Create Your Future Now
With Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder Dream University

Come Experience a Powerful Workshop Designed to Help You Exceed Your Expectations & Achieve Your Dreams.

How would your life change if you actually believed in your dreams?

Discover what really matters to you and start making it happen NOW! We guarantee the experience and knowledge you’ll acquire will be priceless. It will provide you long-term benefits for years to come, changing your life, for the better, forever. You’ll leave prepared to achieve your dreams, newly equipped with clarity, courage and the confidence to Make YOUR Dreams Come True.

By the end of this workshop, you will:
  • Be successful using a proven method for finding and accomplishing any dream.
  • Trust at a deeper level and therefore be taking greater risks.
  • Take control of your life, removing fear, doubt and other obstacles.
  • Leave in action with tools to sustain the choices and changes you’ve made.
  • Know your purpose and feel more passionate, alive and free.
I used to think dreams and dreaming were exclusive of work and that your passion was what you pursued in your relationships. For the past 10 years, I have been on a career track that is at odds with my passion. This seminar opened my eyes to exploring a career doing something that I love!
Sandy Messner, Project Manager
Marcia has done a brilliant job of simplifying the process of defining your vision and clearing the way to take action on it. She is the spark that will light the fire waiting within!
Patrick Summar
If you truly want to create your future blueprint in a short amount of time, Create Your Future Now not only gives you the tools, but the support to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Marcia is totally present with the group at all times.
Sarah McCullough, Coach
I attribute my wonderful relationship and marriage to you and the work we did together.
Kamala Paul
The CYFN Dream Weekend” renewed my joy and zest for living on purpose. Marcia taught me to reclaim my passion and mission in life. My new motto is ‘Laugh, Love, & Live with Integrity’.
Trish Shoemaker
Marcia helped me focus on my dream and start a strategy to make it real.
Robert Davisson, Former Banker
Marcia gave me the opportunity to take a breath, discover what’s important– dream wise in my life– and begin to fulfill and empower myself with tools for a happier and healthier me!
Barbara Erickson, Business Development
I came to the conference to support my wife. I wasn’t prepared for the message or the journey that I have undertaken.
Robert Hoyle, Mechanic
I used to think dreams and dreaming were exclusive of work and that your passion was what you pursued in your relationships. For the past 10 years, I have been on a career track that is at odds with my passion. This seminar opened my eyes to exploring a career doing something that I love!
Sandy Messner, Project Manager
Marcia is a wealth of information from the heart.
Molly Wantuch, Domestic Engineer
For more than a decade, I’ve been looking for the key to unlock the giant that I know resides in me. What I found at the end of this weekend was the master key inside of me.
Virna Low, Inspirational Photographer
I received clarity and direction, structure and practical skills to accomplish my dreams and certainly my monies worth for the weekend.
Cathy Davis, Nurse Practitioner
Create Your Future Now was an inspirational experience, giving me a different perspective about myself, my life and the tools necessary to make changes that will bring me closer to my dreams.
Lisa Morel, Retail Sales Manager
Marcia, you gave me permission to dream and to recognize that I can believe in myself and my God given gifts.
Danean Gallaher, Beauty Consultant
If you truly want to create your future blueprint in a short amount of time, Create Your Future Now not only gives you the tools, but the support to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Marcia is totally present with the group at all times.
Sarah McCullough, Coach
Amazing….I truly feel I have clarity on my purpose, my dream and my abundant belief in myself. Thank you for asking the questions that are hard to face but created the clarity on my dream and showed my inner self.
Lynn O'Brien, Sales Director
Marcia, you have given me excellent clarification on my goal. I think you for the strength you have given me in my time of real need. I will reach my goal very soon.
Tineke Rotenberg, Designer
I was inspired and motivated by all the tools Marcia graciously shared with us to move forward toward our dreams.
Judith Beebe
As a professional woman who spent decades in the ‘dog eat dog’ world of corporate America, I feel blessed to have experienced the tools of Create Your Future Now. I am alive with passion to achieve the dreams of my heart. Good bye dog eat dog world!
Leslie Olson, J.D., Business Owner
Create Your Future Now provided inspiration and insight that far exceeded my expectations. The information was valuable. The interaction among my new friends challenged me when I was stuck and encourages me when I was afraid.
Margie Roelands, Marketing
I have taken away some personal practices that will improve my time management at work so I can do more of what I enjoy at work. This will give me more energy for my patients and me.
Lois Anne Indorf, Nurse Practitioner
A ‘must experience’ workshop for anyone wanting to identify their purpose in life and fortify their dreams personally and professionally. Marcia’s style is so compassionate and empowering.
Patti Maxwell, Executive Senior Sales Director
Expect something un-expected and be open. You won’t be disappointed.
Kathy Wahrer, IT Business Account Manager
Marcia’s blend of professionalism, jam-packed content and compassion has moved me to action in a way I hadn’t thought possible.
Kristin Donato, Mom
After taking Marcia’s Create Your Future Now weekend, I know the steps to take to create the future I want. The most important thing I learned is to take time to dream and not critique or doubt what I dream.
Joanna Fritz, Beauty Consultant
Marcia is a very captivating individual. Her engaging style of teaching challenges your thought process but also allows a level of comfort in sharing the fears and desires of your heart. She takes the risk of telling on herself. All of her empowering qualities have caused me to be willing to be coached by her.
Linda Christenson, Senior Sales Director
Marcia offers so much substance and meat in her workshop! She creates the space for immense transformation in just one short weekend and gives you tools to take with you to make your dreams possible. I learned to believe in myself and let go of the huge obstacle that was blocking me.
Patti Glick, RN
Marcia is very masterful with her work. The dream process she teaches has changed my life personally and professionally in a profound way.
Maronda Yocum, Sensaria Advisor
I wish I would have met Marcia years ago but world watch out now!
Lisa Garcia, Housewife
I am energized and motivated to implement these tools in my life and job. You have made a difference in my life and I look forward to creating my future now!
Elva Gonzalez, Paralegal
I learned to respect my dreams and feel their power. A very special weekend.
Gailen David
This weekend has changed my life in a way I never imagined. When I arrived, I had a specific dream I wanted to achieve and some strategy for how I was going to get there. What I found was my dream leading me in a completely different direction and helping me discover so many awesome, powerful things about myself.
Tamiko Wilkens, Budget Analyst
Marcia’s passion is contagious, her love genuine and her skill masterful. You will leave a better person. God bless you and thank-you for sharing this part of our journeys together.
Shelley Oliver Greg, Independent Unit Leader
I must say the experience was life changing. I will never again settle for less than my dreams. I love what Marcia taught me is something that I can apply to all aspects of my life and all my relationships will be enriched because of it.
Kimberly Truitt, Office Manager
There is no other way to put it, I was stuck! This weekend has made an impact on my life. Just participating has been a dream come true.
Jeannie Cashman, Marketing/Sales
I came expecting to work on my business “dreams” but ended up reclaiming lost dreams for my personal life that will only enhance my business dreams. Thank you Marcia!
Kimberley Collett, Beauty Consultant
I was really inspired during the entire weekend and truly believe that I can start to dream again. I have always believed that if you set your mind to it you will get what you want and I think I can start believing that again.
Kirstin MacLaren, Litigation Paralegal
Through listening to other participants, I learned what was holding me back. The environment was safe, inspiring and comfortable. Marcia really is an ordinary woman leading an extraordinary life teaching other ordinary people how to do the same. I love her and the new me she helped find!
Susan Bustetter, Campus Web Manager
I came her to learn how to help my team achieve their dreams but I realized I need to go in first before I can go out.
Dana Kayal, Executive Sales Director
After the first day, my thought process was saying, ‘isn’t it amazing how we let others sabotage our dreams?’ After day two, I realized how much I was sabotaging myself…no more!
Yvonna Bardwell, Independent Sales Supervisor
I went in to the weekend not knowing what to expect. At the beginning of the workshop, I came to explore my dream of starting my own business. By the end, my dream was not only completely different, but I felt more at peace with knowing that I will achieve my dream and my life is going to be the life I’ve always dreamed.
Lori Hadley, Independent Consultant
Coming into the weekend, I have to say I was reluctant to spend the time here (even though I signed myself up!). What I got out of this seminar is priceless. To reconnect with my heart’s desire and the possibilities of sharing that with the world around me is nothing short of a turning point. This is the beginning of another chapter of my journey.
Teresa Donnelly, HR Manager
Marcia opened up a whole new beginning for me on my inner self and that I can do and be anyone I want to be. I can do anything I want without letting obstacles get in the way. I truly loved her spiritual approach.
Sandra Burnes, Receptionist
The weekend was among the most profound experiences in my life. My purpose is clear and I am passionate about living with intention. Thank you Marcia!
Cami Feek, Independent Supervisor
“Thank you for your transparent, generous teaching and inspiration. My sense of abundant expectations now have roots and cause to be realized.”
Barbara Verbonich, K-8 Teacher
Attending Marcia’s workshop allowed me to carefully evaluate who I am and discover the true desires of my heart, while allowing me to validate and address the parts of me that doubted or squelched my dreams.
Liz Verbonich, College Graduate
This was one of the most intense but beautiful gifts I have ever given myself and ultimately my loved ones.
Jana Winters, Teacher
For too long I have felt that I have been existing and not living. Marcia’s teachings have empowered me to live with passion and truly believe that dreams are only a belief away.
Chris Frueh, Teacher
I came to the weekend with the idea that I would learn how to make my dreams come true. I left with a new passion in my heart that will bring me happiness and joy in all areas of my life. I went from not believing in myself to, ‘I am great!
Sharon Robertson, Beauty Consultant
I realized that dreaming is a gift that I am giving to my children. By showing them that I am not afraid to dream, they in turn will know that they have the ability to spread their wings and fly.
Angela Rucker, Direct Sales Rep.
With a connection to passion, power and professionalism, Marcia has invited and inspired me to say ‘yes!’ to life in a big, bold way. Life will never be the same.
Nancy Carlstrom, Life Coach

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