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• Benefits of the Become an Inspiring Speaker Home Study Course with Marcia Wieder and Dream University. Learn to design and deliver an inspiring message. Create your own authentic and confident “Presence & Persona”. Develop a new relationship with your voice and essential skills to step into your power and build rapport. Practice using stories, spontaneity and humor. See how to market yourself to get booked. Learn about producing and selling Back of the Room (BOR) products — a huge income potential. Hear secrets, shortcuts and the mistakes to avoid, saving yourself money and cutting years off your learning curve.

This Program has been Carefully Designed to Maximize Your Learning and Guide You in Becoming
A Successful Inspiring Speaker.

Take a look at the 5-day course layout below where we feature 6-different teachers, complete with 10’s of hours of streaming-video, MP3 audio files, community support, downloadable PDF handouts, and integrated practices…

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Testimonials from Dream University
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Anne Martin Testimonial Inspiring Speaker Program
Anne Martin

The Dream University Inspiring Speaker Program has really surpassed my expectations. I came here expecting to get  excellent training and techniques that I could use in my direct sales business. I'm bringing away a whole lot more. In these last five days, Marcia Wieder and her other superb speakers have taught me, and I believe everyone else who attended, how to step into our greatness and really claim that greatness. I'm so very grateful for that, and I plan to be on Marcia's faculty in the future. Thank you so much.

Anne Martin, Reinvention Strategist, Certified Professional Performance Coach, Inspiring Speaker, Workshop Conductor and Certified Dream Coach ®

Alana Lea Rainforest ECO Testimonial Inspiring Speaker home study course
Alana Lea

I find Marcia Wieder to be my ideal coach. She's bringing out from the depths of my being, my confidence, and my courage to speak my message to the world. I didn't feel that there was any other coach who I'd ever met who had the right combination of inner understanding and outer expertise to help me market my business and my cause with integrity in the way that Marcia does. I look forward to taking more training's with her as I've received tremendous value from doing the Inspiring Speaker program. I look forward to bringing what I'm learning with Marcia into every interaction I have when I represent my company and my cause. Marcia, I love you.

Alana Lea, Founder of Rainforest ECO Life Affirming Fabrics, Founder of the iGiveTrees project

Brenda Sterling Meyers

My experience of the Inspiring Speaker program has been eye opening. One morning I awoke and the first thing that came to my mind was the title of my future book. The funny thing is before I took part in the Inspiring Speaker program, I did not know I was going to write a book. I took part in Inspiring Speaker to improve my skills in sales and presenting for my company, Stirling Tea. Now, I have discovered a new and greater message for me to express. I am so excited...thank you!

Brenda Sterling Meyers, Owner at Sterling Tea Spot

Regena Schwarz Garrepy Testimonial - Inspiring Speaker home study course
Regena Schwarz Garrepy

I'm a graduate of all the Dream University courses, and most recently the Inspiring Speaker program. I enrolled in them because even after the first one, I was able to leave there and take home very specific things that I could apply to my personal life and to my business. Last year, my personal business grew 30% from the year before, and I credit so much of that from what I learned at Dream University.

Part of it is the kind of teacher Marcia is. She provides a way for you to really shift internally, so that you leave with an inner courageous fortitude to really take what you've learned and actually apply it. Marcia Wieder’s Inspiring Speaker program taught me how to believe in myself, and how to reclaim my voice and my power, so that I could be who it is I was meant to be to serve the world.

Regena Schwarz Garrepy - Essence Leadership Coach and Recovering Good Girl Guide at Regena Garrepy LLC, Certified Dream Coach ®

Michael Silvers Testimonial
Michael Silvers

I actually run a very large international coaching division, and I've come to several of Dream University courses such as Dream Coach ® Certification and Inspiring Speaker. Each time I came thinking; "What more could I learn?" I actually walked out learning ten-times more than I ever expected, and it's been the most amazing process that I've ever been through. I've been in coaching and counselling for over 22 years, and I've probably learned more in one week with Marcia than I did in some courses over five years. If you've ever experienced anything like this and think, "I don't need it," you need it now. Marcia has the most amazing content I've ever seen, delivered in a way that anybody could take that content and run with it. So, join her.

Michael Silvers, Trainer and Director of Coaching at Success Resources America, Certified Dream Coach ®

There is No Risk to You. Ask For Your Money Back Within 30-Days if You are Not Satisfied. Marcia Wieder Personally Guarantees It!

There is No Risk to You. Ask For Your Money Back Within 30-Days if You are Not Satisfied. Marcia Wieder Personally Guarantees It!

Be An Inspiring Speaker

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