How Would Your Life Change if You Actually Believed in Your Dreams? Find Out by Attending a DreamU Program!

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Wealthy Visionary Conference 2014

Sign up early for an amazing discount to our marquee live event. This year's theme is Bridging Money and Meaning.

Create Your Future Now

Discover what really matters to you and start making it happen NOW! We guarantee the experience and knowledge you'll acquire will be priceless. It will provide you long-term benefits for years to come, changing your life, for the better, forever. You'll leave prepared to achieve your dreams, newly equipped with clarity, courage and the confidence to Make YOUR Dreams Come True.

Dream Coach Certification

What sets Marcia's Dream Coach Certification program apart from other, similar programs is her solid business knowledge and marketing expertise. The week you will spend with her will be intensive, interactive and experiential so not only will you become fluent in "language" of coaching, but you will also see results fast!

Masters of Manifestation

This program is for you if you are serious about taking your life to the next level and having a bigger impact in the world. Work with Marcia in an intimate setting to get clear about who you really are at a soul level and design your life to support that.

Become An Inspiring Speaker

This is an unprecedented opportunity to work with five respected masters in the speaking world over a five day period. At the end of this program, you will have learned essential skills for greater competence and confidence in your speaking. Armed with these tools and more, you will be ready to deliver an inspiring message and be a more powerful communicator.

Powerful Communicator Intensive

If your dream is to become an inspiring speaker or lead workshops, learn the tools, tips and skills to grow your business through live events. This highly experiential program offers a lot of practice and feedback.