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How would your life change if you actually believed in your dreams? Find out by attending a dream university program.


Marcia gives the skills to confidently teach the 10 steps to living your life dreams.
Veeanna Cattanach
The most powerful experience I have had! The process and experience is helping me to drive more deeply toward purpose for living.
Barbara Swartz
I believe in me! God has a plan for my role in the work of this world and I am willing to serve on purpose.
Joy Jones
Thank you for my paradigm shift.
Nancy Carlstrom
Learning to dream with purpose is one gift everyone deserves.
Gallen David
This is truly transformational. It felt like watching Christ perform miracles.
Carolyn Schoenborn
I used to always look at the clouds. Now I am in the clouds.
Chris Frueh
I’m inspired to stand in my power as Marcia does.
Pam Gray
Dream Coach is much more than learning principles. It is a transformative experience. Being certified to share it with others is the bonus.
Beth Collins
This was one of the most profound life changing weeks of my life. I heard God speaking to me.
Sharon Spores
Marcia, you are a phenomenal person and speaker. You have a beautiful soul.
Robin Hensley
The process worked for me. I have wanted to be connected to my purpose. My purpose is my guided light to live my dream life.
Scarlett Wood
Being here at Dream Coach U has changed my life forever. Marcia has an incredible gift, has helped me realize my gifts and I now have the courage to go for my dreams.
Heather Shafer
When I signed up for Dream Coach U, I justified it by saying that doing this would be a gift to me. I feel like I was given a treasure chest of jewels. Every hour of every day, I found another gift. The cost of the program almost held me back. At this point, I would pay three times the amount for all of the insight, peace, confidence, knowledge, structure and passion that I received in the last 7 days.
Suzie Elevado
The program is not only passionate and powerful but also strategic and real. Much to my surprise, there is now nothing cliché about the phrase “Dreams can come true” because all you need is strategy.
Kimberly Yuen
I was already a Certified Coach. Marcia helped me access a much higher level of energy and clarity about my work.
Bill Hunter
Marcia does more than show you your dreams. She changes your life.
Tracy Thibault
Marcia has done a brilliant job of simplifying the process of defining your vision and clearing the way to take action on it. She is the spark that will light the fire waiting within.
Patrick Summar
I realize that life is a journey and staying on your path will never fail you.
Lisa Butler
This program intensely altered my life and is allowing me to achieve my dreams.
Brenda Richtig
This was the best gift I could give to myself. It became the catalyst for personal transformation.
Gianna Kemp
I knew when I invested in myself to attend Dream Coach U. I would get my monies worth. However, what I learned was worth twice what I paid.
Janet George
first week of the rest of my life… ..We are now the dreamers the world has been waiting for.
Tami Mathisen
The method is so simple that it is profound. The support and passion behind the work of Marcia’s system opened the territory of my dream and my life’s purpose.
David Brooks
I have been a part of Marcia’s workshops and talks for over five years but nothing prepared me for the amazing value of this course. I got everything from it that I needed to begin a successful practice as a Certified Dream Coach the minute I got home.
Caroll Roberson
This work is truly transformational! It changes everything.
Andrea Shea Hudson
Marcia has an expansive, enlightening and inspirational quality about her that allows each participant to be much more professional in their coaching abilities.
Trish Duggan
I stepped outside the fast pace to get in touch with who I am in the world. I am going home more committed to exceptional leadership.
Betsy Cerulo
A life changing experience, giving you roots and wings – discovering your purpose for being and empowering you to realize your dreams.
Colleen Suzanne
Within one week of graduating I had several paying clients and within three months, I had 14. I am thrilled and doing the work I love, as things now manifest faster in my life.
Joan Sloan, Certified Dream Coach
As a CEO, I have attended at least 40 seminars in the past six years. This was the single most valuable experience of them all. It hurled me out of my comfort zone and provided an environment to become wiser, more compassionate, and laser focused on my incredible future.
If you will come with your fears and doubts, you will face them, and use even them to make your dreams a reality. I did.
Marcia helped connect my head and heart. Now both are on my DreamTeam.
My experience reminded me of my power. Through this work, I now have specific actions to manifest my dream.
Don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with the Master Manifestor, Marcia Wieder. This program is a must for anyone who wants to find their true purpose in life.
At last, I now have clarity about who I am and why I am here.
Marcia’s ability to hold humility and strength was so powerful, it changed the way I will do business.
I found my voice and skills that will impact all my relationships, personal and professional. I’m not the same person who arrived 7 days ago.
Marcia’s authenticity and commitment to her work, as well as her energy, intuition and wisdom, demonstrates that she is truly a master. I’m going to send my friends.

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Wealthy Visionary Conference

Learn to monetize your dreams for a wealthy and fulfilling life. The Wealthy Visionary home study course is a highly experiential, Results Oriented Course for monetizing your vision, helping you to Bridge Money and Meaning. This program will enable you to align your vision with your heart, mind and soul to Live a Rich, Meaningful Life…Now.

Click Here Now for the Wealthy Visionary home study course

Click Here Now for the
Wealthy Visionary home study course

Dream Coach® Certification

What sets Marcia’s Dream Coach® Certification program apart from other, similar programs is her solid business knowledge and marketing expertise. The week you will spend with her will be intensive, interactive and experiential so not only will you become fluent in “language” of coaching, but you will also see results fast!

Click Here Now for the Dream Coach Certification home study course

Click Here Now for the
Dream Coach® Certification home study course

Be An Inspiring Speaker

Put a stake in the ground and take action with this incredible opportunity. Learn to Speak Powerfully about your Dreams, Ideas & Services. Marcia Wieder will lead you by the hand and guide you through the process to become a Successful Inspiring Speaker with this home study course.

Click Here Now for the Virtual Inspiring Speaker Online Program

Click Here Now for the
Inspiring Speaker Home Study Course

Create Your Future Now

Discover what really matters to you and start making it happen NOW! We guarantee the experience and knowledge you’ll acquire will be priceless. It will provide you long-term benefits for years to come, changing your life, for the better, forever. You’ll leave prepared to achieve your dreams, newly equipped with clarity, courage and the confidence to Make YOUR Dreams Come True.

Masters of Manifestation

This program is for you if you are serious about taking your life to the next level and having a bigger impact in the world. Work with Marcia in an intimate setting to get clear about who you really are at a soul level and design your life to support that.

Powerful Communicator Intensive

If your dream is to become an inspiring speaker or lead workshops, learn the tools, tips and skills to grow your business through live events. This highly experiential program offers a lot of practice and feedback.

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