Live As A Dreamer

Dream Coach ® Step #10

It’s one thing to have a dream that you’ve accomplished personally or professionally; it’s another thing to live it in all areas of your life. By working through these Dream Coach ® Steps, you’ll get the idea of what this process is all about. This last step is really about embodying it because now you have the capacity to open to even bigger dreams. And yes, you can potentially even consider yourself a visionary.

Dream Coach Process - Step 10 - Live As A Dreamer

Whether you already do or if you’re ready to step into that place, I invite you to think of a dream that will be a gift to the world. A dream that truly will touch, inspire, impact and maybe even create a legacy open to the bigger dream. And if you truly practice everything that I taught here, it’s going to give you the foundation.

One of the things I love so much about this process is it’s not just about having better health or making more money. This is about every area of your life, so think about personal and professional relationships, health, financial, community, family, spiritual and, as I said, even fun dreams that light your heart up. What I want you to do is to write down one dream that you don’t know how to accomplish. You don’t even necessarily believe it’s possible. Pick a big outrageous dream.

One of my favorite Marcia questions is, what is the dream you must accomplish in order to die happy and fulfilled? As I said, it doesn’t matter whether you know how to accomplish it or even if you believe it’s possible. There is a big dream that’s inside your heart. I know it and so do you. Please take a moment write down that big dream and then be sure to read the special additional section where recap the entire program for you. I’ll see you there.

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