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Hire a Dream Coach Today!

The best thing you can do today to expedite your success is to work with Dream University's Founder, Marcia Wieder.

Spend a Visionary Strategy Day with the Foremost Thought Leader on Dreaming Big

We have a limited number of spots available for you to spend the day with Marcia in person at her office or yours. Her proven methodology is expansive, deep and results oriented.

In one rich, full day, she will:

  • Take you deep into your soul, to uncover your purpose and align your life with it.
  • Help you define, expand and articulate your new vision.
  • Uncover any blocks, obstacles, issues, limiting beliefs or concerns and remove them.
  • Design projects, practices and brilliant shortcuts for you, including mapping out a 30-90 day action plan.
  • Leave no stone unturned, ensuring you leave with clarity and confidence.

Marcia Wieder

Marcia Wieder

Dream University's CEO and Founder Marcia Wieder is committed to changing how we think, speak and act upon our dreams. The author of 14 books, she has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show and was featured in her own PBS-TV show called Making Your Dreams Come True. As a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle she urged readers to take "The Great Dream Challenge." She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council along with thought leaders Jack Canfield and John Gray. As past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners she assisted 3 U.S. presidents and serves on the advisory board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

If you are ready to discover your dreams....if you are ready to TAKE ACTION toward those dreams....AND, if you are ready to work hard to make those dreams YOUR REALITY...take this next step NOW.

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Marcia worked with our Genstar leadership team to facilitate open, impactful discussions on leading a purpose-based life. She has incredible talent and an intuitive ability to assess an individual’s purpose to help motivate high performance teams and further personal and professional growth. My team has lasting memories of our session with her and we are integrating the concepts learned into our partnership meetings to maximize our effectiveness as a team and as individuals.
Jean-Pierre Conte, Chairman and Managing Director, Genstar
This an experience beyond what words can communicate. Weeks before working with Marcia I left my ‘Corporate job’ to dedicate myself to my life’s passion – coaching. I arrived wanting to know my brand – my unique way of “packaging” all of my wisdom and life experience into information and services that people would purchase. OK… pay lots of money for. I received that in the first two hours and then my business began to take shape right before my eyes. She took me on a fast elevator ride right into the core of my essence and once there we could build my brand, my company and my value just like watching dominos fall. First my company name, originating right from my soul was revealed…. Then products and courses arrived…. Then the sales funnel and the money came into alignment… And finally action steps, that I took consistently just as Marcia coached me, delivered the results I planned in record time. We planned for 7 weeks and the results came in 4. If you’re even asking the question is a One-Day with Marcia right for you, then the answer is already obviously YES!
JoAnne Marceau, Professional Speaker & Certified Coach

I had several questions and issues to resolve before coming to my one day session with Marcia. During this impactful day, all my questions were answered including how to speak about the work I do, my brand, enrollment conversations, and pricing structures. Marcia’s ability to see the gold in what you do is second to none I’ve come across. She spots it immediately and helps you develop it, helps you give it life and vision, as she did for me. Going forward, it has given me the guidance in rewriting my book and programs in a clear and coherent way. I have been able to easily enroll more people in my programs. I expect that over the next year or so, this will play out significantly in my business. I feel I have gone from struggle to ease and all in a single day. If you know you have something significant to offer, let Marcia’s bigger vision guide you to help you achieve that.

Anastasia Chopelas, The Scientific Healer
Connecting with Marcia and her work has been a game changer for me. When I arrived for my Visionary Strategy Day, I was struggling with how to funnel 30 years of experience into language that revealed the value of what I deliver to future clients. Marcia’s natural warmth made it easy to dive right in. She helped me release key obstacles, identify the common thread in the results I deliver and clarify my ideal client. Shortly after lunch, Marcia suggested a brand I ONLY would have seen through someone else’s eyes and showed me how it fit. Speaking from my new brand, my words and energy are congruent. Heads turn. Potential clients approach me. Sixty days after branding as “The Big Coach,” I’ve received not one, but two referrals. My business has a totally new trajectory. Marcia’s unique experience and skills coupled with her intuition and clear communication provide all the right stuff for her to assist clients of all types.
Deborah Olive, The Big Coach
Choosing to do a Visionary Strategy day was the best investment I’ve ever made in my business. With Marcia’s keen insight and brilliant coaching, we rebranded my company, developed a powerful marketing strategy and created a workable step-by-step action plan that has made an immediate and profound impact on my business. This investment will return to me ten-fold, not only monetarily, but in living a life filled with meaning and passion. Everyone is noticing the shift and more importantly, I feel the shift and have completely embodied my new brand.
Joyce Rosenblad, The Sacred Stylist
Marcia is absolutely amazing! I arrived at her home (in Beverly Hills) confused and frustrated after months of trying to refine my message. I quickly discovered that she has an amazing sixth sense and an innate ability to help an individual cut through the clutter and find the answers. In just a couple of hours with her, a seven-figure business was born! By the end of the day, my entire business model was complete and I left with a concrete plan - feeling confident and prepared to execute. I would highly recommend Marcia's VIP Day to anyone who is serious about getting what you want from life. You couldn't have a better person on your Dream Team.
Pat Skiffington, CEO
When I came to Marcia, I was in a state of confusion with a jumble of ideas regarding my own branding. I had worked on my branding and asked others for help but I still couldn't find the one thing that tied my various interests, abilities and potential offerings together. Without that, I was stuck and could not move forward confidently with my new business. Marcia's coaching process is fast-paced and very effective. She is insightful, cares deeply and is an extraordinary "laser coach". Her proven process, deep intuition and strong balance of being visionary and action-oriented led me to a place of lasting clarity. After working with her, my brand is clear, I feel completely confident about moving forward and have been in action ever since.
Linda Braasch, Corporate Innovation Consultant
Marcia Wieder had a sixth sense about exactly what I needed and how to make it happen. In just minutes, she suggested a major strategic shift which I had never thought about or tried. She then demonstrated how I could easily put it into action. Her coaching has significantly increased my confidence and sales and has drastically grown my business. Priceless!
Rachel Hanfling, TV Producer, Media Strategist and Trainer
We recently spent a VIP day with Marcia hoping to do a transformational, deep dive into our business to take our work to the next level. With Marcia's assistance, we've repackaged our services creating elegant effective systems -Bold Creative Leadership, Mapping Your Vision and Purpose and have been invited to take them to a global audience! She gave us the clarity, map and kick-in-the-butt to create a bigger vision. She is quick, articulate, loving, challenging and incredibly gifted at seeing possibility and identifying personal blocks to success. It was unnerving to spend the money, but it was an incredibly valuable investment which will change our futures in ways we could never have imagined.
Linda Carpenter, PhD and Stephanie Smith, MA, Carpenter Smith Consulting
Although I have been in business for over thirty years, before Marcia, I used to say, "my business survives in spite of me". After working with Marcia, there was a clearing of a huge block that was keeping me from standing in my authority. I was able to see myself in a way I never thought was possible. I was able to see the subtle things that I was doing to block real success. I highly recommend you invest in yourself by doing a one day with Marcia...not only has it impacted my professional life, it has impacted my personal life. The way I carry myself, think about myself and communicate with others is life changing. The value of all this is ...PRICELESS.
Lori Hart, Anti-Aging Specialist
My One Day was productive and amazing. I had a long list of intentions that I wanted to get out of our time together and they were all met and more. I walked away with a new name for my company, greater clarity on my offerings and pricing and mapped out my five day retreat that I will offer later this year. Marcia's insight, experience and wisdom helped me gain new insights, have increased clarity, focus and confidence in moving forward with my dream. I have been sharing with such confidence and clarity that I have signed up four new clients this week!
Helen MacMillan, Certified Dream Coach
Thank you for a wonderful day of learning clarity and trust. I don't remember a time when I felt so complete with joy and trust and confidence. You are now a trusted friend and mentor and I feel so blessed to have had the time with you and your brilliance. I will do everything I can to make this day the beginning of my new vision. I left my day with more confidence than I had felt in a long time. Anytime you need a testimonial, I will proudly stand and speak out of how highly I regard your skill, your depth and your beautiful soul.
Carolyn Humiston, USANA Health Sciences, Wellness Consultant
Thank you, thank you, thank you. We now feel we have a 7-figure business in our hands, a feeling that was very cloudy before today. You took us to an amazing place. We are extremely grateful for having you in our lives and our business.
Lee and Dr. Mike McKenzie MD
Before working with Marcia, I had many ideas, programs and directions but was not focused effectively to implement any of them. From our VIP day, I received precise clarity on what my purpose was and how to monetize it in a much larger way. Marcia's insightful guidance and tenacity also helped me overcome core issues and blocks that kept me playing small and not getting the financial results I wanted in my business. I left with powerful tools and strategies which I could/did implement immediately. Now, laser-focused and fully aligned with my heart and soul, I've launched a profound couples program. My income has already increased by 35% and I am on track to double it this year. It was also a lot of FUN!
Valerie Lipstein, Relationship Coach
I went into my Visionary Day feeling overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed. Marcia helped me to realize that it was time to stop wasting my life and start using my gifts in a way that will have a greater impact. She helped me identify the blocks to my success. Using her laser focus and uniquely brilliant gifts, we brought a clear strategic direction to my business, and I left with a new sense of purpose and clarity. Thank you, Marcia for sharing the beautiful expression of your soul.
Susan Jeffrey Busen, The Educated Healer