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Are You Ready to Create Your Dream Come True Life? Become a Certified Dream Coach® Today!

Becoming a Dream Coach ® is Right for You If…

Reasons to Become a Certified Dream Coach ® with Marcia Wieder: You want to realize your important personal or professional dreams. You want to create a business where you are paid for helping others achieve their life dreams. You are committed to being a powerful leader, inspiring your team or organization to greater success.

Marcia will Lead You By The Hand and Guide You Through the Process of Becoming a Successful Dream Coach ®

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What You'll Receive when You Purchase the Become a Certified Dream Coach® Home Study Course with Marcia Wieder and Dream University. Provide you with the necessary tools to coach individuals on achieving their dreams. Show you how to create or grow a profitable coaching business. Offer a step-by-step process for connecting you to your life’s purpose and passion. Teach you how to create new dreams and make major life changes. Present techniques to remove obstacles in your life – including time and money issues.

Special Note to New and Experienced Coaches…The Benefits of Becoming a Dream Coach ® Are Immense!

This Home Study Course Will…

Benefits of the Certified Dream Coach ® Online Course with Marcia Wieder

This Home Study Course has been Carefully Designed to Maximize your Learning and Guide You Step-by-Step to Become a Successful Certified Dream Coach ®.

Take a look at the 6 module courses complete with 10’s of hours of streaming-video, community support, downloadable workbook and manual, and step-by-step lesson plans…

Screenshots of the Certified Dream Coach ® Online Course with Marcia Wieder

Over 1000 Dream Coaches Trained. Their Testimonials for Dream Coach ® Certification Say It All!

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Look at these Credible Testimonials for Dream Coach ® Certification from People Just Like You

Tim Kelley - Global Change Agent and Author of True Purpose
Tim Kelley

The Dream Coach ® process is more than just a toolkit; it’s an easily marketable step-by-step process for creating transformation in your clients. I found my higher purpose in the Dream Coach ® Certification training, and I have used it to change careers, earn money, and create change around the world

Tim Kelley, Global Change Agent, Author of True Purpose, Certified Dream Coach ®

Michala Storm

The Dream Coach ® Certification Program is priceless and truly empowering! Becoming the first certified Dream Coach ® in Denmark has provided me with a simple, yet deeply profound and proven process to follow. Each of the 10 steps holds a super critical key to your success. This program has enabled me to write books, create online programs and so much more. The amazing community support will...

Victoria Trabosh

Marcia Wieder's a great teacher. I’ve taught her Dream Coach ® process to hundreds of people 1:1. Just the other day I was working with a client and we uncovered her purpose in Chapter 3 - and the awareness and gratefulness she had to knowing herself more deeply made my day. Plus my high-level corporate clients pay me $15,000 to take them through the process. I love everything about...

Marco Nunzio Testimonial Dream Coach Certification Home Study Course
Marco Nunzio

The Dream Coach ® Certification home study course is fun, extremely profound and provided a highly effective method that I now use easily with all my coaching clients. Marcia also teaches the critical skill of enrollment, which is how I immediately secured several paying clients to take through the Dream Coach ® Process.

As I completed the Dream Coach ® home study course, I realized my own...

Joan Sloan Testimonial Dream Coach Certification Home Study Course
Joan Sloan

Within one week of graduating from the Dream Coach ® Certification program I had several paying clients and within three months, I had 14! I am thrilled and doing the work that I love taking clients through the Dream Coach ® Process as new dreams now manifest faster in my life.

Joan Sloan, Freelance Travel Writer, Executive Coach, Life, Career, Health and Certified Dream Coach ®

Pamela Lynch Testimonial Dream Coach Certification Home Study Course
Pamela Lynch

The Dream Coach ® Certification home study course taught me the real meaning of being in integrity. I was notably out of integrity with myself and others in two very distinct areas of my life. First, I've always been a "10-minutes-late" person, which had an impact on my relationships, personally and professionally. The second was in my (non-existent) romantic life and how vast the gap was...

Derek Doepker Testimonial Dream Coach Certification Home Study Course
Derek Doepker

The Dream Coach ® Certification home study course is the most comprehensive, practical, and profound approach to learning how to make dreams come true. My clients have loved going through the Dream Coach ® process. I've been coaching for years just flying by the seat of my pants. While I wasn't sure how the structured process would work out, I found it ensured my clients got every essential...

Michael Silvers Testimonial
Michael Silvers

I actually run a very large international coaching division, and I've come to several of Dream University courses such as Dream Coach ® Certification and Inspiring Speaker. Each time I came thinking; "What more could I learn?" I actually walked out learning ten-times more than I ever expected, and it's been the most amazing process that I've ever been through. I've been in coaching and...

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There is No Risk to You. Ask For Your Money Back Within 30-Days if You are Not Satisfied. Marcia Wieder Personally Guarantees It!

There is No Risk to You. Ask For Your Money Back Within 30-Days if You are Not Satisfied. Marcia Wieder Personally Guarantees It!

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