Maintain Integrity

Dream Coach ® Step #2

Integrity is one of those big concepts that makes a difference in many other aspects of our lives. First, I want to start by asking what does integrity have to do with intention? Well, if intention’s the rudder that steers the course of our life, integrity is the tool that keeps us on board, in alignment, and in action. Often, a great source of suffering is that we say we want one thing (our intention) and then we do something else. Or, more likely, we say that we really want something and then we do nothing. Therefore, intention and integrity together form the key to manifesting our dreams.

Dream Coach Process - Step 2 - Maintain Integrity

On the surface, integrity is about keeping agreements, but there are levels within that. There are the agreements that we keep with ourselves. That’s hard! Coaching has become a multi-billion-dollar industry partially because when we tell somebody else what we’re going to do, it increases the likelihood that we will actually do it by at least a hundred times. So right there, the agreement that you keep with yourself and the agreement that you keep with others, is integrity. Living a life of integrity is the single step that the most successful people tell me they strive for. This is a big, big concept to integrate into your plan.

Now, there are a couple different parts to living with integrity. We fall out of integrity when we say we’re going to do something and do not do it and when we leave things incomplete, unsaid or undone. What do I mean by that? Well, the three big areas people usually like to do a little inventory on have to do with health (if you’re struggling with health, it’s hard to dream well), your relationship to money and other personal and work relationships. I will tell you this: when you clean up your past, you have so much more energy and clarity to focus on your dreams and plan your future.

My invitation for you today or as soon as possible is to write down one area in your life that’s incomplete and do your best to complete it. Sometimes using a little ritual, like writing a letter, making a phone call, or communicating and expressing either gratitude, appreciation or forgiveness are great steps that help you clean up your past. We want to get our intention and integrity aligned so you can move forward in a very powerful way to create the life of your dreams.

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