentions for both how I want to be with something and the result that I want to have as an outcome.

Using the phone example, before I pick up the phone, my intention is to create a positive rapport and relationship, but my intention is also to reach the desired outcome that the phone call is about. I find that people really respect and value when I tell them upfront what my intention is and make space to hear theirs.

Let me give you a quick little step to make this really take hold for you. I invite you to, sometime today or as soon as possible, write down one intention you actually have for today. It’s the intentions that we have each day that basically add up to the intention of our entire lives. Let’s start small. What’s one thing that’s important to you that you want to make happen today, that you’re committed to? Write it down, make it happen and then celebrate your success.

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