Take Serious Steps Forward

Dream Coach ® Step #8

This is such an important step. Where big dreams or long-term dreams die is when you just plop them down on a to-do list. You have to break your dreams down into projects. I recommend projects that can easily be accomplished in one month or less. Why? One month is a short enough period of time for you to stay passionate and excited about it but a long enough period of time for you to produce a substantial result. And we must see results in order to stay motivated.

Dream Coach Process - Step 8 - Take Serious Steps Forward

I encourage you to write your big dream out in as much detail as possible. We actually did that in step number four. Then, break the dream down into a project that you can accomplish over the next month. Then you break the project down further into strategies, action steps, etc. Now people say to me, “Wait a minute, you don’t get to strategy and action steps until session number eight?” Well, let me make it very clear. This process is not a linear process. At any time, we may need to go back and work again with the doubt or revisit integrity or deepen our beliefs. But more importantly than that is if we go to strategy too soon, we’ll compromise our dream down to what we realistically think is possible.

I want you to have clarity about your dream C, then do the work that we just did in step number six to believe in yourself. Then, we move into A, action. You’ll be taking some actions steps all of the time on your dreams, little baby steps, but every time you can break the dream down into a project, the likelihood for success is way, way increased. That’s what I want to invite you to do. I want you to create a short-term project out of your dream, something that you can easily accomplish.

The criteria for the project is number one; it must move you forward on your dream. Number two, it needs to be something you’re passionate about. Number three, it needs to be specific and measurable. And number four, it needs to be something that you can easily accomplish in a month. We used to say within one week, but I’m going to say that even a project you can accomplish within one day will be good. If you’re really motivated, create a simple action step. It could be you writing an email, making a phone call, signing up for a course or sharing your dream with a friend. Do something to demonstrate that you’re serious about your dream.

If the dream never gets turned into strategy, it remains a fantasy. But if you go to strategy too soon, you may wind up just squelching the passion and compromising it. There are some action steps that can be taken on a regular basis, but I want you to open to the big dream before you really start figuring out all the details of how to make it happen. It’s really critical, this is your moment of truth. Demonstrate that you’re more committed to your dream than to any doubt, fear or reality by taking action and using your new fundamental foundational belief as support. Wow, if I really did believe in myself, what would I do? Where would I go? What changes would I make?

I’m really excited about this next step because it is the shortcut step. Dream Coach ® Steps #8 and #9 are really about the CBAs; get Clear, Believe and take Action. Part of taking action is breaking the dream down into projects and the project down into action steps and do something today to show that you’re serious about it. Use your fundamental belief to show that you do believe in yourself and your dreams.

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